Looking for the best electric shaver for men? Check out the list of top electric razors for men on the market now. Let’s start now step by step.

Your face is the first thing people notice when they know you. It is important to keep your face well groomed. Even if you are trying to grow a beard, which is very elegant at this time, you will need a toilet system that keeps everything trimmed.

You would be a wild grizzly or a trendsetter with style, and it all comes down to the shaver you choose. There was a survey conducted by the International Dermal Institute on skin problems. He reported that 79% of men have skin problems.

Those skin problems were related to shaving, but men did not always relate those problems to their razor. The best electric shaver is one that will have characteristics such as rotating heads and contour recognition.

When the shaver is not directly attached to the face on contours and angles, more than one pass is required. When you shave an area more than once or twice, you will end up with shaving burns and severe irritation.

These are the skin problems that many men face on a daily basis. It can be relieved with a better electric shaver in your grooming kit.

Top 10 Electric Shaver Comparison Table


Shaver ModelTypeRun TimePrice
Braun Series 7 790cc
Editor’s Choice
Foil50 MinCheck Price
Philips Norelco S8950/90Rotary50 MinCheck Price
Braun series 9 9290ccFoil50 MinCheck Price
Philips AT830/46Rotary50 MinCheck Price
Panasonic ES8103S Arc3Foil42 MinCheck Price
Braun Series 3 ProSkinFoil45 MinCheck Price
Philips Norelco S9721/89Rotary60 MinCheck Price
Panasonic ES8243A Arc4Foil45 MinCheck Price
Braun Series 5 5190ccFoil50 MinCheck Price
Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5Foil45 MinCheck Price

Best Electric Shaver Reviews For 2019

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

The Braun Series 7 is a razor that is considered “smart” enough to adapt the length of your beard. Capture more hair in one blow than other razors. It is considered powerful, however, gentle to the skin.

Key features

Sonic and Autosense technology: micro vibrations are the speed at which the blades move in your shaver. For this shaver, vibrations are rated at 10,000 per minute. The hair is captured with auto sense technology. It is how the shaver can adapt to the length and density of the hair.

Once the razor has detected the hair and pulled it on the foil, the blades cut them cleanly. 8D Adaptation of the contour: the flexible head will move in 8 directions. The elements float to adapt to the smooth curves of the face. Help reach hard-to-reach areas, such as the jawline.

The angle of the cheekbones and around the nose are also difficult areas to shave. When you can get to those areas, you will spend less time making retouching. Braun Series 7- 790cc 100% waterproof: it is easy to clean this shaver because it is waterproof.

The waterproof nature of this shaver means that it can be rinsed with running water. The cream and hair do not obstruct the shaver, and you will always have a shave in a hurry. It is submersible up to 5 meters, so you can also take it to the shower to shave in the wet.

Cleaning and loading station: quick cleanings can be done under the key, but this shaver has a charging and cleaning station. It is an alcohol-based cleanser that really disinfects your razor. It will remove dead skin, hair and dirt that may accumulate over time.

When the shaver is cleaned properly, the blades will last longer. 4 Shaving elements: As mentioned above, shaving elements can capture more hair at one stroke than others. This is according to a study conducted by the IPI Research Institute that tested the razor in 3-day beards. The test was conducted in 2015.

My Impression

Braun Series 7- 790cc is a great shaver for those who want one that reads and fits the length of their beard. It has an innovative technology that captures flat hairs with the ActiveLift Trimmer.

The trimmer works by pulling the hairs in one direction to facilitate cutting. It is like a guide to the hairs to make sure they are oriented in the same direction to cut them correctly.

There are some speed modes for this shaver. It will give you a softer shave or a more powerful shave. All you have to do is press a button to access the alternative speeds. There are 5 speeds from slow to high.

The slow speed is ideal for sensitive skin. The high speed works for those men who need to run quickly out of the house. The average is the speed that most men will use.

This is a great foil shaver with a variety of speeds and technology that make possible a close shave. You will have to shave with the hair grain from top to bottom. It will give you a more precise shave in certain areas, such as around the sideburns.

  • The shaver works fairly quiet, so it will not wake everyone up in the house while shaving
  • It is comfortable in the hand and will not slip.
  • Provides a close, dry shave.
  • The charging station keeps the shaver disinfected and the blades remain sharp for longer
  • Slim profile for areas where you need a precise shave
  • Oil shavers work best for fine hair
  • The loading and cleaning system requires a special solution.

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90

The 8900 is a wet and dry razor with a click-beard modeler. The blades of the 8900 are V-Track Precision, which is shortened by 30 percent more than other razors. The product has perfection in every step. It will remove more hair and it will get closer, so it will end up with less irritation and shaving burns.

Key features

Contour detection: this technology allows each shaving head to move separately from the next. It will follow the curves of your face from the sharp cheekbones to the jaw at an angle.

When the shaver detects the shape of your face as it moves, it will remain in close and complete contact with the skin. This will ensure that the mustache patches are not lost.

V-Track precision blades: the blades lift the hair in the correct position for cutting. When the hair is lifted and cut close to the skin, you get a better shave. Flat hairs can be difficult to cut because most shavers overlook them. That will not happen with the precision blades.

The blades are also self-sharpening, so they will last longer. Norelco 8900 LED display: the screen will give you many details about your shaver. You will not have to guess when it is time for a charge. The LED display on the handle will show a low battery and when a new shaving head is required.

