Best Electronic Darts Game Reviews in 2018 - A Complete Buying Guide

Best Electronic Darts Reviews 2019-A Complete Buying Guide

Best Electronic Darts Reviews in 2019 – A Complete Buying Guide


Daring is a great way to relax with friends or family after a long day or during the weekend. Unlike the traditional version, this type of device can vary the pleasures by offering dozens of game extensions all as interesting as each other.

So it is very important to choose your device to really hope to enjoy interesting features and friendly moments. We will help you choose your electronic dartboard to best suit your needs.

We spent nearly 34 hours comparing 23 electronic dart games. We also analyzed more than 294 reviews and consumer reviews.

If you wish to opt for our favorite model, we recommend the Ultrasport, which offers complete equipment and quality at a very reasonable price.


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Electronic Darts Comparison Table

ProductsummaryNoteMore information
  • The best value for money
  • Number of players: 1 to 8
  • 12 darts with 100 replacement spikes
  • 28 different games with 167 variants
  • LED display
  • Volume adjustment
9.3 / 10Read our opinionSee price on Amazon
OneConcept MasterDarterOneConcept MasterDarter
  • The most complete
  • Number of players: 1 to 16
  • 12 darts with 24 spikes
  • Plastic spikes
  • 38 different games with 211 variants
  • LED screen
  • Two wooden doors
  • Individual disability option
 9.2 / 10Read our opinionSee price on Amazon
  • The most economical
  • Number of players: 1 to 16
  • 6 darts with 24 spike points
  • 27 different games with 245 variants
  • 4 LED screens
  • Suitable for all levels of play
  • Adjustable volume
  • Usable with battery or mains
8.7 / 10Read our opinionSee price on Cdiscount

Our choice for the best electronic dart game

Our opinion on the Ultrasport electronic dart game

For super-friendly gaming sessions!



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The Ultrasport electronic dart game is a very interesting device that will allow you to relax in a group.

With its many games that come in over a hundred variants, you will have the opportunity to learn to play and even improve.

Indeed, it will be perfect for players of all levels. We suggest you discover in detail to appreciate its performance.

What we think of the Ultrasport

The Ultrasport is a dartboard that is handy for beginners as well as for professional darts.

It allows you to play at least 28 different games with about 167 variants.

You will not be bored.

“Walking very well and very fun for the whole family. Something to know, he speaks in English (“player 1”, “remove darts” etc …).

I personally prefer but maybe it will bother some but I have not peeled the manual to see if we can change the language.

Quite intuitive, display and sounds well kitsch, cheap, I recommend. Only downside, the darts are of average quality, the plastic tip that serves as feathers tends to remove when the dart falls. It may be necessary that I put them a point of glue. “

To allow you to play, you are entitled to 12 soft darts as well as 100 soft-tip replacement points.

The 4 lots of 3 darts are of different colors.

Composed of an ingeniously crafted tip, rod and fin, each dart ensures you a good throw towards the target.

Unfortunately, the quality of the darts is not of an exceptional level, but it will be enough for most of the occasional players that we are!

They play their role perfectly and are easily planted in the target.

With this electronic darts game, you have the possibility to play alone or with several players with a maximum of 8 players.


During the game, instructions are given in English.

However, you have a manual in French to easily understand the operation of the device especially if you are a beginner.

The sound volume is adjustable for a good adaptability to your needs.

That said, the quality of the sound is not exceptional and we do not necessarily appreciate the crackling heard when the volume is at its maximum.

As for its LED screen, it allows you to make the necessary adjustments and have a precise idea of the operating mode of your electronic darts game.

The starting line for delineating the playing area is a sticker.

We can not find fault with it in terms of stability because it fits perfectly.

As for the adapter, it makes it easy to connect your electronic dart game to the mains.

However, unless you have a plug nearby, it is better to provide an extension.

The Ultrasport dart board is available in both classic and door versions.

The advantage of the model with doors, it is the fact of being able to arrange easily the darts when the apparatus is not used.

In addition, the game is protected from dust.

You will, however, have to pay a few tens of euros extra to benefit from this advantage.

Anyway, the price-quality ratio of this device is advantageous.


