Best Electric Scooters 2019-Everything you need to know

Are you really need a Best Electric Scooters. If you are one of those who drag the child to school or is simply bored of wasting time looking for parking in the city. 

The solution to your problems can be summed up in two words: an electric scooter. 
Actually, the scooter has been a hit among children for decades. But not so long ago that someone thought of adding a small electric motor. The result: the same fun with minimal effort!

Because is it a toy? Is it a means of transportation? Actually, an electric scooter enters these two categories without any problem.

It takes you where you want to go (in more or less short distances), but also makes the road entertaining. 
These scooters are not only the star gift for children’s birthdays. But the older ones have also discovered their usefulness, and in recent times more robust models have come out, designed as an urban and ecological means of transport.

As always, it is easy to make a mess with a huge variety of models and features available in the market. So we have prepared a purchase guide so you know what to take into account when choosing the best electric scooter for you

5 Best Electric Scooters Review 2019- Electric Scooter with handlebars

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

A high-end electric scooter at the best price

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter-Best Electric Scooters

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers of electrical devices that are growing more in China, and that is in full expansion in the western market.

The Mi Electric Scooter, also called Mijia M365, is not the first model of an electric scooter that presents.

But probably the one that has aroused more excitement among fans of this type of device. For the quality of its features at a surprisingly good price.

You can see a comparison with each Xiaomi scooter that the Chinese manufacturer has released to this day.

The solidity of the finishes is one of the first things that pleasantly surprise. But that’s not all.

little by little we are discovering the many possibilities of using this electric scooter. Which supports a fairly intensive use designed for medium / long journeys.

Thanks to a power of 500 W in the rear wheel, it achieves a maximum speed of up to 25 km / h for a weight of 100 kg. Although you can also activate the energy-saving mode to stretch the lithium battery, then getting about 18 km / h.

It has a system of recovery of kinetic energy, which is transformed into electric to the traditional dynamos mode to increase the life of the battery. 

Another advantage is the time of charging the battery, 42 V: five and a half hours from zero, just over three hours starting from 25%.

The braking system has anti-lock on the front wheel, plus a rear mechanical disc brake. Combining both systems, it can come to a complete stop in four meters in case of emergency.

On the handlebar there is, in addition to a timbre and a xenon headlight to ensure nighttime mobility, four LED lights to easily see the amount of remaining battery. 

This data is also controlled by a mobile app that will especially enjoy connectivity addicts, with information on driving speed, usage habits …

Thanks to its folding system, the device can be “put” in almost any circumstance. Which makes this electric scooter Xiaomi perfect for those who want to move around the city without wasting time in parking.


  • Great value for the price
  • Very good braking capacity
  • Very comfortable to transport
  • Connectivity with the mobile


  • Height of handlebar not adjustable
  • Slowly slow charge: 4: 45h

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Cecotec Outsider E-volution

A Spanish billing scooter that enters the market with force

Cecotec Outsider E-volution-Best Electric Scooters

Can a Spanish brand plant a house for Chinese giant Xiaomi? Of course Cecotec seems willing to try, with its range of electric scooters and scooters released at the end of 2018.

The  Cecotec Outsider E-Volution is the most scooter version of its catalog. And the comparison with the  Xiaomi Mijia M365  (or My Scooter) that you will find also on this list, is inevitable.

What are the main pros and cons of one and the other? The truth is that both have similar features in price and performance. With small differences in loading time or maximum weight., But nothing that makes us tip the balance by one or the other.

If we go deeper, the Cecotec has an impressive power of 700 W  (compared to the 250 W of the Xiaomi) something that we will value especially in cities with slopes. 

In return, Mijia has many more possibilities for programming and connectivity. In addition to five driving modes compared to the three of the Outsider.

But what most attracts Cecotec’s attention is the possibility of changing the battery on the fly. It has an interchangeable battery system so you never get thrown away. 

It is a great idea, although in practice the batteries are quite bulky and it does not seem very practical to use them as a habitual resource.

Another interesting detail is the  XL table, which allows the feet to be carried in parallel. This adds convenience if you drive for a long time. Although if you are already used to carrying a “normal” scooter you will have to catch the point of stability again.

