Best Electric Shavers of 2019

Best Electric Shavers 2019-The Ultimate Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Shavers 2019: The Ultimate Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 


Best Electric Shavers 2019

Today we Review Best Electric Shavers-the ultimate Guide for saving and Buying Guide for best electric Shavers.

A few generations ago, when you wanted a good shave, you went to the hairdresser. Where you put your life in the hands of the barber. 

The barber would hold a straight shave a few inches from your jugular and then tell you to relax.

Fortunately, today you can achieve a shave at home using electric razors, which eliminate the possibility of cutting your skin. Electric razors can not match the proximity of shaving that you would receive from a talented hairdresser.

but they are much more convenient and safer than a barber’s razor.

An electric razor uses rotating blades or blades that swing back. And forth to cut the thick hairs of the face firmly against the skin.

Protectors surround razor blades to protect your skin from moving blades. Most of the protectors also contain slots or holes that trap the hairs and lift them up. So that the blades can cut them more effectively.

The heads of the electric razors will bend singularly to each other. Which will allow the shaver to match the contours of your face, which helps you achieve a closer shave.

One of the best features of modern electric razors is the ability to use them in wet or dry environments. As well as with gel or foam to shave.

Electric Razors: 

The main choice you will have with electric razors is the design you want. Some people prefer a metal-style razor, while others prefer a rotary-style razor.


The electric blade shaver contains oscillating blades that move back and forth at high speeds. These blades are covered with protectors that lift the hair to cut it and protect the skin. A razor will often have some separate cutting blades that flex independently to fit the contours of your face. However, because a foil head has a rectangular shape, it may not match your face, as well as with a rotating razor.

Rotary :

The rotary shaver has round rotating blades. You will receive protection from the rotating blades with a grooved guard that is placed over the blades and helps lift the hairs so they are easier to cut. The heads flex in multiple directions, giving you a close shave as you hug the contours of your face. However, the rotating heads are more difficult to clean after shaving compared to the shaver.

Comparison of  the Best Electric Shavers 2019

Here are the best electric Shavers you can buy.

ProductTypeWet & DryAvg. Battery LifePrice
Braun Series 9 9290CC
(Editor’s Choice)
FoilYes50 min Check Price
Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-SFoilYes45 min Check Price
Braun Series 7 790ccFoilNo50 min Check Price
Philips Norelco 9700RotaryYes60 min Check Price
Panasonic Arc 4 ES8243AFoilYes42 min Check Price
Philips Norelco 4500 AT830RotaryYes50 min Check Price
Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-SFoilYes45 min Check Price
Remington F5-5800FoilNo60 min Check Price
Wahl Professional 8061FoilNo90 min Check Price
Hatteker Mens Electric ShaverRotaryYes30 min Check Price

Best Electric Shavers 2019 Reviews

Anyone who has been shaving for some time knows how important it is to choose good shavers.

Although manual blades can save us from a hurry, electric shavers allow for better results. Not only allow to achieve different effects, but at the same time take care of the skin, avoiding irritation or those characteristic redness.

With an electric shavers we can be sure that our look will always be the one that corresponds with every occasion.

If you think it’s time to replace the model you already have with a new one, in this section you have good options:

Now We Present a Review Of Best Electric Shavers of 2019 

Braun Series 3 proskin 3040s: A solid performer from the refreshed Series 3

Braun Series 3 proskin 3040s

Check Price On Amazon

I do not shave in the shower commonly, but if I did, the shaver I would use is the Braun S3. Of all the shaver I tried, it feels the most amphibious, with a rubber grip and an aerodynamic body designed to minimize internal leaks.

I found the head of the shaver a little narrow, and it did not catch all the hairs on the first try, but it’s the one I trust the most to play well with the shaving cream and the excess water. Considering that it is designed to handle humidity.

Philips Norelco one blade: Best budget electric shaver

Philips Norelco one blade

Check Price On Amazon

Although I do not suggest you buy it to shave. To be fair, the OneBlade can get rid of all your facial hair, but it is simply not optimized to do so. I only mention this because I forgot my razor while on vacation a few weeks ago and resorted to using OneBlade.