It will also notify you that the trip lock is activated. SmartClick Beard Styler: for those days when you do not want to shave, you can use the beard trimmer. It is a styler that will trim your growing beard.

You can use it to shave and trim around any facial hair like a goatee or a mustache. There are 5 lengths in the trimmer. There is a comb with rounded tips to capture the hair. Rounded tips mean there will be less skin irritation.

SmartClean system: hair and shaving gel can get clogged in the shaver. It needs to be cleaned properly regularly. That can be done with this cleaning system.

You add a special solution to the cleaner and do all the work for you. The SmartClean system loads and cleans. After cleaning the shaver with the double filtration system, the shaver is lubricated. Once you have completed the cleaning and lubrication cycle, you will charge the razor for your next use.

My impression

The 8900 is a shaving system that has “perfection in every step”. That’s what you’ll get with this shaver. It also has many accessories, so you get a complete shaving system without the need for additional purchases.

There is a beard modeler, a cleaning system and a travel case. You can also take this with you on vacation or work trips. It is a great versatile shaver that can give you a smooth and dry shave quickly.

You will not have to spend a lot of time with this shaver to get a good shave. It’s a quick way to get out the door first. The best part of this shaver is the fact that it has independent shaving heads.

They will move by the contours of your face. Your face may look like a smooth surface, but there are angles and drops around the cheeks. The jaw and neck are where most men have a problem.

The heads of the shaver in the 8900 will face those wild hairs without causing burns or blows.

  • This is a fast-charging razor that can last for weeks with a charge
  • The SmartClean system does all the work for you
  • It comes with excellent accessories such as the trimmer and the convenient travel case
  • Dry / wet shaver with Aquatec technology
  • 8-way rotating heads
  • The charging/cleaning station requires purchased refills of the cleaning solution
  • The rotating heads are quite large for some faces.

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Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Shaver

This is an aluminum shaver with 5 shaving elements to give you a close shave and protect your skin. The company calls this is their number 1 shaver and with good reason.

This 9290 cc electric shaver is an excellent travel shaver that will provide fast shaving for a long time.

Key features

Wet and dry system: a wet / dry system means that you can use this shaver with foam or cream for a smoother shave.

It’s great for the shower, too. You will reduce your grooming routine in the morning when you can shave in the shower. It is easy to clean this wet / dry shave with a quick rinse under the tap.

Wireless shaving 50 min. With shaving wet or dry, you have the possibility to choose the perfect shaving method every day. You can save this in the car to shave on the road.

You can also take on vacation without all the accessories. A simple and complete charge will give you a total of 50 minutes of wireless shaving. Braun 9 9290cc Series Cleaning and loading station: with the wet / dry combination, you can rinse with running water.

It is important to disinfect the charger at least once a week. The cleaning station makes maintenance very easy. All you have to do is add the shaving unit to the base, and it will clean, lubricate and charge the shaver.

Contour 10D: the 5 shaving elements are separated, so you can easily shave the varied planes of your face. The blades move in 10 directions to adapt to angles and curves.

Instead of losing patches of whiskers because the shaver has risen, it will stay flush with the skin. This is perfect for the cheeks and the angle of the jaw and neck.

My impression

Most razors are designed for fine, short or sparse hair. It is used with the grain of the hair to give a smooth shave each time. This blade shaver has specialized trimmers and shaving elements that create 10,000 micro vibrations.

It will shave your thickest hair. The trimmers will lift and direct the flattest hairs so that each of them can be cut evenly. This waterproof shaver is perfect for showering.

When the hair has absorbed moisture, it is easier to cut. That will lead to better shaves without irritation. The additional cutters will take care of the white and twisted hairs that can also get into your beard.

When you can bathe and shave at the same time, give him a close shave and give him extra time in the morning. There are 5 shaving elements on this razor blade.

There are 4 cutting elements covered with a SkinGuard to ensure the smoothest possible shave. The head of this razor has a thin profile that allows it to obtain the upper lip area. It will focus on areas such as below the jaw and neck to give you a close shave without inflammation or pain.

  • The 5 shaving elements capture more hair and shave gently without irritation
  • Trimmers and intelligent technology detect the direction of the hair.
  • The 5-stock loading and cleaning station disinfects the shaver
  • 50 minutes of wireless shaving
  • 100% waterproof
  • The LED dial on the shaver handle does not indicate how dirty the shaver is
  • Cleaning station needs a special solution.

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Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor

This is the Panasonic Arc5 with a 5-blade shaving system. It is an aluminum razor that offers 14,000 cuts per minute through a blade. That’s thousands of cuts on the 5 blades of this shaver.

It has a sensor that measures the length of the hair to ensure that you also get the smoothest shave possible.

Key features

Shaving sensor: The sensor will detect a change in length when shaving. In areas where there is more density, the shaver will detect it and adjust the speed of the blades.

It will become softer or faster depending on the thickness of your whiskers. Patterns of micro-laminae: there are three thin sheets that hold and lift the hair to obtain the closest shave without losing areas.

With this foil pattern, the unruly hair that lies flat and defies most shavers will rise and cut. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Loading and cleaning station: keeping the razor clean will prolong the life of the blades.

It will also give you a shave every time you use it. This cleaning and charging station uses a solution that cleans, lubricates and dries the razor. Once the cycle is complete, you will charge the shaver for you.

Wet / dry technology: when you’re in a hurry, there’s nothing easier than taking your shaver to the shower to combine two activities. It also saves time when you do not want to dry your shave.