Being a new model, we lack the time factor to assess its performance at 100%. 

Of course, the Cecotec Outsider E-Volution is an option not to lose sight of because it looks like a versatile scooter that will take you where you want for a long time.


  • 700W of power.
  • Exchangeable battery system.
  • Ultra-compact folding, with removable cuffs.
  • Triple braking system.


  • In this price range, connectivity is lacking.
  • It is difficult to compete with a model as established as the  Xiaomi Mi.

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Ecogyro Gscooter S6

Excellent value for money in a scooter designed as a means of transport

Ecogyro Gscooter S6-Best Electric Scooters

Ecogyro is a Valencian company specialized in what they call “ecological mobility”: scooters, hoverboards, skates, bikes. With the GScooter S6 have entered the list of best sellers, offering a mid-range scooter with excellent value for money.

The first thing we see is the design: the lines are very simple and discreet. It may even seem basic at first glance. 

But nothing is further from reality: in practice, Gscooter S6 is a lightweight skateboard with very intuitive handling.

The chassis is made of aluminum, which gives us a very reasonable weight: 9.2 kg. The folding can be a bit hard at the beginning. But it is fast and comfortable. And once the scooter is done, it takes up little and can be loaded with some ease.

The handles of the handlebar are made of non-slip rubber. And the scooter is controlled with two cranks at the height of the thumbs. It also has a small LCD screen in which it shows the basic data, such as speed or battery.

The 6 “wheels are solid and anti-puncture, which has pros and cons. In favor: you save maintenance. 

Against: driving is much harder. However, the S6 solves this problem by adding front damping.

Although it does not fix everything, without this detail the driving would be very unpleasant on uneven terrain.

This has a system with different programs that limits the maximum speed depending on your needs or your driving pace. 

That is especially useful if you are going to use children, to control that they circulate at a safe speed.

It also includes front LED and brake LED to ensure safe driving at night or in low light situations


  • Very light: 9.2 kg.
  • Different programs to limit the speed.
  • Simple folding system.
  • Anti-puncture wheels with front cushioning.


  • Without connectivity
  • The folding is a little hard.

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Razor Power Core E90

An electric scooter for children with lots of energy

Razor Power Core E90

Thanks to the long life of its battery, of 12 V, the Razor E90 is designed to hold the rhythm to the most hyperactive child, from eight years.

Up to 80 minutes of continuous use. Which in practice means a full afternoon in the park with the operating battery.

It is one of the features most valued by users. Who also appreciate the fact that, if the energy runs out. It can continue to be used as a normal scooter.

Being focused on the children’s market, the use of this Razor model is simple and intuitive

The start is by an initial kick, the acceleration is controlled by a button located on the handlebar and counts, as an extra touch, with a rear brake on the foot, very useful in case of emergency.

The cushioning is scarce, but for a young user to notice the irregularities of the terrain is even entertaining. And its approach is urban, that is, for use on asphalt or, at best, dirt track in a park.

The wheels, urethane, can be a bit noisy depending on the terrain. The speed reaches up to almost 15 km/hour. With a reprise to which it is necessary to get used, especially in a start-up.

The bucket motor is efficient and requires hardly any maintenance. The Razor E90 needs partial assembly, very simple.

And the kickstand is not foldable. If you want to keep in the car or in a small space, you have to disassemble the fork.

The main component of this Razor E90 is steel, which perhaps increases the weight a little.

But guarantees the hardness and durability of a device that is expected to be “mistreated” by its owner. A hard, firm and stable scooter that satisfies children and parents.


  • The brake on the foot provides extra security.
  • The battery pleasantly surprised by its duration.


  • The handlebar is not adjustable in height, beyond one or two centimeters that are gained in the assembly.

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Dragon Scooter

A simple and economical scooter for children and adults

Dragon Scooter

The Dragon is a cheap scooter with good performance. So it’s perfect if you’re looking for a simple scooter without frills. Which gives exactly what it offers: a mobility solution for short distances.