Remove the beard protectors and you can actually “shave” the face, although you will have to go through the same spot several times from different angles (it works better if you use the edge instead of the flat part of the blade), and does not have any The satisfying whizzing sounds that a normal razor will give you when cutting the hair. You probably can not say that you shaved well until you look askance at the mirror.

In short, it will work in a hurry. If you’re going to shave regularly, I’ll take the Remington. If you are a person with a beard that needs to be trimmed and say you need to shave for a day (maybe a wedding or an urgent party), it will work.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor:
Can 5 Blades Give You The Closest Shave Yet?

panasonic es-lv95-s arc5 electric razor review

Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for an electric razor to give as a gift. The Panasonic Arc5 is a very good “gift”. First of all, it looks luxurious, with a shiny black finish and an illuminated screen that tells you how long the shaver has been in use and what percentage of battery is left.

It also has the best accessories of any of the shavers that I tried: there is a lid for the shaver when it is not in use, a travel bag and a very visible locking feature that prevents the shaver from turning on by itself when it is pushed into its kit (Which would be embarrassing because nobody thinks it’s your shaver).

The blades are also very generous: wide and abundant (there are five, more than any of the others) to cover a large amount of surface. I really liked the Panasonic, although its head was a bit heavy for daily use, it just did not need it all.

SweetLF 3D IPX7 electric shaver: Is It Really the Budget Choice?

SweetLF 3D IPX7 electric shaver

75% Off On Amazon

This is the fourth shaver that I have bought in search of between $ 12 and $ 30 and that is the best.” It has a quality presentation with straight line wrapping, quality box, foam interior.

The unit itself is beautiful and came 100% charged, so I did not have to wait to use it. The unit only takes an hour to charge (using USB) against four to eight hours with the cheapest shaver. You can probably shave at least eight days with a single load.

The three heads are the softest I’ve felt in a shaver with this head configuration (although I have not used the more expensive Philips shavers). He has a small problem managing the hair under his nose, but many shavers do it. In addition, this shaver is completely waterproof. I submerged it to test it and there were no water leaks. In general, an excellent shaver for this type of price.

It can be said that it is the best and cheapest shaver.

Philips Norelco 8900: Durable, smooth, comfortable

Philips Norelco 8900

Check Price On Amazon

I decided I was going to try a three-headed shaver for the first time, I chose this specific model because I did not want to invest a lot of money in case I came to regret my decision.

Now that I’ve been using it for a while, I really do not know what benefits a more expensive model could offer. This model shaves so well that it is possible that a different model can not shave better.

It cleans so easily that a more expensive model will not be easier to clean. The value proposition of this thing exceeds all expectations. It has been improved because it is a product that I use every day. In my opinion, this model is a worthwhile investment and I hope it gives me many years of quality use. I have no doubts about this purchase. If you’re looking for a better shave, I do not think you’ll find another one.

Braun M90 mobile shaver: A Very Decent Travel Shaver

Braun M90 mobile shaver

Check Price On Amazon

I have had four or five high-end Braun shavers. They work quite well, but the price seemed exorbitant. I bought the M90 ​​for business trips, and I am completely camplacido with her.

It is a pleasure to use it because every aspect is carefully designed. I think it exceeds all its other models in design and function. Instead of dubious characteristics based only on advertising marketing, such as a hydrodynamic, floating, triple-pivot, suction-whisker titanium head, all the characteristics of the M90 ​​are an elegant solution to the requirements.

The screen protector is connected, so it stays on, it can not be lost and a separate case is not needed. Includes an extendable trimmer, just like the big shavers. Instead of the typical internal wired batteries, it uses two replaceable AA batteries (LR6). If necessary, I can always use alkaline, which I can pick up anywhere. Finally, even with a simple, simple, fixed-screen head, it shaves just like any of the high-end Brauns I’ve had. In general, I love it, I had to share it and I bought one for my dad and one for my son.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3: Top Performer at an Affordable Price

Check Price On Amazon

A friend has been using women’s electric razors since always. Mainly for the bikini area and, sometimes, for the legs. She has never been very happy with any of them, because most of them ‘bite’ the skin to some degree or another and cause pain and bleeding, some worse than others.

After some research, she discovered that shavers with higher RPM (above 10,000) will make fewer “bites”, so I look around and discovered that this was the most incredible shaver there is. If the shavers are cars, the women have been driving the Flintstones car and just upgraded to a Mercedes-Benz.