High CPM: cuts per minute must be fast for your razor. It will give you a comfortable shave while you get as close to the skin as possible. The cycles per minute, or CPM, for this shaver are 14,000. It’s a really impressive amount when most shavers are only 10,000.

My impression

The Arc5 is a natural fit for the hand without the feeling that it could slip out of your grip. This is important when shaving over the sink with gel or foam.

You do not want to drop the shaver in the sink and break it. The emergent shaving trimmer makes this a shaving system that is also a complete toilet system.

You will always look better with minimal effort. You will not need additional accessories to trim the mustache or sideburns. In the long run, that will save you money and time.

Instead of having to place a trimmer, it will be easy to flip and use. It will never be lost, either. This shaving system has a cleaning and charging station.

The alcohol-based solution washes and disinfects the shaver to obtain the cleanest possible shaving device. Once it is clean, the station will actually lubricate the shaver before drying.

Once the station cycle is complete, it will charge your razor for your next use. All these actions are those that you do not have to perform. They can happen while you’re at work or hanging out with friends. The next morning, it will be like having a new razor.

  • Wet/dry technology makes it easy to use this razor anywhere convenient and fast
  • There is a loading and cleaning station with this shaver.
  • There is an AC adapter and travel case included
  • 8-way comfort head
  • The automatic detection engine works on all types of beards
  • The head of the shaver is not as thin as some of the other models. It can be difficult to enter the space above the upper lip.

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Braun Series 5 5090cc

This Braun electric shaver is the official NFL shaver. Difficult guys who do hard work should also have a razor that treats their skin gently. The flexible head moves in different directions to ensure it is always in contact with your skin.

Key features

Wet/dry technology: a wet/dry shaver with foam can be used for a smoother, less irritating shave. It can also be taken in the shower. Water fills the hairs and makes them easier to cut.

This electric shaver is completely waterproof. Cleaning and loading station: the cleaning station will remove all the hair and the foam that accumulates in the shaver.

A clean shaver works better than one that is clogged with hair and dead skin. The cleaning station of this shaver can also be used as a charger. Braun series 5 8-way comfort head: for a good shave, the blades must have constant contact with the skin.

This ensures that you do not have to make more than one pass to get a clean shave. The comfort head moves in 8 directions to always stay in contact. ActiLift Trimmer: the middle part of the shaver has an ActiLift Trimmer. This area raises hair of different lengths.

Flat hairs are difficult to shave, so it is important to get a smooth shave without lost areas. Automatic detection motor: the motor of this aluminum foil shaver will read your whiskers as you shave. It will adapt to the length and thickness of your beard to ensure a comfortable shave.

My impression

The Braun 5 series is a shaver that will give you a great shave every time you use it. The loading and cleaning unit will keep it in the best possible conditions for a long time.

When you do not use a cleaning station, the hair, skin cells and foam will settle on the razor blade that shuts off the blades over time. That will not happen with this shaver.

There are a lot of accessories and additional features with this shaver to make an excellent purchase that offers you more benefits for your money. There is a precision trimmer, lithium-ion battery and SensoFoil blades.

The ActiLift Trimmer is an essential type of feature that should be in all shavers. Guide the hairs of different lengths to stand in the same direction.

Once they are standing in the same direction, the blade captures them and the blades cut them cleanly from the face. All these features work together quickly and smoothly to give you a smooth shave that will be the softest you’ve ever had.

  • The shaver is 100% waterproof and can be submerged up to 5 m.
  • It has a long battery life, so you can take this on vacation with you.
  • The 8-D comfort head, auto-sensing motor and aluminum blades work together to provide the closest possible shave without irritation.
  • The trimmer will guide the hairs towards the blade for a precise cut
  • The on / off button can be accidentally touched while shaving. It is a design flaw that customers should keep in mind when they buy

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S9721/89

A rotary shaver like the 9700 has some of the most advanced technologies available in electric razors. The heads move in multiple directions independently of those next to them.

This will give you a closer shave in angled or hard-to-reach areas. The chin, cheeks and jaw line can be difficult when the shaver has no moving heads.

Key features

Contour detection technology: each head of the rotary shaver moves in 8 directions. With that type of contour, the head will detect when the face is tilted and will move to stay in contact with the skin. You will not have lost points with this technology.

V-Track Precision Blades PRO: all your hair does not grow with the same length. There will be some short hairs and other long hairs. Even if they were shaved for the last time together. The V-Track precision blades capture each hair to cut.

It does not matter if it is long or short. Philips Norelco 9700 Accessory for the cleaning brush: there is a cleaning brush for the face that adheres to the outside of the shaver.

This gives you a dual purpose device that can clean your face before shaving. It will help to remove oil from the skin with your deep cleaning brush. Varied speeds: the shaver has a variety of speeds.

There is a slow slow speed that is friendly to all skin types, especially sensitive skin. The shaver has an average speed for a shave that is more complete.

The high speed is for a quick pass before going out the door. SmartClean PLUS: as a base, the SmartClean system will be cleaned with a non-alcoholic system. Lubricate and dry the shaver for its next use. Best of all, the base does all these things while you load your shaver.

My impression

There is so much to be impressed with this shaver. It has the precision blades for a close shave that will not irritate the skin. There are custom speed settings, so you can get the shave that works for your skin type.

You no longer worry about ending up with missing patches around your jaw or neck, as it will detect the contours of your face. As for the accessories, there is a SmartClick precision trimmer.