Summary of the features of the Ultrasport

  • Number of players: 1 to 8
  • 12 darts with 100 replacement spikes
  • 28 different games with 167 variants
  • LED display
  • No sticker departure
  • Volume adjustment
  • Notice of the device in French
  • Suitable for all levels of play

Advantages and disadvantages of Ultrasport

Advantages :
  • Ease of use
  • Great practicality
  • Great variety of games
  • A large number of spare tips
disadvantages :
  • Sound quality
  • Quality of the darts

Our verdict


The electronic darts game Ultrasport is a powerful and functional device that will allow you to spend truly convivial moments with your loved ones. It is reliable and offers different types of games to vary the pleasures. It is pleasant to use thanks to sound instructions (if you understand English) and instructions written in French. Good moments of games in perspective!

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Our choice of the most complete electronic dart game

Our opinion on the OneConcept Masterdarter

A complete electronic dart game for your relaxing
OneConcept Masterdarter

OneConcept Masterdarter

Check Price Amazon

The electronic dart game One Concept Masterdarter is a high-end model specially designed for your enjoyment.

It has practical features that will help you make the most of your moments of relaxation.

The possibilities of games are so multiple that you can form teams with up to 16 players to share moments of laughs and games.

We make you discover this particularly complete model which will seduce you certainly.

What we think of the One Concept Masterdarter

This electronic darts game stands out for its modernity and its easy and pleasant handling.

It offers you different levels of difficulty which allows you to use it whatever your level as a player.

Its individual handicap option to balance the level of difficulty of each player will be particularly practical.

Its ergonomic menu consisting of 9 buttons and options will allow you to make many adjustments.

“Great dartboard, friendly, good games of fun in perspective! The booklet delivered is certainly not in French but is easily found on google in several languages ​​including French! so no panic! we can play well 38 different games! 🙂 ”


Its built-in computer will allow you to easily score points during your games.

In addition, you have all the information about the current game.

Depending on your preferences, you can enable or disable the LED screen.

The device consists of 12 darts with 24 spare points.

OneConcept Masterdarter

The dart setup is ideal for an excellent throw. You have the opportunity to play at 16.

In the solo mode with the device, you can enjoy 5 levels of difficulty.

For the darts to be properly preserved, swing doors have storage space.

These reclosable flaps also help protect your electronic dartboard from dust and wear.

They also allow less occupancy of space when the device is not used.

Darts allow you to play 38 games with 211 variants.

So you can vary the games according to your preferences and those of other players.

The manual, unfortunately, unavailable in French can help you make better use of your electronic darts game.

The screw and ankle provided allow a good wall fixation despite a weight of about 4 kg.

As for the adapter, it has enough length.

The wooden design offers a very aesthetic look that will give the room in which the device is placed.

This electronic dart game is of excellent robustness.

OneConcept Masterdarter

Summary of the features of the One Concept Masterdarter

  • Number of players: 1 to 16
  • 12 darts with 24 spikes
  • Plastic spikes
  • 38 different games with 211variantes
  • LED screen
  • Suitable for all levels of play
  • On / Off button
  • Two elegant wooden doors
  • Individual disability option
  • Screw and dowel for wall mounting

Check Price Amazon

Advantages and disadvantages of One Concept Masterdarter

Advantages :
  • Modern high-end device
  • Full features
  • Easy and pleasant handling
  • A large number of players
disadvantages :
  • Price

Our verdict on the One Concept Masterdarter


Despite a high price that does not make it accessible to all budgets, the electronic game One Concept Masterdarter is a very enjoyable device that will allow you to have fun or play more seriously alone or in a group.

It seduces with its modern and elegant design and offers very practical features. Its keys are functional and guarantee you an easy handling just like its LED screen which offers you a good readability. We recommend it without hesitation!

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Our choice of the most economical electronic dartboard

Our opinion on the Aosom device

A handy device for low budgetAosom

Aosom device

Check Price Amazon

This electronic game that can be played solo or with several players (up to 16 players), is a practical device offering a wide variety of darts.

Its integrated functions guarantee all participants a pleasant and relaxing time. Easy to handle, this device value for money gives you all the reasons to spend a few dozen euros for good parties with friends or family.

What we think of Aosom

This electronic dart game is a circular model whose design is basic but very visually pleasing.

With 27 game categories divided into 243 different games, you can easily relax solo or in groups.

This variety guarantees very convivial moments without risk of boredom or routine.

This professional type model can accommodate dart games between 16 participants.

It contains 6 darts with 24 spare tips.

For the sake of order and practicality, you have small storage spaces for darts located on both sides of the plate.