Its brushless motor of 350 W offers the suitable power to circulate at a maximum speed of 25 km/hour: enough to reach our destination quickly. 

If we are going to give it to a child, we will have to keep an eye on it so that it does not pack.

Wheels of 6.5 “, a size suitable for driving around the city, and that does not take up much when folded. They are also solid rubber, and therefore anti-puncture. 

This makes driving a bit harder than desirable but has rear shock absorption. As it is meant for city and you are supposed to drive on paved ground, it is enough to soften potholes.

The folding, as usual, is compact and fast. Although it weighs 11 kg, and therefore we will not be able to carry it much longer than to put it in the car. 

The shape of the folding allows it to be supported on a wheel. It also works perfectly in manual mode. So if you run out of battery you can simply function as a non-electric scooter.

Integra mudguards to protect from mud spots. Note that the manufacturer does not specify the IP protection for rain or wind: if there is a storm, better leave it at home.

It includes battery indicator on the handlebar and you can connect it to the mobile phone with Bluetooth to get the basic data. But it has no possibility of programming.

Although the general impression is that the Dragon scooter is a scooter for children, it supports a maximum weight of 120 kg.

So it can be used by an adult with peace of mind. For that price, little else can be asked.


  • Great value for money
  • Has easel to park in stopped.
  • Fast loading, in two / three hours you have it ready.
  • Gardabarros integrated.


  • Does not include rear brake light.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.

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2 Best Electric Scooters Review 2019-
Electric Scooter with seat

Cecotec Outsider Demigod Makalu

An all-terrain vehicle that will make you forget to use another vehicle

Powerful, robust, reliable: the Outsider DemiGod Makalu of the Spanish brand Cecotec is a firm bet for the scooter as a means of transport.

Indeed, here we forget the scooter as a “little toy” for a spin: the DemiGod Makalu is a scooter in the whole rule

Something that we will notice in the price – we already warned that it is not cheap. And in the benefits, which can compete perfectly with a traditional motorcycle.

To begin with, the appearance already gives us an idea that we are facing an all-terrain vehicle

They impress the great anti-puncture tires with XL blocks to move in any type of ground, either asphalt or track

The table is also extra-large, a size designed to put your feet in parallel and achieve maximum stability.

It has hydraulic damping and excellent braking power. The ignition is done by a key.

And the driving is similar to that of a motorcycle, with acceleration and brake on the handlebar.

As a curiosity, the cuffs are foldable, so that it can be stored in narrow places. This is interesting because, although the DemiGod Makalu is foldable, its large size will require space to store it. 

And better forget about carrying it: its 60 kg is not designed for you to use as a mixed transport. 

So if you want to combine it with bus, subway or train you should look for a simpler scooter.

But if what you want is an ecological and effective means of transport, you are in the right place.

Great power, a maximum speed of 45 km/hour and up to 30 km of autonomy make this Cecotec. The perfect substitute for the motorbike to move around the city ​​… or to enjoy on off-road routes.


  • Functional in any type of terrain.
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebar.
  • Double headlight for more safety in night driving.
  • Great power and autonomy, for trips of up to 30 km.


  • The price.
  • It is quite heavy: 60 kg.

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HomCom Folding scooter

A scooter with saddle suitable for children and adults of average weight

HomCom Folding scooter

HomCom is a brand of Chinese origin with international distribution, specializing in home accessories. Although a scooter a priori does not fall into this category.

Their scooters are usually on the list of best sellers, perhaps because their approach is more domestic than anything else. That is, HomCom skateboards are more designed for leisure than as a means of transport.

This is the case of this model: it is a skate that can be used by children from 7 years of age. Which can be seen in the maximum weight that can stand (70 kg) and in the low engine power (120W). Logically.

If you are an adult within the recommended weight you can also use it, although you probably have to “fight” with the children of the house to be dropped off.

If your goal is to avoid using other vehicles, it is possible that the benefits will fall short over time. 

Especially because the power stays just on the slopes if the driver is around the maximum weight. Even so, for short trips that conform to the technical characteristics, the operation is correct.

