best electric toothbrush for braces

Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces 2019-Everything You Need to Know

Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces 2019-Everything You Need to Know


Are you looking for the best electric toothbrush for braces? will have more brush heads and cleaning modes. Read on in the slides below to check out our expert pick and Guide.

Having orthotics means that you must take special care with your oral hygiene. In fact, teeth that are not completely straight have a problem with plaque buildup between teeth. It can be difficult to get a fresh, clean mouth with a manual toothbrush. The best electric toothbrushes have brush modes and heads that adapt to the appliances.

All you have to worry about is finding an electric toothbrush with oscillations or sonic technology. Those features will explode behind the brackets and cables. Liquids and bubbles will remove plaque and food particles in a simple and smooth way. It is not really a good idea to use a manual toothbrush to clean the appliances. You will use much more pressure than you will get with the electric toothbrush.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces Comparison Chart

Sonic or OscillationsTimer
Waterpik Ortho Care2NACheck priceWater Flosser


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean521 (d)Check priceSleek, Stylish Design

Philips Sonicare FlexCare321 (d)Check priceCompact travel charger

Oral-B Frozen Kids15 (d)Check priceCharacters and Guiding App

Philips SonicareProtectiveClean
314 (d)Check pricePressure Sensor

Xtech XHST-100 Ultrasonic
514 (d)Check priceBattery Indicator

Philips Sonicare Essence
114 (d)Check priceEasy Start

Smart timer
Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite321 (d)Check price

Dr jim ellis electric toothbrush314 (d)Check price


Why is an Electric Toothbrush a Great Option for Braces?

Removes More Plaque

Electric toothbrushes have more oscillations and sonic vibrations than manual options. When you have orthotics, plaque builds up between your teeth. There is also food behind the supports and cables. Electric toothbrushes will give you thousands and thousands of brush strokes per minute to remove plaque. There are also electric toothbrushes designed to work specifically with orthotics.

Pressure Sensor

Manual toothbrushes have no pressure sensor. Brushing too hard will cause problems with brackets and cable clamps. It can also be painful. Bruising pressure on the gum line can cause damage. That damage will cause the gums to recede. It will also scrape the enamel, which can cause problems later on. Especially around the braces.

Electric toothbrushes have alerts that will beep when you are applying too much pressure. It will retrain your brushing habits and prevent your devices from getting ruined.

Soft Bristles and Various Designs

The bristles created especially for the electric toothbrush have been designed to work with orthopedic devices. They are soft bristles that are circular or have diamond heads. The type of bristles is dictated by the actions they will perform and the modes used. Soft bristles will naturally find a way between the teeth and the straps to ensure they are properly cleaned.

Gum Health is Improved

As mentioned earlier, the sensors relieve the pressure on the gums that most people apply when brushing. They come with heads that are designed to gently massage the gums as well. This stimulates blood flow and can stop the backing of the gums. This is important for those with keys. It is tempting to focus only on the brakes, but the gums also need attention.

Smartimer and Quadpacer

The Smartimer will track how long you have been brushing. Dentists recommend that you take two minutes to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. They would like them to brush after every meal when they have brakes. Any food left around the brakes can cause serious problems. The Smartimer will notify you when two minutes have elapsed. Some companies use Quadpacer to alert users to move to a new quadrant during brushing.

Guides Brushing

Electric toothbrushes can have Bluetooth compatibility that will track your oral hygiene. It will track your progress and make suggestions for changes. That information can be valuable to your dentist when you have brakes. You can follow the cleaning of your mouth. The attention you are paying to oral hygiene during this phase will determine the success of dental appliances.

Easy and Safe

The electric toothbrush is easy and safe for people with braces. It will alert you to the additional pressure during brushing to prevent damage to brackets and cables. It will tell you when to replace the brush head. The bristles can wear out when used against metal. The brush will be placed between your teeth and around the straps. You will have a cleaner mouth and fewer cavities when using orthotics.