She says she’ll never buy another electric razor for women again! He thinks it took him a third of the time it normally takes to shave, since he did not have to go over and over again in the same area. Just for your information, the trimmer is amazing for sculpting and getting a clean line. It embarrasses Panasonic, Braun, and Remington for tricking women with excellent shaving and no pain. Women, get out of the Stone Age and start shaving in the 21st century. I promise you will not regret. And if you are a man, buy your wife this shaver, she will love you for that.

Electric Razor 2 in 1 Mens Hatteker

Check Price On Amazon

I’m going to start this review by saying that I’ve been using normal razors to shave my face for the past 20 years because I could never find an electric razor that worked well on my face.

Even the most expensive have been mediocre at best, which makes them not worth the expensive price. Because of my past experience, I was reluctant to deposit $ 200 on an electric razor without testing it, so I went to Amazon to read the comments of the different razors.

After seeing some different models of Braun and Norelco, I found this Hatteker shaver for a fraction of the cost. This is by far the best electric shaver I have ever had. He shaves my face very well with minimal irritation.

If you are considering this purchase and you are still thinking, I can assure you that this is probably a great purchase for eight out of ten men who are in the market looking for an electric razor. “I had never heard of Hatteker before this purchase, but I would be willing to buy other electronic products based on the value and quality of this product.

WETech Remington rotary shaver: The Good Guys

WETech Remington rotary shaver

Check Price On Amazon

The Remington was designed to stay in the Dopp kit. It has solid battery life (60 minutes on a full charge and even a fast charge mode that gives you enough energy for a full shave after five minutes) and is noticeably lighter than any of the other shavers.

It is 5.6 ounces; The Philips Norelco is 7.2, the Braun significantly more than that. That means that it may not feel expensive, but the grip feels totally natural (almost ergonomic). It’s also cheap enough not to cry if the airline lost their luggage.

Philips Norelco 9700: The Best Rotary Shaver Money Can Buy?

Philips Norelco 9700

Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for a shaver all in one, look no further is the Philips Norelco 9700. Thanks to the ability to add accessories such as trimmers and facial brushes.

This is a razor that takes care of everything, which makes your Grooming routine in the morning is very easy.

The key to the effectiveness of the 9700 is ContourDectect technology and precision blades V-Track.

Which are able to cut each individual facial hair, while the three-headed shaver near her face, removing any excess hair.

This razor is able to achieve a noticeably clean cut in each individual hair.

but it will not leave you with cuts or scratches. This is because the design of the three-headed shaver allows each head to move in eight directions.

adapt to your face and trap more hairs in a single pass than other shavers on the market.

In addition, the Philips Norelco 9700 V-Track precision blades carefully cut the hairs in two directions.

so you are actually cutting and not removing hair from your face.

This shaver also comes with a SmartClickc precision trimmer. So you can finish your personal grooming, never skimping on the details. 

You will have complete control over the blade and the ability to easily replace it once it is worn out.

There is also a large digital display that shows the level of the battery, the cleaning indicator, the indicator of the replacement head and more at a glance. It is also remarkably ergonomic in your hand, so shaving is really comfortable in all aspects. 

Braun Series 9 9290cc: The best shaver for the grooming conscious male

Check Price On Amazon

The Braun Series 9290CC Blade Electric Shaver is an update to the Braun Series 9 and earlier Series 9 razors with the latest design features. Although you will pay extra for these features, the 9290CC is well worth the extra money.

The cutting head consists of four separate areas. The outer areas cut close to the skin, while the two internal areas lift and cut the hairs. In that way, you catch hairs that are flat and those that grow in a strange direction.

If you have not liked the feeling of rotating heads on electric razors in the past because they did not fit well with the contours of your face, do not worry about that problem with the 9290CC. Braun included a 10-way rotating head that provides all the flexibility you need.

As a final advantage over its predecessors, the 9290CC has one of the largest heads found in an electric razor, which allows it to finish shaving a little faster than with other electric razors. This Braun shaver will work in wet or dry conditions, and you can use it with foam or shaving gel.