The accessories are what make any razor a complete toilet system instead of just a shaver. The trimmer can clean the sideburns, the edges of your mustache or knob and the back of the neck. It also has a unique addition to the SmartClick facial cleansing brush.

He will wash his face to remove dirt and oil that could prevent him from shaving properly. The personal comfort setting allows you to customize the speed of the shaver. There is a delicate and sensitive environment that works for people who are prone to irritation and razor burn.

The normal setting is good for daily shaves. The quick setup works quickly to save time when you are late.

  • SmartClean system for disinfection together with cleaning cartridges
  • Personal adjustments to personalize your shave.
  • V-Track Precision Blades PRO for varied hair lengths
  • Contour detection to move in the direction of your face.
  • The cleaning solution can be tipped over if you do not have the cleaning unit on a stable surface

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Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor for Men

The thin head of this Panasonic blade shaver has 4 blades for precise and close shaving. It has wet/dry technology for convenient shaving routines. It will take you out of the house faster than other razors.

Jump into the shower and bring this thin razor with you. It has a pivoting head and a high performance motor. That energy will last from the moment you leave the charger until you need to recharge.

Key features

Pivoting shaver head: the head of the shaver moves in a way that ensures you get coverage without losing points. The heads move from side to side, as well as up and down.

This allows you to closely follow the contours of your face. Arc4 shaving system: the system consists of a stainless steel arc blade that lifts and captures the hairs to be cut. Once the blade has the hairs in place, the 4 blades do their job.

It is a comfortable shaving system that is deepened for a smooth shave. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Dry / wet shaver: dry / wet technology makes shaving with this razor incredibly convenient in different ways.

It will allow you to easily wash the hair and shaving cream from the blades by placing them under the tap. The shaver can also be taken to the shower with you for a quick preparation.

Nanotechnology sheets: stainless steel blades have a 30-degree angle to provide precise and sharp cuts. The hair is lifted and the forged blades drag the hair towards the surface of the skin.

The blades are hypoallergenic and do not cause severe rashes or ingrown hairs. Emergent trimmer: this shaver is more like a complete toilet system. It has a trimmer that works on the mustache and sideburns. You can also easily take care of your own cut on the back of your neck between the haircuts.

My impression

This blade shaver is an excellent toilet system with all the features you might need. The swivel heads and sharp blades will give you an incredibly close shave. The razor trimmer that emerges together with the high performance motor makes this an outstanding system.

The shaver can be used in a humid or dry environment. You can decide what type of shaving you want to have each day depending on your mood. Some days, you want to enjoy a quick-drying shave, so you can get out the door quickly.

Other days, you may want to enjoy a wet shave with your favorite shaving gel. The shaver has an illuminated screen that gives you all kinds of information. There is a 5 stage indicator that will let you know when it is time to charge the shaving device.

There is a reminder of when it is time to replace the blades or blade. It will give you a shaver timer so you know how many minutes you have used from the battery life that day. It is easier to keep track of the condition of your shaver with this screen.

  • The rotating head will tilt and move along the cheeks, jaw and chin.
  • The shaving system has hypoallergenic blades that work on the most sensitive faces
  • You can use this shaver in the shower for quick preparation.
  • It should be used on hair that is not too long. It can be pulled when you try to use this on longer hair.

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Braun Electric Shaver Series 3 ProSkin 3040

This is a foil shaver from the very famous Braun company. It has all the technology that the company has been famous for over the years.

It has an intermediate cutter, Proskin technology, a triple action cutting system and SensoFoil 2x. The blade is perfect for sensitive skin, as it will not cause a rash or a shave.

Key features

MicroComb technology: the central part of the shaver has a ProSkin MicroComb that traps hair and smoothes it.

This allows the hair to be picked up in one direction to be cut. It results in a faster shave and fewer passes on the skin. Shaving dry/wet: series 3 is waterproof, so you can use it with cream or shaving gel.

You can also take this in the shower for a quicker preparation in the morning. It’s will help you out the door faster. It is easier to clean when you can also rinse it under the tap.

It is 100% waterproof. Braun series 3 Intelligent design: the slim design with multiple shaving heads moves as needed through the skin.

It is able to easily enter the space under the nose, as well as around the jaw. The thin profile can be worn around beards, knobs, whiskers and the back of the neck.

Powerful Premium Battery: the NiMH battery charges very quickly. In an hour, you can have a razor that will give you 45 minutes of wireless shaving. There is also a mode for a quick charge of 5 in case you need a quick shave.

My impression

My favorite part of this waterproof shaver is the fact that it behaves almost like a rotary shaver. The fine shaving heads will turn to follow the curve of the face and will come very close to the nose.

It will work on fine hairs that might not be picked up by other shavers, too. There are many excellent features, such as the wet/dry nature of the shaver and the powerful battery.

That is important if you want to take this on vacation or on your next work trip. You do not have to worry about the voltage at your destination. Charge it before leaving home and throw it in your toilet kit.

MicroComb technology has some advantages in terms of shaving. It will pick up flat hairs that can withstand your shaving efforts. You can introduce hairs of different heights into the blade to cut.

This will result in less frustration and less will go through the skin. Your face will not be irritated and neither will you.

  • MicroComb Technology to cut all the hair.
  • Soft foils to help avoid shaving burns
  • Triple action cutting system for a closer shave.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Powerful Ni-MH batteries
  • The blade and the shaving heads can be difficult to reassemble if they disarm

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Philips Norelco AT830/46 Shaver

The Norelco 4500 has precision heads that capture and cut long and short hairs. It will lift flat hairs to ensure you have the cleanest and smoothest shave possible.