In this HomCom the driving is similar to that of a motorcycle, that is, turning the fist. And the brake is a bicycle type, with a handle that you instinctively tighten when you need it.

The folding is comfortable and simple, but you must remove the seat beforehand. 

If you simply want to leave it parked without folding, you have a kickstand or trestle that balances the scooter in stationary.

The material is made of steel, which surprisingly does not have too much impact on the weight . 10 kg is reasonable for a scooter with these characteristics.

In short: the HomCom is a great scooter for children … and a solution for adults who do not want to spend too much money. 

In addition, the possibility of attaching a saddle is always interesting because it allows you to personalize the experience. If the seat does not interest you too much. You have this other model with similar characteristics, although more focused on the children’s audience.


  • The price is very reasonable.
  • The saddle is removable, so you can use it only when you feel like it.
  • The handlebar, similar to that of a motorcycle, is very comfortable to use.
  • Both the handlebar and the saddle are adjustable height.


  • Slow loading, up to 8 hours.
  • It only holds 70 kg of weight.

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3 Best Electric Scooters hoverboard Review 2019- Best Electric Scooters without handlebars

SmartGyro X2

A very efficient hoverboard at a really tight price


We are facing a classic hoverboard that offers all the expected benefits … and some more. With two microsensors that capture movements naturally. 

The handling of this type of skates is intuitive and simple. Although it presupposes a small learning curve and a certain body balance.

Much of the fun is given by the LED lights on the back, to which LEDs indicative of battery and sensors are added. 

It combines two 350 W motors brushless technology. Which reduces noise and increases the duration of the device, with less maintenance.

It also includes the Smart Energy Saving system of automatic shutdown in case of inactivity and reserves the battery life of 36 V.

The Smartgyro X2 achieves a speed of up to 12 km/hour and has 6.5 “wheels with Puncture System Run -Flat.

With reinforcement on the sides and interior support. It is also protected against dust and water, thanks to its special sealing system.

The experience is completed thanks to the connectivity with the mobile. The SmartGyro APP allows controlling the skate, adjusting speed, power, direction sensitivity. In addition, to see information related to power, battery, location …

The icing on the cake is the stereo speakers, with which to listen to music via Bluetooth. The customization is completed thanks to the ten colors available in the market, ranging from flat or metallic color to the shield of your football team.

With a maximum weight of 120 kg and autonomy of three hours, the SmartGyro X2 is a device for children and adults. Combining fun with efficient transport and practical short distances.


  • Connectivity with the mobile
  • The variety of colors available to choose


  • The plastic is quite delicate, and it is easily grated. It is best to invest a little more in a protective case like this one.

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Hiboy (with optional seat)

A skateboard that you can turn into a kart for children to have a great time


As a hoverboard, the Hiboy is correct: 250W motor, speed up to 20 km / hour and maximum range of 20 km. 

In addition, it supports 100 kg of weight, so adults can climb without risk. It is a simple skateboard. Without big frills in the form of LEDs or Bluetooth speakers.

However, this pack includes a seat that transforms it into a mini kart, so that the possibilities of fun multiply. 

The seat attaches to the skateboard in a simple way, it has handles to handle it comfortably and a third wheel adjustable in distance, where the feet rest.

Riding the kart means that children become the kings of the park … and that parents are very serious about getting up, at least to try. 

By increasing the support points the handling is much simpler and safer because the passenger is almost at ground level. In return, the feeling of speed multiplies, so you have to control to not “pack”.

To complete the experience, the pack includes a helmet and a safety kit: elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. All in the children’s size and pink.

If all those extras do not interest you and you only look for the skateboard as is, you can also buy it here. 

But the truth is that because of the price difference we found the option of coupling the seat very interesting. A different way to enjoy your hoverboard and get the most out of it.


  • The seat type kart gives more options for fun.
  • The seat is compatible with other scooters, between 6.5 “and 8”.
  • It has LED lights in the front.


  • It does not have Bluetooth.
  • You will need extra space to store the seat, which occupies its own.