During the game, you have a voiceover in English with sound effects to indicate the results during the game.

We would have obviously preferred it in French.


That said, if you understand English, you will appreciate the ability to adjust the volume of your device according to your preferences.

The sound adjustment is done on 8 levels.

It is also possible to view the game information on the 4 LED screens that this game is provided.

This electronic dartboard works with two power systems to choose from.

You can use batteries or connect your device to the mains.

Made of a durable material, this device will accompany you durably especially that it is not at all cumbersome.

Indeed, its dimensions guarantee a small footprint.

Easy to handle thanks to a quick control panel that can be handled effortlessly, this electronic dart board is comfortable to use.

But its greatest quality is probably its very reasonable price that allows you to have fun without spending a fortune.

This is all the more interesting because it offers a much wider variety of games than the more expensive models.

By cons, more darts would have been appreciated!

Summary of the characteristics of Aosom

  • Number of players: 1 to 16
  • 6 darts with 24 spike points
  • 27 different games with 245 variants
  • 4 LED screens
  • Suitable for all levels of play
  • The electronic voice in English
  • Volume adjustable on 8 levels
  • Usable with battery or mains.

Check Price Amazon

Advantages and disadvantages of Aosom

Advantages :
  • Easy handling
  • Great variety of games
  • Versatility in operation
  • Very good value for money
disadvantages :
  • The electronic voice in English
  • Few darts

Our verdict on the electronic dartboard target in English


This electronic dartboard is a model designed for small budgets but is full of resources given the large number of games it contains.

It has essential functions to moments of relaxation friendly between relatives. Its sober design is very elegant.

As for the quality of the materials and the configuration of the device, they are quite correct. So many benefits available at a very reasonable price, go for it!

Check Price Amazon

The other models of our comparison

Our opinion on the Comet Cibble 801

A practical device to have fun
Cibble Comet 801

Electronic Target Darts and 12 Arrows Comet 801 - DevesSport

This electronic darts game is a device specially designed to offer you the comfort of convivial evenings with friends or simply with your family.

Even if it is not perfect, it offers a number of practical features that ensure a pleasant use for a long time. Let’s take the time to discover together what is behind this door model.

What we think of the Cibble Comet 801

This electronic dartboard is intended for about 8 players maximum. It is, of course, possible to play it solo if the user prefers.

With around 27 games available in 202 variants, the possibilities of games are many.

The game is provided by the 12 darts included in the package.

“Good product, 2 flats: the darts are not very good and it lacks the game’s user manual”


In addition, you have 50 replacement tips when needed.

However, we deplore the poor quality of the darts, especially that the entire game is made of quality materials.

For this, it is better to buy darts of better quality.

Powered by electric power, this electronic dartboard is equipped with an adapter for connection.

It is best to have an electrical outlet near where your game is fixed against the wall.

Once fixed, it holds well in place despite its weight of about 5 kg.

Electronic Target Darts and 12 Arrows Comet 801 - DevesSport

Easy-to-use controls are available to make the necessary adjustments.

The lack of instructions for use is a defect of this device but since it is easy to use, the severity of the lack is minimized.

The board allows welcoming the thrown darts.

The party controls meanwhile have digital screens to read the results of the games.

In addition to protecting the target and darts from wear and tear, this dartboard has two wooden doors that close easily after use.

They also allow more discretion because everything is properly covered.

Available at a relatively affordable price, the capabilities of the device are very interesting and you will certainly like.

Its very sober look is perfect for any room dedicated to relaxing with family or friends.

Summary of Cibble Comet 801 Features

  • Number of players: 1 to 8
  • 12 darts with 50 spikes
  • 27 different games with 202 variants
  • Suitable for all levels of play
  • Protection wings
  • Storage spaces for darts

Advantages and disadvantages of Cibble Comet 801

Advantages :
  • High-quality target
  • Protection against dust and wear
  • Great variety of games
disadvantages :
  • Bad quality darts
  • Missing a user’s guide

Our verdict on the Comet Cibble 801


The Comet 801 Cibble is a game of electronic darts with remarkable abilities. Perfect for enjoying a wide variety of darts.

You will enjoy your moments of relaxation with friends. Since his darts are not ideal for the game, just replace them to enjoy the games available.

Sturdy and designed to last, this dart game will serve you for a long time, however, think of buying darts of better quality.