It has technology such as Aquatec, DualPrecision and the Pivot, Flex and Float systems. If you are looking for a good offer for less than $ 100, then this shaver is one of the perfect products you can look for.

Key features

Pivot heads: each head of the shaver has the system of pivot, bending and float. It helps the head to stay in contact with the skin. There are several planes and angles on a man’s face, from the cheekbones to the line of the jaw and neck.

A quick shave can be gentle while providing a smooth, closed shave. Detailed trimming: the pop-up trimmer helps fix your facial hair when you want to grow a beard.

It will help to shape the sideburns or trim the whiskers. With this trimmer, you can also tackle the hairs on the back of the neck between the haircuts. Philips Norelco 4500 DualPrecision: the shaving system has low friction heads to protect the skin.

They are rounded and will help when the hair is lifted and cut below the level of the skin. It works with short stubble and long hair. Both are problematic when shaving.

Leaving patches of whiskers behind when shaving means you will have to make repeated passes over the same area. That can lead to shaving burns. Aquatec technology: shaving in the shower will reduce the time of your busy morning.

It will allow you to foam, shave and rinse without having to settle in the sink. The Aquatec technology makes it possible. The shaver case is sealed against moisture. 50-minute charge: charging the razor for one hour provides 50 minutes of use.

When it only takes a few minutes to shave every day, you will get weeks of use of a single charge. This makes it a great travel shaver for vacations or work trips.

My impression

There is much to love about this shaver. It is a rotary shaver with three separate heads that have DualPrecision blades. There is not only one head and one blade. You will get a shave that is narrower than you expected.

The DualPrecision function actually lifts the hair so that it is cut evenly. The hairs that remain flat are not immune to the blades of this shaver. There is a charge and battery LED indicator in the case of this shaver.

You will be charged for 50 minutes of shaving time, or you can make a quick charge for just one shave. There is an adaptability that will make your mornings much easier.

It is a great feature for men who travel for work or vacations. You do not have to worry about the voltage of destiny. It’s easy to throw this in your luggage without bulky accessories.

There are a lot of accessories for this wet / dry shaver. It’s like having a complete toilet system in one purchase. There is a pop-up trimmer for your sideburns, mustache and the area around a beard or goatee.

It is also a great addition to the area on the back of the neck that may need cuts between haircuts.

  • The DualPrecision system lifts the hair and holds it for the cutting blades
  • It will cause less irritation and there will be no shaving burns.
  • The system works on long and short hair. Each follicle grows at a different rate, so it is likely that you need a system that covers all lengths
  • AquaTec Seal for dry/wet shaving
  • The Pivot, Flex, and Float system allows the shaving heads to move with the contours of the face.
  • This shaver cannot be connected and used while it is being charged
  • There is no docking station

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Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Foil Wet/Dry Shaver

The Arc3 is a blade shaver that can work in a wet or dry situation. It depends on the needs of the user. This type of versatility makes it an exceptional razor for many men. It has a three-blade shaving system.

Key features

Pivoting shaving head: Panasonic’s shaver blade has flexible electric shaving heads. The movement of the heads will follow the contour of your face. This gives you a quick shave that does not need many passes to make it smooth and clean.

High-performance linear motor: the motor of this powerful shaver offers more cuts per minute than many other shavers of its type. Behind the blades, there are blades that work side by side to cut the ones that are captured with the blade.

There are 13,000 cuts per minute with this shaver. It will remain at that maximum performance even when the battery runs out. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 30-degree nanotechnology sheets: the 30-degree Nano blades are made of stainless steel.

They are also hypoallergenic. You will have less irritation and burns from the blades on your sensitive skin. That’s important when you’re delivering 13,000 cuts per minute. You do not want those cuts that cause skin irritation.

Dry / wet shaver: the option of using this shaver in the shower or dry face will save you time and trouble. Some days you will want to take this to the shower to shave quickly. Other days, you may need a quick, dry shave when you walk out the door.

The dual nature of this shaver means that you can customize your morning routine to suit your time constraints. Digital display: the LCD screen will indicate the battery level and cleaning reminders. There is also a sonic cleaning mode that will indicate on the screen. Cleaning your razor is what keeps the blades sharp for a long period of time.

My impression

This electric shaver blade has some really great features. It has a turbo mode that rinses the blades while running under a tap. The sonic vibration mode makes the razor cleaner.

It is a great feature for those who have a problem with sensitive skin. Leaving hair or foam in the shaver can cause skin problems. You will never get a bad reaction from this razor.

The emergent toilet trimmer is a great added attraction for this aluminum shaver. You may want to grow your beard or mustache. This will keep your facial hair trimmed and clean, even when a beard is growing.

You can apply the trimmer to areas that need precision, such as around a knob or on the back of the neck, between cuts of hair. The shaver has a linear motor that can relieve the pull and traction that are common in shavers. Passing the shaver across the face will not cause pain.

There will also be no pain from the repeated passes of the razor on the sensitive skin of the face. This razor will cost you more than $ 50, but if you are looking for some economical models of electric razors, you can check out this article: The best electric razors under $ 50

  • The flexible rotating head is close to being rotatable in terms of movement
  • You can easily follow the contours of your face even along the line of the jaw.
  • The linear motor eliminates painful shaves.
  • The stainless steel blades last longer
  • 100% waterproof
  • Pop-up window trimmer
  • LCD screen for cleaning and charging.
  • The vibrations of this knife can be a little noisy and intense.