A peer reviewers also like this knife, say the Braun 9290CC is the best electric shaver on the market, while Man Tripping likes to use the Braun 9290CC as razor trip as it comes with many extras, including a case that prevents the lost ornaments from being seen loose in your suitcase.

Amazon buyers also give excellent reviews to the 9290CC razor. A buyer named JS says that the Braun 9290CC is especially good at trimming thin, extra-thick white and gray hair in his beard, and also excels at personal grooming elsewhere.

Panasonic Arc5 LV65-S: Great Underrated and Impressive

Panasonic Arc5 LV65-S

Check Price On Amazon

Even though thick facial hair looks good, it has a drawback when you want to be well shaved. Cutting that thick hair can be difficult, especially with many electric razors. Leaving you with what looks like a permanent shadow.

The Panasonic Arc5 LV65-S uses five shaving heads with lifting blades to catch all the hairs on the face, even the thickest ones. In addition, the Arc5 cutting system can deliver up to 14,000 cuts per minute, which guarantees that the blade cuts the thick hairs up close.

The Panasonic also wins in terms of accessories. There’s a shaver lid that lets you keep your razors from dulling when they’re not in use.

A travel bag and a lock that guarantees that your razor will not magically light up when it’s not around (and after it’s been around) my just part of vibrating razors. I can say that it is an important advantage.

There are five blades that offer an extremely tight shave. And its 30-degree internal blades precisely tuned, in fact, provide a very accurate result. 

The 14,000 cpm linear motor is not only impressive, it also offers a quick set-up routine. In fact, the efficiency of the razor has been what has convinced the men of my life that this is the way to go in terms of electric razors.

The Multi-Flex swivel head allows easy contouring around your face, and similarly, Multi-Fit blades adjust to the curves of your face for a more comfortable experience. And as for that smart-looking loading dock, it also serves as a cleaning station that automatically disinfects and dries your razor when the day ends.

Unlike other electric razors made for thick facial hair that tear rather than cut, the Arc5 LV65-S offers a sharp cut from use to use, thanks to its fast-moving oscillating blades.

This is also a wet / dry shaver. Which means you can use it with foam or shaving gel if you want. The use of Arc5 with shaving foam offers even better performance when shaving thick hair, according to ShaverCheck.

Remington F5-5800: Cordless and Corded Functionality

Remington F5-5800

Check Price On Amazon

Electric razors can be expensive, especially metal blade razors, but Remington constantly offers models at the lower end of the market that work well. The Remington F5-5800 is one of the best razors available at such a low price. It certainly has some drawbacks, but it will give you a decent level of performance, considering what you are paying.

The F5-5800 has a very well contoured handle that makes it comfortable to use. Meanwhile, the head of this electric shaver is the right size to reach difficult areas to shave, such as just under the nose. However, keep in mind that the Remington F5-5800 does not allow wet shaving, and does not work with foam or gel to shave.

The rechargeable battery in the Remington F5-5800 works well, and the handle of the shaver contains a series of LEDs that indicate the current charge level, which is convenient.

Many people like to use the F5-5800 as a travel razor or as a second razor in the office, due to its small size and low price. Expert reviewers agree that it is a solid budget option.

Because the F5-5800 has two blade areas, it will match the contours of your face more closely than blade razors that have only one blade, according to Male Sense Pro.

Amazon buyers also rate the Remington razor highly. A buyer named Philip says he has to shave his thick beard twice a day, and the F5-5800 endures this regular use extremely well, which provides a shave almost at all times.

A problem that many Amazon reviewers, including Steve C, mentioned is the failure of the razor blade screens after several months. This can expose sharp edges on the F5-5800 that cause nicks and cuts when shaving. 

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5550: Best Shaver Ever 

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5550

Check Price On Amazon

I love this shaver: it is light, it feels good in the hand. And it catches the hair on the first pass with hardly any effort. It may be due to the “Raise and cut” action of the blade. “That sounds like a trick, but it seems to pull the hair up before cutting it.

It could also be the angles of the blades on the head. Which protrude towards the center to follow the sliding of your hand. In any case, it is the smoothest and effortless shave I got from any of these shavers. If there is something negative that I would say about it. It is that it does not have the longest load in the world.

