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Best Electric Toothbrush Australia 2019-Ultimate Guide

Best Electric Toothbrush Australia 2019-Ultimate Guide

If a brilliant smile has always been synonymous with beauty, by preserving it we also maintain our health capital.
Making us our main ally, the Best Electric Toothbrush Australia still has good days ahead.
But even more, when she modernizes and becomes “electric”, she is cleverly transformed into a coach for our dental hygiene.

Do not get me wrong, the electric toothbrush is no longer young. Having made its first appearance in 1959 in the USA, it has been marketed for almost half a century. Invented to reduce manual effort and improve dental cleaning, it is based on a simple principle that is to oscillate, rotate or vibrate its tip. 

Nowadays, she is more clever to help us in the daily ritual of brushing.
You will find in this article the best models of electric toothbrushes as well as a guide to choosing the model that will suit your needs.

Our selection of Best Electric Toothbrush Australia at the best price comparison Table

Best Electric Toothbrush Australia Review 

Oral-B Pro 6000

Oral-B Pro 6000

The Oral B Pro 6000 electric toothbrush comes from innovative technology with Bluetooth. 

It is then possible to connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 technology and get real-time brushing tips. 

This product promotes a 3D cleaning action with rotations, oscillations, and pulsations. 

The Oral-B Pro 6000 Electric Toothbrush also has 5 brushing modes, Standard Mode, Care Mode, Soft Mode, Polishing Mode, and Deep Clean Mode. 

In addition, this toothbrush includes a travel case and a Smart Guide wireless screen that will allow you to view in real time the remaining time for your toothbrush and the remaining level at the battery.


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Oral-B Pro 700 CrossAction

Oral-B Pro 700 CrossAction


The Oral-B Pro 700 CrossAction is a rechargeable electric toothbrush for 3D cleaning. 

In order to eliminate dental plaque, this model proceeds by rotations, pulsations, and oscillations. Its brush is a neat design that features dynamic angle bristles with a tilt of 16 degrees. 

This makes it possible to surround each tooth and to take off even the most resistant plate. 

Equipped with a professional timer, this electric toothbrush rings every 30 seconds to indicate the passage to another quadrant in the mouth. An alert also sounds when the recommended brushing time of 2 minutes is reached.


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Oral-B Pro 6500 Duo

Oral-B Pro 6500 Duo

The Oral-B Pro 6500 Duo toothbrush is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that benefits from innovative technology. 

Its whitening mode gently whitens teeth and provides an effective result. In addition, other features such as plaque removal and gum care are available for effective rendering. 

This electric toothbrush has a battery indicator to warn the user.

 In addition, this model has several brushes, namely the CrossAction brush, the Sensitive brush, the 3D brush, and the FlossAction brush. The 3D technology of this toothbrush allows more than 8000 oscillations per minute and 40,000 pulsations.



Philips HX9112 / 02

Philips HX9112 / 02

The Philips HX9112 / 02 electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that offers nine brushing options. 

Featuring advanced brush head technology, this toothbrush provides effective brushing. 

It is possible to choose between several brushing modes, including the clean mode, the white mode, and the gum care mode.

 The whitening mode whitens all the surfaces of the teeth by removing the dental plaque while for the gum care mode, it is a localized cleaning that reduces bleeding and inflammation of the gums. 

This model is also equipped with an intensity adjustment that varies from low to high, ideal for getting individualized brushing according to your sensitivity.



Oral-B Trizone 7000

Oral-B Trizone 7000

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, the Oral-B Trizone 7000 electric toothbrush is a rechargeable toothbrush that takes off dental plaque up to 100% more than a manual toothbrush. 

Its brush offers a 3D cleaning action that allows reaching the spaces between the teeth more difficult to access. 

This system also performs pulsating and sweeping movements for optimal cleaning. 

This toothbrush has several brushing modes to meet every oral need, such as standard mode, care mode, soft mode, polishing mode, and deep cleaning mode.

 Moreover, it allows benefiting from the cleaning of the language. A pressure sensor is triggered when the pressure on the teeth is too high.



Philips HX6711 / 02

Philips HX6711 / 02

The Philips HX6711 / 02 electric toothbrush is a toothbrush with an innovative design. 

Her sleeve is a steel blue color and she weighs about 140 grams. 

Brushing is controlled by a single button. Then simply hold the button down for a moment to stop brushing. 

This toothbrush also makes it possible to choose the brushing mode according to the needs in oral care. Indeed, it has two modes of brushing. 

The clean and white mode and the clean mode. The first offers a brushing time of 2 minutes while the second interrupt brushing after 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

This electric toothbrush model features a battery indicator that sounds when the battery level is low. When the toothbrush is charging, a green LED flashes.



Oral-B Pro 5000

Oral-B Pro 5000

The Oral-B Pro 5000 rechargeable electric toothbrush offers Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth 4D technology. 

It is then possible to connect this toothbrush to a Smartphone to follow the best brushing modes. 

Dental plaque is eliminated 100% with the 3D cleaning action. 