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Types of Electric Shaver

Rotary Shaver

This type of shaver works for men with thick facial hair that grows in different directions. It will follow the angle of the face as opposed to the blade option.

A rotary shaver has three or four heads that will lift the hair until it is standing before cutting. The shaver is used by men who do not want to shave every day. It moves in a circular motion that is not affected by the planes and angles of the face.

Foil Shaver

The foil shaver works better than a rotary in certain situations. It will depend on the skin of the shaver and the density of your hair. Shaver’s have a thin coating that covers the shaving blades that oscillate. It’s like an oscillating fan that blows air from one side to the other.

The blades move back and forth behind the blade to cut the hair. The blade lifts the hair and the blades are cut. Those with sensitive skin and thinner hair will find that the blade could be a better option than the rotary shaver. The aluminum shaver works in an up and down movement.

It can not approach certain areas and does not work in a circular motion. It is good for precise shaving. Read the complete guide to the shaver here.

Both the shaver (laminar and rotary) have some differences and similarities. If you have a clear idea about this, you will definitely not make any mistakes when making the purchase.

History of the Shaver

The first electric shaver patent was filed by John F. O’Rouke in 1898. The patent did not give much for O’Rouke. Colonel Jacob Schick patented an electric shaver in 1930.

Schick was recovering from an injury and could not find time to shave in the traditional way of those times. He made plans for an electric shaver that worked with a large external motor.

The manufacturers he contacted thought his idea was too bulky for production. After returning to the army during the First World War, he was inspired by weapons.

This helped him redesign his electric shaver plans. It would include a part of the razor that could be replaced without touching the blades. He started a company called Magazine Repeating Razor that bears the name of the one he invented.

Eventually, it became known as Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. The rotating electric shaver was invented by Professor Alexandre Horowitz who worked at Philips Laboratories in the Netherlands. Braun was also one of the first to adopt the electric shaver.

They developed many advances in the industry with more than 100 patents for innovations in the dry razor market. Battery razors became popular in the 1960s. Now, they are available with lithium-ion options that last much longer with a charge. This has allowed the razors to become wet and dry, too.

Buying Guide to the Shaver That’s Right for You

The Right Kind of Shaver

When buying a shaver, it is important to determine what features will be useful to you. The razor you choose will rub against your face every day. It should not cause irritation or a rash.

Determine if you have heavy growth that is coarse. That will require a rotary shaver, while a light grower might need an electric razor. The correct shaver will also have all the right features. If you travel, you will want one with a good battery and a travel case.

Consider your needs while researching to find the best electric shaver. The correct shaver will be the best for your face, skin type and situation.

Quiet, High-Speed Motor

Nobody wants a motor that makes noise when they shave. It will wake the whole house when you are shaving early. A quiet, high-speed motor will make it easier to carry this shaver for emergency shaves.

If you have a long trip in the morning, you could be shaving in the car during heavy traffic. You do not want a strong shaver that blocks the radio or external noises. I would also give you some funny looks from other travelers.

The motor must be high speed but low enough so that it is not very annoying.

Ergonomic Design

Holding your razor in a wet hand requires an ergonomic design that does not slip. It should feel natural in your hand every time you use it. It must have a shape that fits the hand, but it also has other characteristics. The angle of the shaving head makes a big difference in how you feel.

The weight of the handle has a great influence on the way you feel in your hand. You will shave in a circular motion with a rotating head. It should be easy to manipulate comfortably around the angles and curves of the face.

Easy to Use

Your razor should be easy to use. Once you have loaded it, you should be able to gently shave the face, trim the sideburns and clean it once you are finished. It should not require a ton of maintenance time or money to use the shaver.

Long Battery Life

The duration of the load is vital for the shaving you will get. I could stop working in the middle of your shaving. Most shavers do not have the ability to shave while they are being charged. It is a nuisance to spend half of the shave and have the electric version die. You will have to fight to find an old manual or a safety razor to finish the job.

A shaver without a long-lasting battery can not be easily carried on a trip with you. You will need the charging and cleaning station for the trip. That requires a lot of space when you have to pack in your luggage.

Wet/Dry Shaving

Wet / dry shavers can be used with shaving cream or taken to the shower. It will depend on your rating and what the manufacturer recommends. When you can take your razor to the shower, you are cutting out precious minutes from your morning routine. You can leave the house much faster.

With the option of wet or dry, every day you decide what type of shave you want. You may need a quick shave in the car on the way to work. Some mornings you want to take your time and shave during a hot shower. The warm water and shaving cream will ensure a smooth skin and a closer shave when finished.

The wet / dry shaver offers many options for the type of morning shave you want.

Charging Station that Cleans

You will want to find an electric shaver that can work in wet or dry conditions that comes with a charging station and a cleaner. While some models can be rinsed, others need additional cleaning that comes from a machine.

It can be difficult to rinse all the hair and the cream or gel you use to shave. The cleaning station will shake all the hair and cream from the inside of the blades without having to dismantle it. That will save you a lot of time each day, since you do not have to clean the shaver.

Pivoting Head

Whether it’s a wet or dry razor, the rotating head is what gives you a closer shave. You do not have to go through a part of your skin that you had previously done.

This leads to less shaving and shock burns. It can be incredibly irritating to shave the same place more than once. In some shavers, repeated attempts are required to get rid of the hair completely. The pivoting head will approach the skin even in angled and curved areas.