Top 10 Braces Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Just to emphasize … These brushes are well above the ordinary and have a good reputation for precision:

Waterpik Ortho Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

Key features

Large volume reservoir: the amount of water contained in the reservoir determines how long you can use the dental floss. This has more than 90 seconds of capacity for a complete dental floss experience. You will not have to fill in and restart the flosser.

Flosser combo and toothbrush: it is not necessary to buy two different machines for your oral care needs. The dental floss and the toothbrush are part of the same unit. Save space at the bathroom counter and use only one exit.

Sonic toothbrush: the rechargeable toothbrush has sonic capabilities. It has 25% more speed, which leads to cleaner teeth. There are two speeds available, as well as a timer and a pacemaker for full brushing.

Included accessories: there are 7 brush heads included with this unit. The Waterpik complete care system also comes with a rigid travel case.

My impression

All those characteristics lead to keys that are impeccable. It can be difficult for anyone to keep their appliances clean. It is especially difficult for teenagers who do not want to spend all their time brushing. This dental and sonic toothbrush also removes food, plaque and bacteria from the gum line.

The stopwatch and pacemaker will ensure that your child spends as much time as necessary to clean the brakes. The braces are expensive, and this is an investment in your future smile. You want to give them all the necessary tools to have a clean mouth.

What could be better?

The holder for the toothbrush is also the charger. It will be necessary to unplug it after the unit has been charged enough.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

Key features

Sonic technology: Philips Sonicare is a leader in sound technology. He will clean his teeth with thousands of strokes per minute. In the recommended two minutes of brushing, the Diamond Clean offers 62,000 strokes.

Load glass and elegant design: The Diamond has an elegant and black design that adapts to modern bathrooms. It has a beautiful glass to load, too. This same glass can also be used to rinse.

Five cleaning modes: there is the standard cleaning mode, which provides two minutes of cleaning. There is a whitening mode for whiter teeth. A sensitive mode is available for those who need a less intense brushing. Gum care and deep cleaning are the last two modes.

Smartimer: dentists recommend that you take two minutes to brush your teeth to clean as well as possible. That should happen at least twice a day. The Smartimer will notify you after the two minutes have elapsed, so you will never have to guess the time.

Quadpacer: Quadpacer guarantees that those two minutes extend through the four quadrants of the mouth. Every 30 seconds, the brush will warn you to move to the next area until all four are covered.

My impression

Teenagers are not the only ones who can have orthotics. Adults who did not receive the best dental care when the children are fixing their smiles. For those adults, there is an elegantly designed toothbrush that fits in your bathroom.

Diamond Clean has all the functions you’ll need for your brakes to make sure you have the cleanest possible mouth.

The mouth will be cleaned while the orthotics are placed and can also be used further. It will whiten and polish your teeth for a bright smile. Diamond Clean has 5 cleaning modes, including all the cleaning you’ll need to take care of your teeth every day. Your dentist will definitely see the difference.

What could be better?

Does not include a UV storage case for additional cleaning.

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Philips Sonicare FlexCare Whitening Edition

Key features

Long-lasting battery: once charged, the toothbrush will work for 3 weeks with daily cleanings. This makes it ideal for traveling, since you will not have to carry the entire base. It also comes with a travel charger that works all over the world.

Quadpacer: short beeps will remind you when it is time to move from one quadrant to another. Its mouth is divided into four quadrants between the lower and upper teeth.

UV disinfectant: the base of the unit is a support and a UV disinfectant. Brushes can accumulate bacteria even if you clean them properly after using them. The UV disinfectant eliminates all the germs that can accumulate in the brush.

Two routines: this Philips toothbrush has custom cleaning routines called GoCare and MaxCare. The GoCare routine offers a minute of quick cleaning to be used between regular tooth brushing. The MaxCare routine is a more complete cleaning that lasts 3 minutes instead of 2.

Three modes: FlexCare Whitening has a whitening mode to eliminate stains associated with smoking, coffee or certain foods. There is also a cleaning mode that gives your entire mouth a thorough cleaning. The massage mode stimulates the gums for a healthier mouth.