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Cool & Fun 6.5 “

A simple and reliable hoverboard, with the possibility of extras


When we look for an electric hoverboard we basically have two options:

  1. choose a simple model , that simply takes us from one place to another
  2. or look for one with mobile connectivity that allows us to program lights, connect the phone, put music on the speakers …

Cool & Fun we present belongs to the first category. Although we have a superior model – and of course more expensive – that does include those extras.

But for now let’s focus on maneuverability, which in the end we want to skateboard. 

This Cool & Fun is stable thanks to a servo control system that prevents the base from unbalancing even when stopped and controls the turns so that we can move in 360 °.

Driving, as in almost all scooters of this style, is very intuitive. A few minutes of testing (with help, if it’s the first time) and we’ll have caught the trick.

The internal mechanism consists of two 350 motors and one 4400 mAh lithium battery. 

It responds well on slopes up to 15 ° and has a range of about 15 km. These are normal figures for a basic range skateboard, more than enough for non-intensive use.

The chassis is strong and resistant, with interchangeable housings to personalize the appearance.

They are easily scratched, so the manufacturer gives the option to buy a separate silicone cover.  Something recommended if we move on land such as gravel, sand, puddles …

As for extras, it has LED lights under the base of the feet to light the way to the front, and little else. If you fall short in benefits, you have this model in a superior range.

And there you already find multicolor LEDs on the wheels and casing, Bluetooth speakers … Although you miss a mobile app, for the price that has the benefits are good.


  • Interchangeable housings
  • Luminous battery indicator.
  • Load in only two hours.


  • The simplest version does not have a Bluetooth connection.

Our Final Recommendations for Best Electric Scooters 2019

Best Cheap Electric Scooter:  HomCom

HomCom-patinete-plegable-Best Electric Scooters

An electric scooter with everything you need to drive for less than one hundred euros? And what about including the possibility of coupling a saddle? Yes, the HomCom is exactly what you are looking for.

It is one of the star gifts on birthdays and holidays. Because it allows you to look good without leaving your credit card in the attempt.

If the owner is going to be a child, it is perfect because it will be his playmate and he will be able to “mistreat” him in the park without fear of damaging him. It also does not weigh much, something parents will appreciate if they have to carry it.

If you are going to use an adult for short trips, we must recognize that the benefits are simple, but still will perfectly fulfill its purpose. 

The only thing you have to take into account is that it only holds 70 kg of weight. And that if those limits are going to be noticed in the speed and in which it will lose power in the slopes.

Of Course, there are scooters with more possibilities in the market … but not at this price. If you are not clear about the game that you can take to a scooter, this HomCom can be a good initiation skate.

Best Electric Scooter for Children:  Razor Power Core E90

3_razore90-Best Electric Scooters

We are facing one of the most sold motor scooters for children. And it does not surprise us at all.

With a robust and resistant structure. The Razor E90 is designed to withstand all the whiplash that a child can give, which surely is not small. 

Even if the long-lasting battery runs out, it can still be used in mechanical mode, so fun is guaranteed. 

And it does not require maintenance, so it will be available whenever it is needed.

The initial kick start can be a drawback in more powerful models, but it is perfect for young users, avoiding falls by acceleration from scratch.

It responds well in slightly irregular terrains, such as dirt tracks. And although there are other models that incorporate more technology.

The merit of the E90 is precisely in being simple and reliable. In addition, the number of spare parts available guarantees that this is a mini scooter designed to last.

You can not ask for more for a scooter clearly focused on children.

Best Electric Scooter for Adults:  Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

5_xiaomimijia-Best Electric Scooters

You’re going to see it out there as well as Xiaomi Mijia M365 but you do not get lost: it’s the same scooter.

This Xiaomi has been on the market for some time (since 2017) and does not get off the super sales list by chance. A minimalist design and resolution, a super easy folding, little weight, and some powerful technical features and results, with Bluetooth connectivity to personalize the driving … it is easy to explain why it is, by far, one of the most successful scooters.

To this, we add the price, very reasonable for a scooter that is almost high-end, and we already have our recommendation clear.

It’s a comfortable scooter to handle for a child, but you can tell it’s designed to offer more than just a toy. In fact, it is a means of urban transport designed to move easily through asphalt lands and you can combine it with other vehicles. The folding system facilitates that you can load it in metro, train, or bus.