The jaw and cheekbones are not flat surfaces. The rotating heads will move with the surface of the skin as it curves and angles. They are one of the most important features that will give you a smooth shave.

Budget Concerns

The price of the shaver should fit your budget and also have the functions you need. That is why it is so important to find out the characteristics you need within a certain amount of money.

You will need to spend a little more to get a great shaver, but you do not have to break your wallet. In fact, you will save money when you do not have to buy bad razors every week.

Specialized Shavers for Your Needs

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you will want a razor that will not rub or irritate. You should lift the hair and fit it in place to cut it. The 7 790cc series from Braun is a great shaver for all your sensitive skin needs.

The ActiveLift Trimmer captures even hairs that are flat and impossible with other shavers. It has a powerful motor that provides 10,000 micro vibrations.

Black Men

Those with a dark complexion and thick curly hair may find it more difficult to find a shaver that works well. The 9 9290cc series from Braun will give a shave close to men who discover that they get easily ingrown hairs. Shaving strokes will be a thing of the past with this shaver. It has an automatic detection engine that will record the thickness of the whiskers and will adjust.

Head Shaver

Some men want to be able to shave both their faces and their heads. The hair on your head presents unique challenges when it comes to shaving. The Pitbull silver shaver is specifically made to shave the head. It can be used in the shower and kept at different angles as needed.


When you’re trying to find the best razor on a tight budget, you’ll want to buy the Panasonic Arc3. It has sharp nanotechnology blades that cut the hair effortlessly. It’s has an ultra thin blade for a comfortable shave. It has a digital screen and all the other functions available in a Panasonic shaver.


A travel shaver has to hold a charge because it could be traveling to a country without the same voltage as its hometown. In this case, the Philips Norelco PQ208 / 40 runs on battery.

It should be small enough, so you can pack it with all your other toiletries. This is a small shaver that has a great impact, but does not take up much space in your luggage.

Men’s Back Shaver

Many men have hair on their shoulders and back that they want to remove. The ManGroomer shaver has an extendable arm that flexes, so it can reach those hard-to-reach areas of your back. There are 2 interchangeable shaving head accessories that are wide enough for large areas. Read this Guide about men’s back shaver…

Coarse Hair

It can be difficult to shave thick hair. Men with rough hair have a tendency to easily contract scrapes and ingrown hairs. The Braun Series 9 works smoothly to lift hair of many thicknesses and cut them cleanly. It has 4 cutting elements with a SkinGuard to protect against irritation, too.

Neck Area Trimming

The Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 has a SmartClick precision trimmer. It easily attaches to the shaver and cuts the neck between the haircuts, as well as the sideburns and the mustache area.

Daily Use

When shaving daily, you need a shaver that will not irritate your skin. Must be able to cut short hairs quickly and cleanly. The Braun Series 7 is the right razor for the job. The ActiveLift Trimmer grabs and lifts the flat hairs so you do not miss any part of the hair


Young people who are beginning to shave can know the Philips Norelco 4100 razor. It has all the features of a more expensive shaver and will work with thin or thin facial hair. It can also be used with foam for a wet shave. You can practice before getting into more expensive models with more features.

Don’t Buy

I do not know what your opinion is about paying an extra $ 50 for a soft bag, but I certainly would not. As long as you do not buy any of the following models.

You should be sure to pay extra for nuts when you do not have to. Braun Series 7-760cc, Braun Series 5 5030s, Braun Series 5 5090cc, Panasonic ES-LV95-S, Panasonic ES-LV65-S.

Among the razors mentioned above, the Braun 760cc is a very good reason and matches almost every aspect of the 790cc, except that it does not have a quick cleaning system or an automatic program selection function.

It also does not come with the premium leather bag like the 790cc does, but it still costs around $ 30 more. The only advantage that this shaver has is that it comes in black. So go for this one only if you’re a black fan.

Precise Shaving – Steps to Get the Best Shave

To begin with, you need to prepare your skin for shaving. Some men skip this step and end up with less than perfect shaving. A good exfoliating product should be used for cleaning. Dead skin and oils that could clog pores will be removed. Clogged pores lead to outbreaks as well as ingrown hairs.

Once the face is clean, you can start by adding gel or shaving cream to the hair. Some men also add shaving oil to this step, too. That will be a personal preference and will depend on your skin. The purpose of the oil is to fill the hair for its elimination. It is a good idea to shave after the shower when the hair has had time to absorb the steam and water to get fat.

Now, it’s time to shave. Allow the shaver to do the work. If it is a rotating option, use a circular movement on the face. If it is a sheet, start at the top and apply it. Try to achieve even strokes when shaving with the grain of your hair growth. When you shave against the grain, you will end up with the hair under the skin. This leads to ingrown hairs.

After shaving, it is important to use a cream or oil after shaving. Close your pores and protect your skin. Choose one without alcohol. You do not want to dry your face or cause a stinging pain. Basically you have removed some skin from your face. You do not want to cause a burn. Cold water can also shake closed pores.

Best Brands of Shaver


The Braun company prides itself on its German engineering for the longevity of its razors. The company was established in a small engineering workshop in 1921. They are leaders in the shaving and grooming market. They have won awards for their innovative designs.


In 2019, Panasonic will celebrate its centenary. The company has been known for its home electronics and speakers, as well as for household items and razors. They have 1001 years of innovation and design awards for their products.