Our opinion on the One Concept DartMaster 180

A beautiful design for your dart games
One Concept DartMaster 180

One Concept DartMaster

Check Price Amazon

This electronic dart game catches the eye with its beautiful white wood doors that give a more than aesthetic rendering.

But his qualities are not only visual. This is a device that will allow you to play more than a hundred games individually or in groups. Its configuration and features are studied and integrated to offer you a great experience of use.

What we think of the One Concept DartMaster

This electronic darts game is capable of hosting darts games in solo or with up to 8 players.

It has 12 darts with plastic spikes.

These plastic tips prevent damage to your walls or even your furniture with the missed shots.

12 spares are included.

“A game of darts a little more advanced than a toy, but which is also not of a quality to die for.
One of the black spots is the fact that the proposed games do not have a maximum number of rounds / rounds defined. As a result, the games can last for a long time (see too much) … and the fun part with friends gets boring after dozens of unsuccessful shots. ”


That’s good, but we would have liked to have more especially that some models offer much more.

A dot display by LED light ensures good visualization in real time.

Or the automatic mode provided for games alone.

5 built-in levels allow you to play in automatic mode depending on your level whether you are a beginner or even an experienced player.

Moreover, a special handicap function is integrated to adapt the level of difficulty to each of the players.

The 27 games with the 150 variants are intended to make you discover a complete experience of the electronic darts game.

The grip is simplified by an intuitive 9-button control panel with an on/off button.

One Concept DartMaster

It is a minimum of ease that we appreciate especially since the user manual is not available in French and it is a big fault.

Indeed, the leaflet explains in detail the different game modes integrated into the device.

That said, the LED display allows you to have a precise notion of the current game because you have all the necessary information.

Powered by electric current, the One Concept Dart Master electronic dartboard comes with an adapter.

To ensure the durability of the equipment and accessories, wooden doors are provided to prevent wear and dust penetration.

Clever storage spaces inside the doors allow storing the darts.

But what we definitely appreciate these doors is because of the chic and refined look they give to the device.

Summary of the features of the One Concept DartMaster

  • Number of players: 1 to 8
  • 12 darts with 12 spikes
  • Plastic spikes
  • 27 different games with 150 variants
  • LED screen
  • Suitable for all levels of play
  • On / Off button
  • Two elegant wooden doors
  • Individual disability option
  • Screw and dowel for wall mounting

Check Price Amazon

Advantages and disadvantages of One Concept DartMaster

Advantages :
  • Modern design refined and refined
  • Easy grip
  • Pleasant and varied games
disadvantages :
  • Notice not available in English

Our verdict on the One Concept Dart Master


This beautiful model has every reason to seduce you despite some flaws. Its variety of games, its modern and ingenious functions available and its sleek design make it a device that will give you satisfaction.

However, it is undeniable that offering a user manual in French is a minimum especially considering the price offered. But this is ultimately only a detail since the device is easily handled despite everything. So we have no reason to dissuade you from buying it because it plays its role well.

Check Price Amazon

Our opinion on the Darter Darts Sunflex Novio

A luminous device specially designed for beginners
Darter Darts Sunflex Novio

Check Price Amazon

Bright and very bright, this electronic dart game is a device primarily for those who take their first steps into the world of darts.

It can, however, be used by more experienced people. That’s why it comes with practical and useful features that ensure maximum enjoyment during use.

What we think of Darter Darts Sunflex Novio

This electronic dartboard is a device designed to help novices easily learn the electronic dart game, but it is good for more experienced players.

It is played alone or with several players with a maximum of 8 players.

The 6 included darts allow you to play 21 game modes with a total of 65 variants.

In the solitaire mode, you can count on a virtual player to accompany you through 5 levels of difficulty.

The control panel allows you to select the operating mode of your choice while having the ease to make the necessary adjustments.

“Game that meets all our expectations. The game against the computer is super convenient when you are alone to play. Super fast delivery and perfect packaging. Nothing to say. ”

Valérie L.

The LCD screen it has will allow you to view in real-time information about the game in progress, including the number of players, the game in progress and even the counting points.

In addition, during the game, you can enjoy the electronic voice and sound effects that will enhance your electronic darts game.

A definite advantage of this device is its versatility in terms of power.

It can indeed work with battery or be connected to mains.

So, even if you run out of power, you can continue to use it easily.

For example, when going outside, you will not have the slightest difficulty in making your darts work for completely relaxed and fun moments.

This electronic dart game is a sturdy device. Its nice and bright design will work in a relaxing room.