You can park in standing thanks to a removable easel. It seems silly, but then you see scooters “lying” on the floor because they can not stand up. Once folded, it is stored in any corner and occupies the minimum.

With similar characteristics, it is advisable not to lose sight of the Cecotec Outsider E-volution, a new model in the market that promises a lot. 

But at the moment we are going to be conservative and recommend a more than a proven scooter. The Xiaomi My Scooter sure does not fail.

Best electric scooter hoverboard: SmartGyro X2


In addition to having everything expected in a hoverboard, the SmartGyro X2 has captivated us by the connectivity.

Which allows to synchronize this small scooter with the mobile and configure a lot of device settings: listen to music on the Bluetooth speakers, modify the maximum speed, control the location in Google Maps …

For that reason alone, it seems to us one of the most rounds and achieved electric scooters within its range.

But it is also that we can not lose sight of the fact that it is one of the most accomplished on the market. With brushless motor and a power that allows facing slopes without fear, when other devices fall by the wayside. 

The hard and hard battery, the wheels are anti-puncture and the LED lights guarantee the security if you go back home at night.

The people of SmartGyro (Spanish company, by the way) has made a great effort to innovate in this self-balancing scooter that lately sneaks into all the bestseller lists. 

And is that the quality is noted: valid for both children and adults, probably the latter are those who take full advantage of the possibilities and applications of the X2.

Scooter vs hoverboard What is what and what do I buy?

Scooter scooter vs. hoverboard

The two-wheeled electric scooter with handlebar is the lifelong scooter, but with a small built-in engine. Unlike the hoverboard, which resembles a skateboard or electric skateboard.

It does not carry self-balancing sensors, but it is driven with the handlebar, which forms a ninety-degree angle with the base where the feet rest.

For this reason, driving a scooter is simple and requires little effort. Although logically it is necessary to have a certain balance. It’s like riding a bike: it’s relatively easy, but not everyone knows or can do it. 

To help balance and reduce effort, you can always choose a model that includes saddle: total comfort.

The hoverboard, on the other hand, requires prior learning, although it is still simple. As a curiosity, they are called hoverboard because their aesthetic reminds the hovercraft of Back to the Future, although logically these do not float in the air. 

Its technology is based on the segway, which in theory was going to revolutionize urban transport but they have remained anecdote to rent on vacation. 

Probably the price has had a lot to do: a segway around six thousand euros, while a good quality hoverboard is around 300.

When opting for one or the other model, we must take into account the maximum speed. A hoverboard electric scooter usually reaches 10 km/hour, which is to be run without too much effort. 

If we are looking for a scooter for transport in medium distances, maybe that rhythm makes us too tired. If what you are looking for is a clean and alternative means of transport.

The obvious recommendation is that you look in the section of classic scooters. 

They run more (up to 40 km/hour) and, if you add saddle, it’s almost like a traditional motorcycle, and on top of that you save fuel.

It is also important to look at autonomy. As you calculate wrong the distance you want to travel with your hoverboard and you run out of battery, you will have to carry a dead weight that, in the best of cases, is around 10 kilos. The same thing will happen to you with a classic skate, which weighs even more, but at least you can push it.

For the rest, we dare not say that one model is better than the other. It basically depends on what you want it for and, above all, on which one is more comfortable and fun to use.

How to handle a hoverboard without killing yourself

Let’s face it: YouTube is full of falls with electric scooters. This does not necessarily mean that they are dangerous (it is also full of videos of accidents with bikes, normal skateboards, and crazy parkour) but rather that you have to be a little careful in their use.

As much as it is promoted that they are accessible to everyone, the harsh reality is that you need a minimum of balance, especially in hoverboards.

The hoverboard has two movement sensors that capture the inclination of your body in a very organic way: to turn we bend slightly to the right or left, to advance or break we lean backward or forwards.

The practice is quite simple, but it is best to start calmly: learn quietly, have a point of support nearby and connect the “safe mode” of your scooter, which prevents sudden turns. Do not embalm the first few times and, if possible, do not have a camera nearby.