My impression

The FlexCare has many features. It is difficult to keep track of everything you have to offer.

There are 2 handles, a UV disinfectant and a base for the charger, a travel charger, and 2 Diamond Clean brush heads.

The modes and routines of this toothbrush provide a variety of cleaning for every situation you may encounter in your oral hygiene.

Whitening removes 7 times more plaque than regular brushing with a manual toothbrush.

All these characteristics are fantastic for those who have orthopedic devices and other corrective work in the mouth. You do not have to wait for the brakes to be removed to get whiter teeth. The sonic technology will also be cleaned behind the cables and the brackets of its braces.

What could be better?

Battery replacement can be a bit difficult after the company has completed the 2 year warranty.

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Oral-B Frozen Kids Electric Toothbrush

Key features

Water-proof handle: adults know that the handle should not be submerged in water. Children loose objects all the time. The waterproof handle will prevent water from entering the unit.

Different shape of the brush head: children’s teeth are smaller than those of adults. They need a smaller brush head. This will surround the entire tooth when brushed. This will also help the brush to get behind the cables and braces on the braces.

Magical timer application – The timer application makes brushing more fun. After downloading the application, scan the product and reveal the characters. These characters will attract your child to brush more and more often.

Track progress: there is a calendar and a progress tracker with the application. It will show the child’s progress and help him earn rewards. This makes it an entertaining game to brush instead of a task.

My impression

When brushing becomes fun for children, they will do it for longer. They will also wait for brushing. Parents will not have to bribe or yell at the child to go to the bathroom and brush their teeth. This leads to better dental visits over time.

The child with braces has to take special care to brush more thoroughly.

The Oral-B children’s brush ensures that they will spend more time brushing, as there are trackers and rewards for good progress.

What could be better?

The toothbrush is a bit intense for a child who has never used an electric toothbrush before.

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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100

Key features

Pressure sensor: it is not necessary to press down to receive the best cleaning. The Sonicare technology pushes and vibrates to give the best cleaning. The pressure sensor will alert you with a beep when you are pressing too hard.

Quadpacer and Smartimer: the timer and the pacemaker are used to keep you brushing the 4 quadrants of the mouth during the two minutes recommended by the dentist. Each area of ​​the mouth should receive 30 seconds of intense brushing action.

Brush replacement reminder: during the months of use, the brush bristles will wear out and should be replaced. You do not want to use a toothbrush head that has worn bristles. This toothbrush will notify you when you need new heads.

Three cleaning modes: there are 3 cleaning modes for brushing. The cleaning mode is for daily cleaning. The white mode will illuminate and polish your teeth. The way of care of the gums gently massage the gums to stimulate good health.

Travel case and charger: when traveling, it is important to keep your toothbrush in a case that keeps it clean. The battery life is 2 weeks from a single charge, but it may not be enough when you are traveling. The charger is also portable.

My impression

This elegant beauty will give you an incredible clean, even if you have keys. It will be placed behind the brackets and cables to make sure there are no bacteria or food particles buried there.

It also has all the features expected in a Sonicare toothbrush.

You will get a safe and smooth brushing that is deep and thorough. There are cleaning modes and useful timers that tell you when you are brushing enough. It is a toothbrush that also travels well. It is not necessary to be blocked with a manual toothbrush when traveling.

What could be better?

The handle is a bit slippery when wet.

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Xtech XHST-100 Ultra High Powered Toothbrush

Key features

Automatic timer and pacemaker: the toothbrush will help you control the four quadrants of your mouth. You will spend the two minutes of the timer dividing the brushing, so that no area is lost. It will sound when the time comes to move. After 2 minutes, automatically turn off the toothbrush.

Ultrasonic technology: this ultrasonic toothbrush has 40,000 vibrations per minute. It will remove 2 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. These vibrations will be placed behind the reinforcements and supports to provide a more complete cleaning.

Five modes of operation: the cleaning mode is for daily care. The sensitive mode is for those who have more sensitive teeth and gums. The action is softer. The white mode will illuminate and polish the enamel. The massage and gum care modes are used to provide healthier gums and teeth.