However, we do not appreciate its relatively noisy side nor the lack of doors.

The latter would have better protect the device from wear and dust and offer storage spaces for darts.

The value for money is also more advantageous.

Summary of Features Darter Darts Sunflex Novio

  • Number of players: 1 to 8
  • 6 darts
  • 21 different games with 65 variants
  • LCD screen
  • Especially for beginners
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Voice and sound effects
  • Battery and mains power supply
  • Solitary mode with 5 levels of difficulty

Check Price Amazon

Pros and cons of Darter Darts Sunflex Novio

Advantages :
  • Ease of use
  • Bright and nice design
  • Good robustness
disadvantages :
  • Few games available
  • Relatively noisy device

Our verdict


The Darter Darts Sunflex Novio electronic dartboard is a functional and practical model that will seduce you especially if you are new to the game. It allows you to understand the basics of the game of darts through several games and their variants. Easy to take in hand and pleasant to use, it is also available at a good price which makes it a device definitely charming despite small defects.

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Why trust us?

All the recommendations that we make on are the result of several weeks or months of research, tests, comparisons, analysis of consumer opinions and if need of interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the most trendy: they are the ones who will do their best every day, passing all the tests of safety, reliability, and efficiency. with an interesting price/quality ratio for you.

In the end, the products we recommend are the ones we would like to buy, and the ones we choose for our friends and family.

Electronic Darts Game Guide


The electronic dart game is a very popular way for many to relax. It’s great for entertaining solo parties but is much more fun when it comes to group games.

Indeed if most offers the opportunity to play with up to 8 players, the most advanced models offer the double. The advantage with this device is that it is possible to play a very wide variety of games to maximize pleasure.

Still, need to choose his game of electronic darts. Indeed, and that’s logical, not all models are equal. Between the quality of materials and available features, the qualities can vary considerably from one model to another.

So we will help you know what to look for to make the best choice.

How to choose your electronic dart game?

Take an interest in the mode of feeding

The electronic dart game can work both on mains and batteries. But more often than not, battery-powered models also benefit from mains operation.

The advantage with electric versions is that they consume almost nothing and in addition, they save you battery costs.

The wireless versions, on the other hand, offer you greater mobility because you are not limited by a wire. It all depends on your needs.

So, it is much more advantageous to opt for a hybrid version, that is to say, that supports both types of power supply.

Learn about the possibilities of games

The possibilities of games on such a device are legion. Generally, you have several dozens of categories that come in a wide variety of games.

Nothing forces you to choose the device offering more than 200 game variants if you do not really need it.

The advantage is that you have the opportunity to vary the pleasures especially if you like to organize frequent sessions with friends. You will not risk being bored.

Of course, take the time to learn about the games available to see if they match your preferences.

Think of the darts on offer

The number of darts proposed generally varies from 6 to 12.

On the best models, lots of 3 are offered in different colors. Manufacturers are also thinking of including replacement tips.

While some offer only a dozen, some models offer up to 100. In addition, the tips are sometimes plastic to prevent damage to furniture and walls.

Make sure the number of possible players is right for you

The crazier there are, the more we laugh, do not we? With the electronic darts, you can have fun in a group.

Many models allow you to play with about 8 players but some reach 16 players. It all depends on your preferences and your situation.

We obviously appreciate the solitary player mode.

The device must then offer you a virtual opponent so that you can still have fun.

Most often you are entitled to 5 levels of difficulty on such devices.

Think about the quality of the materials

Quality materials are essential to the success of your investment, no matter how insignificant. So prefer an electronic dart game made of quality materials.

We often have to deal with quality targets with poor quality darts that negatively affect the quality of the game.

User reviews can help you find yourself.

But overall choose darts that facilitate a good throw and a target that holds the darts well after throwing.

Check the embedded features

Features promote a better user experience.

It is sometimes possible to have an electronic voice to announce the results with the bonus of very pleasant sound effects. Ideally, the sound level is adjustable so you do not bother.

That said, in many cases, the voice is in English.

In addition, an intuitive and easy-to-understand control panel will simplify your life considerably by making settings easy.

Not to mention an LCD or LED display for optimal display of information during the game.

In addition, a model with doors to protect the target from wear and dust is not insignificant. Especially since it allows you to easily stow darts.

We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the best electronic darts game possible. If we missed information or new models, please leave a comment below or send us a message.

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