You can also lock the shaver by holding down the power button for three seconds. Which could be a bit more intuitive than it is (a button would be nice!). However, there are more good things than bad: a clean and easy shave. A pleasant feeling in the hand, an easy weight,

Andis T-Outliner: Professional Detailer

Andis T-Outliner

Check Price On Amazon

If you shave your head several times a week and you are tired of paying the hairdresser to do it, you may want to get the Andis T-Outliner professional degree. This electric shaver is used in many barber shops, and the guys who shave with the whole head trust it. You can also use it to trim the neck, beard, mustache and make edges around the ears. 

The Andis T-Outliner trimmer uses a T-shaped blade that is perfect for shaving, fading and full head designs. Andis sells a wireless version, but the one we reviewed has a very strong 8-foot cable, so even if it has a cable, it still has plenty of room to move around.

The carbon steel blades of the trimmer are specially hardened to last longer than your average blade. However, the blades are quite easy and inexpensive to replace, so when the time comes, it is an easy exchange. 

You have to grease it frequently so that it works without problems, and from time to time you will need a complete adjustment. That requires unscrewing some small screws to grease the interiors, but you will not have to do this regularly.

Our tester has used this trimmer for 12 years, and he uses it at least twice a week to shave his head completely. He has worked like a charm all these years, and he hopes that he will continue to do so. He also only had to replace the blade and open it to grease it once in 12 years. 

The reviewers on Amazon second the statements of our tester. Many say it is the only trimmer they will use and others say they have used the T-Outliner for 25 years or more. – Malarie Gokey 

Braun Series 7: Low Prices and High-Quality Shaver

Braun Series 7

Check Price On Amazon

The Braun Series 7 can be the most useful item in a man’s bathroom. This electric razor is able to determine how thick your facial hair is to automatically adjust its power, so you can get a clean and even shave in a single pass.

This magical power is presented thanks to Braun’s Sonic and AutoSense technology, and when combined with its flexible eight-way shaving head, the shaver moves with the contours of your face and neck for close and careful shaving.

Thanks to MicroMotion technology, you can move each element of the shaving system independently through delicate or difficult-to-shave areas, such as Adam’s neck or apple. MacroMotion, on the other hand, allows the head of the razor to rotate up to 40 degrees, so you can turn the razor in any way while working its way through the face.

Together, these two characteristics mean you can do a quick job of your morning shave, trusting you have not lost a place or left any stubble.

The Braun Series 7 comes with a cleaning and charging station with a cleaning solution, a cleaning brush and a travel case, which makes maintaining the shaver as easy as maintaining its own hygiene.

The Series 7 is also completely waterproof, so you can even take it to the shower or rinse it in the sink when you’re finished. 

Best Electric Shavers 2019
Comparison by Brands

PanasonicArc 5FoilBoth Check Price
BraunSeries 9FoilBoth Check Price
PhilipsNorelco 1150X/40RotaryBoth Check Price
PhilipsOneBladeBladeBoth Check Price
WahlShaver ShaperFoilDRY Check Price

Best Electric Shavers Buyer’s Guide 

Best Electric Shavers of 2019

Are you looking to buy the best electric razor? The most suitable for your beard, your skin and your pockets, right?

Now we are all in a hurry. We want to be well shaved, but we do not have time for traditional shaving creams and razors. For people like us, the electric razor is ideal.

Unfortunately, finding the best electric razor for men can be difficult and boring. There are thousands of models and prices, and if we lack the time to do the shaving ourselves, how do we find time to look for the perfect electric razor for our face? ? To simplify your life and facilitate your purchase, we have created this guide with the best electric shavers on the market. We will help you decide which features are most important to you and, above all, to limit the number of shavers to choose from, giving our opinion about the best quality price.

Whether you have not yet decided between the razor blade or the electric, dry or wet razors, Braun or Philips, read on and you will find the best solution!

Now, which is that best electric shaver 2019? And, how to choose a best electric shaver?

What razor to buy?

Continuously, the best brands of razors (Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Remington) , launch their marketing campaigns with new electric razors .

Apparently, all the new razors  seem to be perfect. There is no type of beard that resists and your skin will not experience the least discomfort, no matter how sensitive you may be.

However, the reality can be very different. Soon we realize that the razor you bought was not what you expected.