This feature results in oscillations followed by rotations and pulsations. 

This electric toothbrush model from Oral-B offers 4 modes of brushing. Standard mode allows you to brush your teeth regularly with the recommended time of 2 minutes. 

It is also possible to opt for the Gum Care Mode, the Sweetness Mode, and the Polishing Mode. Each mode brings a different action to the teeth.



Broxo Orabrush

Broxo Orabrush

Broxo Orabrush is an electric toothbrush that cleans teeth and provides gum care. 

It has an earth magnet called neodymium that offers a gentle massage of the gums. 

The powerful motor of this model is contained throughout the body of the toothbrush. 

This system allows acting smoothly with very little noise. The movements of the brush are flexible and constant to allow very precisely axial oscillations. 

This toothbrush contains 4 medium sized brushes with individual color code and a wall mount. The base is 7.9 cm deep and 10.5 cm long. 

The height of the toothbrush without the brush head is 18.5 cm. This model includes a safety voltage transformer.


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Oral-B Triumph 5000

Oral-B Triumph 5000

The Oral-B Triumph 5000 Electric Toothbrush is a toothbrush that features a wireless external navigator for easy brushing.

 It offers a 3D cleaning action that includes 40,000 pulsations and 8,000 oscillations per minute with rotations to remove plaque. 

This toothbrush model contains a pressure control button. 

An audible indicator announces the stopping of pulsations while a light indicator is placed on the handle to also allow the hearing impaired to be warned at first glance. 

It is possible to reduce the brushing speed to switch to soft mode. This toothbrush also has a timer that offers the brushing change every 30 seconds.



Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean

Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean

Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean is an electric toothbrush that offers thorough cleaning of teeth by removing plaque up to 100% more than manual brushing. 

It has a 2D cleaning action that corresponds to rotations and oscillations.

 The brush rotates and oscillates on each beat for deep cleansing. This system works by surrounding each tooth. This model of the toothbrush is suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.

A timer is integrated on the sleeve to respect the recommended brushing time of 2 minutes. This is a rechargeable toothbrush that contains a battery level indicator.


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How to choose an electric toothbrush?

The quality of an electric toothbrush is based primarily on the brushing technique. The more he has the ability to reproduce the right gesture, the more effective he is.

 Beyond the technique, the shape of the brush head, its aesthetic side and also the different features are also key criteria in the choice of the brush.

Indeed, the effectiveness of a brush is conditioned by the quality of the rotary movements that the latter makes. 

This efficiency cannot be effective if the head of your brush is not only round but also quite small compared to the size of your mouth. 

This will allow gentle brushing and easier access to different areas of your teeth. Regarding the bristles on the brush head.

It is often indicated which type of bristles is most suitable for tooth whitening, polishing, or sensitive teeth, depending on your needs. But synthetic and soft bristles are preferable.

The aesthetic side is much more comfortable in the use of the brush; its maneuverability but also its elegance. 

For this,s the toothbrush must have a size easy to hold in hand in proportion to the user (adults or children). You can also opt for the head covers to avoid dust.

Besides the head and the aesthetic side, the features make the difference two identical devices and therefore occupy an important place in the choice of buying one or the other brush.

 Some toothbrushes have batteries with LEDs to tell you its level, others have several modes of brushing and have pressure sensor while others do not have. 

But nevertheless, on this criterion, the choice is relative (according to the functionalities which you consider necessary).


The different types of electric toothbrushes

There are often two main types of electric toothbrushes: battery-powered or rechargeable. We rarely find brushes powered directly on the sector they are usually sonic.

The battery-powered toothbrush resembles conventional manual toothbrushes but is effective and practical compared to manual toothbrushes. 

We distinguish the durable model and the disposable. Disposables have a very short life since neither the brushes nor the batteries can be replaced, unlike the durable model where you can change the brushes. The durable model can be used in the family each with its brush.

Rechargeable toothbrushes are more effective in removing plaque and more comfortable in use.

Some of these toothbrushes are equipped with pressure sensors to avoid pain or injury.

The timer to indicate to the user to change their movement after a given time, a screen to control the operations in progress and manage the different brush modes.

Instructions for perfect cleaning of the teeth

Here are the golden rules to make good use of our Best Electric Toothbrush Australia:

  • Tilt the bristles of the toothbrush at a 45 ° angle facing the roots of the teeth, then the surfaces of the teeth.
  • Properly clean the source tongue of bad breath
  • Complete the brushing with the use of dental floss.
  • Meticulously clean all accessories to remove residue
  • Change the sleeves of the brushes every three months or even as soon as his hair becomes a fan.

We can not deny the great work that an electric toothbrush does. This one who is very meticulous and meticulous in both these rotational movements (2D and 3D) for the sole purpose of making and keeping clean and healthy our teeth. 

TheBest Electric Toothbrush Australia is marketed by company numbers like Oral-B, Philips, and others that produce it for adults, and rather an ideal solution for children, senior citizens, or those with disabilities.



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