UV disinfectant: the built-in disinfectant can be used on up to 4 brush heads. It will clean and disinfect the brush heads in just 7 minutes of use.

My impression

The Xtech toothbrush has several modes of operation that will give you a complete cleaning no matter what you need. It will be interposed between the teeth with water bubbles and toothpaste to remove the plaque. It works both on the surface and between the teeth for deep cleaning.

The many features such as the built-in disinfectant, the automatic timer and the pacemaker make this a great toothbrush. It will easily keep your mouth fresh and clean with or without keys. You can use it beyond the time when the brakes were removed as well.

What could be better?

The vibrations are incredibly strong.

Philips Sonicare Essence Toothbrush

Key features

Reminder of bristles: while the brush heads are used, the bristles wear out. Over time, that means that the bristles do not work as well. The reminder bristles will show a lighter color over time, so you’ll know when to replace them.

Contoured bristles and grip handle: rounded and contoured bristles make the brush very comfortable. The angled head allows you to reach the back teeth, which can be difficult to reach. The handle has a soft grip, so your hand will never tighten while brushing.

Sonic technology: Philips patented sonic technology means you’re guaranteed to get 31,000 strokes per minute. The movement of the brush pushes water and toothpaste between the teeth and behind the straps to obtain a deep cleaning.

Easy Start and Smartimer: it can be a big change for some users when they go from a manual toothbrush to a sonic toothbrush. The easy start mode helps the user to reduce the intensity of brushing. The timer will make brushing easier because you do not have to wonder about the time spent. It notifies you when 2 minutes have elapsed.

Long-life battery: after a full charge, the essence will last 2 weeks at full power. The company also included a travel case and a lid for the toothbrush to use when traveling.

My impression

The Essence Sonic toothbrush has excellent features that will clean your teeth even if you use braces. Cleanliness is a big concern for people who put on orthodontic appliances for the first time in their lives. They do not want food or bacteria to accumulate behind supports or cables. The sonic technology will push bubbles behind the metal to ensure clean teeth.

It has excellent features such as patented sound technology, timer and reminder bristles. This toothbrush has everything you need to take it with you on the way. There is no reason why you should go without a clean mouth, whether you are on vacation or on a business trip.

What could be better?

The brushing action may be too powerful for some users.

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6731

My impression

Who does not like a bright white smile? Recover the usual paleness of these helicopters with Philips Sonicare HX6731 / 02 only in 2 weeks!

With the constant use of the Sonicare White and Clean mode, you can reduce the usual stains of red wine, tea or coffee on your teeth. You can gently but deeply clean your sensitive teeth and gums using the sensitive mode.

The original sonic technology can bring the liquid to a small space and generates 31,000 brush strokes per minute, so it gives you a cleaner and healthier mouth, even if you are using orthopedic braces or if you have some other orthodontic phase.

The combination of integrated quadrant and intelligent timer reaffirms the brushing of the individual quadrant of your mouth. This kit comes with a travel charger and a travel case, a hygienic travel cap, a strong white handle and a standard “ProResult” brush head.

  • Whiten teeth up to 2 layers in two weeks.
  • Unique sonic technology with dynamic fluid action.
  • 3 modes: sensitive, clean and white.
  • Quad-pacer
  • Intelligent 2 minute timer.
  • Includes travel cap, travel charger and travel case.

  • It may need a bit of adjustment to the shape of the brush head.
Final verdict

The brand of electric toothbrushes most recommended by American dental professionals is Sonicare. The “ProResults” brush head comes with this kit that works 2 times better than a high-end manual brush and is ideal for people with orthopedic appliances. For a better result, you can replace with more efficient brush heads, such as Diamond Clean, which cleans 7 times better.

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Dr Jim Ellis Electric Toothbrush

My impression

This electric toothbrush was developed by a renowned dentist named Dr. Jim Ellis, who graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004. As accumulated by the Consumer Research Council of America, it is on the List of Best Dentists in Guide to America.