Philips Norelco

The company started manufacturing razors around 1939, but the war prevented them from presenting them until later. They succeeded with their two-headed shaver in the early fifties. Since then, they have had incredible success and great designs.


The Remington Corporation was founded in the late nineteenth century, but began with the manufacture of products such as firearms and sewing machines. It was not until 1937 that the personal care line was created. They also make other products such as irons and electric razors for women.

Wahl Professional

The company began in 1919 with the invention of the first electric hair clipper. It is surprising that Leo Wahl produced electronic products at a time when electricity was fairly new. The company has expanded its beauty and hairdressing products and sells products throughout the world.


The Surker company produces relatively inexpensive razors and clippers. They are quite popular and have a variety of options with the best features. Many of their shavers have accessories that make them go from a rotary or aluminum razor to a toilet system.


The company has a line of razors for men that include wet / dry rotary razors, as well as cordless razors and cutters. They are reasonably priced and customers seem to be extremely satisfied with their products.

Guide to Cleaning the Shaver

Cleaning your electric shaver involves daily routine tasks as well as monthly maintenance. You should perform basic maintenance every day to make sure that your shaver is not clogged with hair and shaving cream. The cream left in the shaver can become as hard as cement. That will lead to a broken razor that does not do its job properly.

After each shave, you can give it a quick rinse. If your shaver is wet / dry, it is easy to keep it under the tap and allow the water to wash it. If you use it dry, you do not have to worry about a daily rinse for your razor. Use an old toothbrush or shaving brush to sweep the razor’s hair.

Once a week, you’ll want to give it a quick clean. This could involve more intensive brushing with alcohol for your dry razor. It will prevent oils and scales from accumulating in the shaver. Your wet razor could also do it with a brush with alcohol.

Every month, it is a good idea to disassemble your electric shaver. It sounds more complicated than it really is. Remove the cutter from the head of the shaver. Rinse the cutter part before placing it in a little alcohol. This will disinfect the entire shaving head.

While the heads are disinfecting, use an old toothbrush or the brush that came with your razor. Clean the handle and the rest of the knife with alcohol. However, it should not be submerged in the solution. Remove the alcohol heads and let everything dry completely.

If you have a cleaning system with your shaver, follow the instructions to clean and disinfect the entire unit. To clean the outside of the box, you can use alcohol to remove dirt, dirt and dust.

Why You Should Upgrade from Regular to Electric

A manual shaver is a slower process than the electric one. It takes longer to make sure you are shaving up close. It does not take a ton of preparation to prepare your face for an electric shaver.

However, you want to make sure that your face is not dry to avoid burns. Shaving while traveling is more convenient for those who are incredibly busy in the morning. It will save you valuable minutes every morning, so you can get to work on time looking your best.

The sharp blades of manual razors can cause cuts and nicks in the skin. If you want to stop cutting while shaving, the electric shaver is perfect. People with sensitive skin can cause serious damage to the skin with bulges and ingrown hairs.

Electric shavers are more comfortable than regular manual shaving. Manual razors have to be replaced constantly. The good ones are incredibly expensive and will not last as long as an electric razor.

An electric razor is a good investment, even if it costs a little more in the initial outlay of cash. In the end, you will save money on replacement sheets throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose foil or rotary for my shaving needs?
An foil shaver is good for a precise shave, but it fails when used at angles and contours. The rotary shaver has more than one head that will move with the angles of the face. The shaver should be used with the hair grain. The rotary shaver is used in a circular motion over the face and jaw
Can my electric shaver cause skin sensitivity?
The manual razor can cause skin irritation if not used correctly. The rotary or laminated shaver is good for people with sensitive skin. The shaver can really get hot, which can also cause its own problems.
Does the brand matter when choosing a good electric shaver?
The brand of the shaver is important. It should be a reliable brand for years. You will get a more innovative product that is designed to last. It will have the quality and durability that is needed for a long-lasting product.
Is it true that I should spend more money for a better shaver?
The most expensive electric shaver is not necessarily the best on the market. It’s will depend on both characteristics and quality. It will definitely cost more for a good quality shaver that has all the functions you want.
Can women use a man's electric shaver?
It may surprise most women to know that they can definitely use a man’s electric shaver to shave. They can use it on their legs or armpits easily. This will give them a smooth skin without nicks or cuts compared to manual razors.
Is an electric shaver good for traveling?
The best electric shavers will have the ability to hold a load for a long time. Instead of having to carry the charger, you should be able to travel alone with the shaver for a few weeks.
Are there major differences between corded and cordless models?
Wired models can be used while they are plugged into the wall. This can be a problem for those who want to take their shaver on vacation. The wireless model can not be used unless it is loaded. The charge can last a few weeks and you do not have to worry about international voltages.
Can an electric shaver be used on the pubic area?
The hair should be trimmed with scissors or a cutter first. If you apply the shaver directly on the hair that is too long, it will cause pain as the hair gets stuck in the shaver.
Is the electric shaver good for trimming beards?
The shaver itself will shave up to the skin, but there are accessories for the shaver that can be used to trim beard, mustache and sideburns.

Final Thoughts

The best electric shaver is one that has features that will reduce the irritation and burn of shaving. While making your morning routine easier and faster. No one wants to spend hours in the bathroom shaving their face repeatedly to get a smooth shave.

You want to shave quickly, clean the shaver and recharge while running out the door to do more important things. It will require some research to find the right razor for you, but this research was done here with these reviews of the razor.

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