Even though we are told about precision in shaving, speed, comfort, power, … it is not always easy to buy the best razor.

Each person has a type of hair and  a sensitivity in the skin that makes it difficult to choose the best electric razor.

In spite of everything, you must be clear that there is the razor that you need,  that although it is not perfect, it can lead you to the conclusion that it has been worth buying.

There are many men who are enjoying pleasurable shaving every morning , where the comfort, speed and ease of shaving with electric machine is combined with a respect for the sensitivity of the skin and surprising rushes.

If you want to know directly which are the most recommended shavers for this year ( Braun, Philips, Panasonic or Remington), read the following article:

The blades of the razor

The blades of the razor

It is the first determining factor. Without good blades you can not achieve a good rush.

Depending on the type of shaver ( rotary or blade ), the shaving head varies in design. You can not say that some are better than others. It depends on each model.

Both systems have in common that they pursue the same goals: to rush to the maximum, in the shortest possible time and with the least irritation of the skin . For this, they have been perfecting the design of their cutting elements.

It is about the machine being able to cut both the longer and shorter hairs, as well as those that are stuck to the skin.

It is also important that the head is flexible and adapts well to the surface of the skin. Thus, in each pass is able to cut more hair.

The brand of the electric razor

The big 4 in the sector are Braun, Philips, Panasonic and Remington.

They have in common that they not only manufacture razors. They also sell their brand hair clippers, barbers or male body hair removers.

However, the two undisputed leaders are Philips and Braun: both firms have the most models in the market.
They compete in the lower segments with a lot of brands, in the middle ranges with some less and in the high range they are practically alone (except for some Panasonic models ).

Always one of their shavers (Philips or Braun) is among the best sellers.

Remington , on the other hand, has very good shavers in the mid-range and its price-quality ratio is very high. They are razors (in general) with few extras, but they offer a high performance shaving.

Panasonic is the third alternative in high-end electric razors, although they also have very good options in the lower ranges.

What shaving systems does each brand use?

There are two shaving systems:

Rotary – employs circular knives that spin quickly by cutting the hair
Sheets – consists of one (or several) sheets under which the blades move laterally.
No shaving system is essentially better than the other. They are simply different and depend more on what you find most comfortable.

The best rotary razors are those of Philips , although depending on the range, also Remington has good alternatives.

The best electric razors are those of Braun (not forgetting Panasonic or some models of Remington)

The design of the razor

The design of the razor

As I mentioned above, electric razors can be rotary blades, or blades. This determines the design of the shaver and also the manner of shaving.

The rotary shavers (in general) cover more surface of the skin and the technique of shaving consists in making small circular movements on the skin.

In contrast, blade shavers usually have a smaller head and movements during shaving are linear, more similar to those made with the traditional razor.

Multifunctional razors
Multifunctional razors

Some razors have accessories that are placed in replacement of the shaving head. This transforms the shaver into a cutter, a precision trimmer or a massager brush, for example.

This is the case of the Philips rotary razors, which, based on their average ranges, already have SmartClick accessories

The price of the razor.

Razors move in a wide range of prices.

They can be classified into 5 ranges:

1.Low-end shavers ($25 – 45 )   

Achieve an acceptable rush as long as the beard is not complicated. They are not recommended for people with sensitive skin. They usually work with cable and are suitable for a dry shave. When cleaning, it is usually done dry, since it is not normal to be water resistant.

2.Medium / low range shaving machines ($45 – 65 ) – 

Hurry a little more. Shaving performance is enough for easy beards. They are still not the best for those who have a high sensitivity on the skin. 

The do not have practically “extras”, although it is easy to find models with batteries that allow shaving with foam. They are easier to wash, since many models are resistant to water.

3.Medium range shaving machines ($ 65 -110) –

 They are razors that perfectly comply shaving a normal beard. Models with specific characteristics for sensitive skin begin to appear.

4.Medium / high range shavers ($110 – 190 ) –  

Here you can find electric shavers that are able to solve the combination of a hard beard in a highly irritable skin. You can choose the “no extras” version of the top range or a somewhat lower range shaver but with more accessories and additional features.