This brush has specially curved bristles and oscillates 40000 times per minute. You can remove up to 5 times more plate compared to a manual toothbrush.

People with orthopedic devices can have a comfortable and active oral sterility with a massage system and variable speed ultrasonic pulses 3.

The 30-second timer for each quadrant with 2-minute automatic timer ensures proper care of the entire mouth. It comes with 2 additional brush heads that give 1 and a half years of cleaning action, and the replacement is quite cost effective.

  • 3Variations of speed: massage, oscillate and pulsate.
  • 40000 oscillations every minute.
  • Especially curved bristles.
  • 30-second dial timer and 2-minute automatic timer.
  • The durable battery holds the charge up to two weeks.
  • 2 extra heads for the brush.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • It can be aggressive for some users.

Final verdict

This Sonic toothbrush that Dr. Ellis has accumulated is a great product for people with orthopedic devices, especially for children, and very profitable. Among all the outstanding features, my favorite is its 2 year warranty that guarantees a 100% refund if the product does not have the assured performance.

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How to Brush with Braces and the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Apply toothpaste to the attached brush head. Wet the brush head under running water. Place the toothbrush head in your mouth before pressing the button. Tilt the toothbrush head to 45 degrees along the gum line and over the brackets and cables. The brush head is a straight line with several lengths of bristles that can be tilted around the straps.

Start at the back of the mouth. Slide the head of the toothbrush gently over the wires to the front. The movement of the brush head will direct bubbles and fluids into the teeth. It will be placed between the cables, behind the supports and between the teeth. Place the brush on top of the brackets and then under the brackets.

Move the toothbrush lightly along the surface while using a circular pattern. The Quadpacer will notify you when it is time to move to a new area. You will repeat the same pattern in all areas of the mouth.

How to Brush with Braces and the Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Apply toothpaste to the round head of the Oral-B dental brush. Run the water from the bathroom faucet over the head of the brush. Place it on the back of the mouth before pressing the button.

The internal bristles will work gently on the supports. The outer circle of bristles will work on the rest of the tooth. It will spin on its own. All you have to do is move the toothbrush gently through the tooth. Allow the brush to do all the work while cleaning.

Dentist’s Point of View

When the teeth are still not straight, it can be difficult to clean them. It is one of the biggest reasons to use an electric toothbrush. Fluid explosions are found between the teeth to brush and floss at the same time.

The brakes can complicate the brushing routine, so there is more chance of ending up with the accumulation of food and plaque in the mouth. That is why dentists recommend an electric toothbrush and floss for adults and children. Everything is removed from the tooth. Bacteria, plaque and food particles do not adhere to areas near supports or cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the electric toothbrush cause damage to the wires and brackets?
You must remove the elastics or removable parts before brushing. Other parts of the keys will really benefit from an electric toothbrush. To clean around wires and brackets, most people who use a manual toothbrush will press with great pressure. The electric toothbrush is soft in comparison.
Should I be flossing, too?
Anyone with braces must floss like anyone without keys. It is important to get food and plaque between your teeth. Electric toothbrushes remove much of the plaque and food, but not all.
Is sonic technology safe for braces?
The sonic technology creates vibrations that will blow the plate, but they will not remove the cables or the straps As long as you do not exert additional pressure, the straps will be fine.
Which is better for braces: Oral-B or Philips Sonicare?
Philips Sonicare ends the competition with more brushes and better bristles. They have sonic technology that is put behind the cables and brackets with the correct amount of fluids. The Oral-B brush oscillates around the edges of the straps and cables. They work, but not as well as Philips Sonicare.

Final Thoughts

The electric toothbrush is one step above the manual toothbrush to move around the appliances and clean them properly. Crooked teeth have spaces and overlap where food and bacteria can accumulate in the mouth. The electric toothbrush breaks the plate. It can also whiten teeth.

There is no reason for you to wait until your brakes are removed to have whiter teeth. Good oral hygiene is vital when you use orthotics. The best electric toothbrush for orthodontic appliances will be placed behind the brackets and wires and will keep your mouth fresh and clean.

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