Guide to buy your electric scooter

Once you know what type of electric two-wheel scooter you need, you must take into account a series of characteristics that will determine both the game you can get and the price. Why how to get a cheap electric scooter? Although the look is similar, there are brutal price differences between one model and another.

Logically, this is influenced by the quality of the components, the type of battery, the engine … but also a series of extras such as mobile connectivity that are not worth it if you are not going to use it. So we have to be very clear about what benefits seem really interesting to us.

Main characteristics to keep in mind

The engine (W)

The most common and cheapest motor uses brushes to make the polarity change in the rotor. In contrast, we have brushless or brushless motors, which do not generate friction cause the engine to wear less, which is noted in the duration of the mechanism, power and also in lower consumption. In return, a brushless motor is significantly more expensive than the other version.

When deciding between one engine or another, it is also important to consider the watts of the battery. Obviously, the more, the better. The power is noticeable not only in the maximum speed but in the acceleration capacity, which will suit us very well when starting the scooter and will also allow us to react better to an unforeseen event on the road.

Autonomy (V)

Something to take into account, especially if we choose a heavy electric scooter, which is usually more stable but will give us problems if we run out of battery en route. As a general rule, lithium batteries allow more autonomy, basically because they weigh less and therefore allow more power to be used.

In any case, any information provided by the manufacturer is approximate, because it is a data that varies depending on the average speed, the terrain conditions and the weight of the driver. When taking references and getting an idea of ​​how long the battery will last, volts are the measure to take into account.

The wheels

The most common are those of 6.5 “, more than enough for daily use and not intensive, but there are also wider ones. The larger, more able to absorb bumps and assume uneven ground. It also improves adhesion, something that you have to look at if you live in a climate where it usually rains.

There are also all-terrain electric scooters, which include special wheels. It also does not mean that you can start hiking with them unless you have adapted the structure very well, but you can get into terrains a little more irregular than normal, such as dirt tracks.

The maximum weight supported

It is basically the scale that tells us if we are facing a scooter for children or adults. In general, the manufacturer’s recommendations may stretch a bit, but in the end, that affects the life of the device. That is if you weigh eighty kilos you can “steal” the skate from the child for a while, but if you take the taste, you better buy one designed for your own size.

The seat

Most models do not have it, although some allow external coupling. If sitting down is important to you, make sure that the seat is comfortable and that the scooter has some kind of suspension, or the smaller pothole will become a torture. There are models that do incorporate a saddle, which can be fixed or removed according to the occasion.


Most electric scooter with handlebar can be folded, but not all: some require disassembling the kickstand to be stored, for example, in a trunk. If you intend to transport your mini scooter is a factor to be taken into account.

See also how long it takes to fold it and how much it takes once it’s done, to have a comfortable place to store it at home or in the office; and also the weight, because no matter how folded it is, if there are stairs you will have to load it with your own strength until you leave it “parked”

Legislation and permits


Buying an electric scooter is legal in Spain and a special driving license is not necessary, but its use may be regulated.

In general, the driver of a scooter is equated to a pedestrian and must, therefore, drive on the sidewalk at low speed.

However, in many cities, the use of different types of scooter starts to be a problem. Especially in tourist areas, wherein high season, it is difficult to walk, dodging scooters, skateboards, bikes, segways for rent, rickshaws …

Cities such as Barcelona already contemplate in their municipal regulations the use of scooters and hoverboards, equating it with a bicycle, so it must circulate in the bike lane and meet the passing preferences. At the moment the helmet is not obligatory (although it is recommended) neither the insurance of civil responsibility, although of course, it does not spare to be covered in case of accident or outrage.

Conclusion-Best Electric Scooters

Making the decision to acquire an electric scooter is simpler than it seems, as long as we know a little about the technical aspect of each team, the functionalities of the different models and know what we want to obtain.

There are of all types, light and heavy, made for transfers and obstacles or for indoor walks, modern and classic. Take into account all the elements to select the perfect equipment and, in case of doubt leave us a comment. We are here to help you.

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