5.High-end razors ($190 – …) – 

They are the top of the range that has a cleaning and charging station already included in the box. The shaving performance is maximum and the respect with the skin also. Not everything you pay is directly related to the ability to hurry. There are extras, especially in the finishes or the type of screen that increases the price of the shaver.

Not everything that is invested in the electric razor, always results in greater shaving performance. As you go up the range, more accessories and extras make the price rise. It happens with the type of screen or with the type of battery (in the models that work with cable).

Spare heads and spare parts for shaving machines

If all goes well, the razor will be used for many years, but do not forget that the blades are exposed to heavy wear and have a useful life of 2-3 years (even less, depending on the use).

After that time, although you can continue using them, you will notice how the shaver every time less draws, hits more jerks and irritates the skin more.

Some shaving machines usually tell you, by means of a tell- tale on the screen , when you need to change the shaving head, so you do not even have to worry because the machine is going to warn you.

Before buying the electric razor, I recommend you check two things:

  • The price of replacement spare heads – It does not make much sense to buy an electric razor on sale if then the cost of replacement heads seems very expensive. There are times that for a little more than they cost the heads you would have a new razor. 
  • The availability of spare parts – Although most of the shavers sold are brands of recognized prestige (Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Remington), for which you will have no problem when finding the spare, this is not always It happens with other brands of razors (which can have a very competitive price but with which you can take the surprise that you do not find spare heads anywhere).

The type of food

Shavers with cable

It is the traditional way of feeding.

In a way it is considered obsolete, although they have some advantages:

  • The price is lower
  • You can use it whenever you want
  • The power of the shaver remains constant

The disadvantages of a cable shaver:

  • You can not use it in the shower or foam or gel
  • The cable is a nuisance
  • Forces you to have a plug nearby

Some models can be used with and without cable, although the high-end models usually only do it without cable (the battery supports a fast charge of 5 minutes)

Razors without cable

The thing is complicated when the machine works without cable, since it depends on the characteristics of the battery, which can vary greatly from one model to another.

The shavers of high ranges have lithium ion batteries , which are not as prone to memory effect and allow the shaver to have a constant power, even where the beard is very dense.

In contrast, shaver machines of lower ranges usually carry NiMh batteries, which do not have such a long service life, since the number of load cycles they admit is usually lower.

The duration and characteristics of the battery.

The duration and characteristics of the battery.

The key points that you should look at the battery are:

  • Time it takes to load  – the normal is 1 hour, although in low ranges it can vary considerably.
  • If you support a 5 minute quick charge – it allows you to charge it to be able to shave once. It is almost essential in models that only work without cable.
  • The autonomy of the battery  – It is the time that you will be able to use the shaver without having to load it. It usually varies between 30 minutes, at times every day higher (from 50 minutes)

Accessories and functions

The LCD screen  – It is good that the machine has a screen where you can see the battery that you have left or that warns you about the need to change the blades or clean it. Some high-end models indicate the remaining battery with digits.

The bag or the travel case –   If you usually go on a trip with some frequency, you will appreciate that the machine has a travel case and a locking function.

Accessories to trim temples and beard –  Most electric shavers have a precision accessory ( trimmer ) to trim the sideburns and mustache or beard. There are several modalities that go from a simple folding cutter to an accessory that is placed in the head’s place and transforms the shaver into a barber or clipper. This is the case of Philips with its SmartClick system or some models of the higher-end rotary Remington.

The base of load – is a support on which the shaver is placed to load. You must make sure it is stable.

The basic kit  – the protective cover of the blades and the cleaning brush.

There are other functionalities in the shavers that are less frequent and that only have some models:

Cooling system – consists of an electroceramic element located in the head that cools the skin during shaving (Braun Cooltec).

Sliding microparticles  – The heads are coated with a layer of small particles that favors the sliding on the skin (Philips series 7000)

Personal shaving settings  – allows you to select different speeds to achieve a faster or softer shave according to preferences. Some models have turbo power.

Maintenance and cleaning of the electric razor

Having the machine always ready is essential for the machine to work like the first day.

Cleaning should be easy and fast, otherwise problems will appear over time and the machine will lose the benefits it had when it was new.

There are 3 ways to clean the blades and heads of electric shavers:

  • Dry  – with a brush or brush. All the shavers allow it.
  • With water (under the tap)  – are the shaving washable (not to be confused with that they can be used in the shower or with foam). Not all shavers allow it, despite being a great advantage, since the cleaning is more thorough than if you simply remove the hairs from the blades and blades.
  • With cleaning station  – it is the best option in terms of results.

The cleaning, charging and lubrication station for the electric razor

Why do I need a cleaning station with my electric razor?

It is normal to ask yourself the question, especially since electric shavers are easy to clean.

However, some models of razors (higher ranges) often come with a cleaning and charging station that receives names such as Clean & Renew (Braun) or SmartClean (Philips).

The cleaning station gives you 3 benefits:

  • Comfort  – At the touch of a button you have the shaver ready for the best in the next shave.
  • Hygiene  – The station works with a liquid that frees germs and bacteria from the head of your shaver. It does not benefit you anything to shave with a dirty head when your skin is very sensitive.
  • Performance during shaving  – Some blades or blades, cut and rush better if they are clean. In addition, the life of the shaving head is extended and lasts longer without the need to change it.

If you need a razor that works at full capacity, that rushes well, quickly and without irritating the skin ,  the cleaning station can do much to make it so.

Opinions about electric razors

Know what you think other people who have used the same model that has his eye is a good benchmark. They can give you clues about issues that you had not fallen into (many times it is not clear the features of the model or with what accessories account series, etc …)

However, you should be very cautious with opinions for several reasons:

  • Each beard is different  – As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, each man has a hair with its own growth pattern. It is easy for the perfect shaver for your friend not to be so great for you.
  • We have different sensitivity on the skin  – If you read the opinion of a person with very sensitive skin, who has had a bad experience, you will not want to buy the same model of razor or crazy. Sometimes the opposite happens, the opinion of a person with little sensitivity on the skin leads you to trust and buy the wrong razor.
  • Expectations about the performance of the razor  – Some people buy the latest high-end model and expect little less than a miracle when it comes to shaving. This leads him to give a low rating to the shaver that also does not correspond strictly with reality. There are also those who buy the cheapest shaver on offer and end up giving it 5 stars for the simple fact of the money it has cost.
  • The marketing campaigns of the big brands  – it is common that when a new model of shaver is launched, the shaver is given free to a series of and people, in exchange for an objective opinion being issued.

What will be the best electric Shavers of 2019?

To answer this question I have analyzed the main shaving machines. I have classified them in a ranking by brands according to the characteristics ( technology, shaving performance, softness with the skin, price, shaving system, accessories ).

This way you will be able to find the machine you are looking for faster:

  • Best razor for hard whiskers and sensitive skin
  • Value for money
  • The best shaver to use in the shower
  • The best machine for dry shaving …

What is the best electric razor for sensitive skin?

The irritation is a big problem for those who need to shave daily and has  sensitive skin.

There is a myth that confuses many men who think that if a shaver is very efficient, hurrying will irritate the skin more .

It is the opposite.

The better you shave the razor the less passes are needed and the less irritation will be .

The redness is produced by passing over and over again on the same skin trying to eliminate the hair that resists.

If you are looking for the best shaver for sensitive skin you should focus on the models of the upper ranges that are the ones that have the heads and cut elements optimized to speed up better.

I want to draw your attention to the  Philips 7000 Series , as they have certain outstanding features that make them suitable for the most sensitive skins:

  • GentlePrecission blades  – Although designed to protect the skin, have a pattern of holes and grooves very similar to the 9000 series that are the ones that achieve the best rush. They have 72 cutting elements equal to the top of the range.
  • Very flexible and dynamic head  – Contour adaptability is guaranteed; and this is a factor that guarantees fewer passes through the skin.
  • Slip rings  – Thanks to a microparticle coating, sliding the shaver on the skin is smoother than doing it with any other type of shaver. Less friction produces less irritation.

To these characteristics it is necessary to combine the possibility of using it under the shower and of using foam or gel for a more comfortable shaving (it would be unthinkable that a shaver oriented to sensitive skin today would not have this property).

Some “extras” that play in favor of this shaver is the ability to use accessories to cleanse the skin. In this sense, there are models that have a facial cleaning brush  that is placed in replacement of the head and helps you to have a skin free of dead cells or impurities.

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