Best Domain Registrars 2019–for Cheap Domain Names

Best Domain Registrars 2019–for Cheap Domain Names

Today I Review Best Domain Registrars features, pricing. support and everything. The next time someone tells you that they have purchased something online, ask them if they bought it at And this is the IP with

The domain names are the small computer miracle that allow us to translate the IP addresses (eg, of the servers that host the websites into easy-to-remember names for humans.

If you want to register a domain, I have your backs covered. These are the best places to buy cheap domains:

Best Domain Name Registrars (2019): Comparison + Full Review

Looking for a company to register your domain? We list here the best-known companies in the market and with the best prices, for national and international domain registration. Compare companies and choose the best option for you!

TOP 10 Domain Name Registration Companies 2019: Comparison Table 

NamePricing for TLDs (1styear)Major FeaturesOfficial Website – $ – $12.48Free WHOIS Protection for the first yearOne integrated email account FREEVisit NameCheap – $ – $7.99*/ $19.99WHOIS Privacy Protection for $7.99/yrProfessional email for $2.99 per user/mo. for the first yearVisit GoDaddy – $ – $14.75ID Protect (WHOIS Privacy) for $8/yrG Suite for $5/mo.Visit Enom – $0.99*/ $ – $0.99/ $19.99Free WHOIS Privacy1 Email Account freeVisit – $ – $14.99Privacy Protection for $8.99/yrG Suite Email for $4.17/ mo.Visit – $ – $13.95FREE WHOIS Domain PrivacyFREE Custom EmailVisit DreamHost – $ – $10.99WHOIS Privacy Protection for $4.99/ Email for $0.99/mo. (1 Address)Visit – $ – $16.99Domain Privacy Protection for $9.99/ yrG Suite email for $5/ mo.Visit iPage
A2 – $ – $14.95ID Protection for $9.95/ yearCustom email for $3.92/ mo.Visit A2 Hosting – $ – $8.99Domain Privacy Protection for $11.88/ yrCustom email with G Suite for $5/mo.Visit Bluehost

All prices are annual and do not include VAT

Before buying a name and choosing a registrar (eg, GoDaddy or 1 & 1) you should rate the following:

  1. How much do email accounts cost? As you can see in the table above, email accounts can be expensive. If you are going to need email to value this before deciding.
  2. Privacy protection  (private WHOIS): This will allow you to hide personal data such as email or phone that are public when you register a domain. But remember that not all domains can be protected, and anyway you should add your data in the section of legal mentions of your website.
  3. Support: Sometimes things go wrong and you do not want a provider that can not solve problems quickly. Having 24-hour support is ideal.
  4. What extensions do you sell? If you want a .es domain and do not offer it, it is obviously sterile that you decide for them.
  5. Price: In some cases, the providers of domain names have somewhat high prices, check this before hiring the domain. Also do not rely exclusively on the price of the first year, look at the final price when renewing the service.
  6. Deceptive prices: Sometimes incredible offers are found, often have hidden charges, be careful.
  7. Reputation: You will not want a registrar with a bad reputation or an unknown company that will disappear with your domain name from one day to the next.
  8. Domain transfers Some providers make administrative procedures more difficult than they should be, and this intensifies when you want to transfer the domain name to another provider.
  9. Additional services: Many domain registrars also offer web space (hosting). Usually, I would advise you to hire the hosting with a web hosting specialist.

Are there free domains?

It is true that some providers offer free domain names, but my advice is that you do not use them. These are usually subdomains (eg, and this has several drawbacks:

  1. It does not give a professional image.
  2. It will be difficult for your visitors to remember the name.
  3. Not having a domain of your own is very bad for web positioning (your rankings in Google).

Top cheap domain name registrars:

The following are providers of internet services with which you can buy and register domain names without problems and at reasonable prices. In addition, these are established companies that you can trust.

Now, let’s see the full review of the best domain providers in 2019



This is my favorite domain name registrar. It was founded in Los Angeles in 2000, since then it has become one of the most popular providers in the world. But keep in mind that only offer your website and services in English, yes, you can register .es domain names with them.

Your prices:

  • Domain .com: $ 10.69 per year – (without discount the first year)
  • Email accounts: $ 8.06 per account and 1 GB of space *
  • Privacy protection (WHOIS): $ 2.35 – (first year free)

* There are plans with more space if you need it

NameCheap Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$10.69$12.48$12.88$1.99*$6.88*
2nd Year (Renewal)$10.59$12.38$12.78$11.88$22.87

NameCheap Detailed Review 2019:

What we like : It is a recorder that makes things easy, using your system is very intuitive, and also the support team is efficient. They have a varied offer for email accounts, and at reasonable prices. When renovating offer the best prices we have found. You can register many extensions (eg, .com, .es,, etc.).

What could be improved : Well obviously we would like Namecheap to offer its services and help in Spanish. Many of its competitors have discounts the first year, Namecheap does not; but the truth is that their prices are very tight.

> More about domains with Namecheap


If you’ve ever heard of a company in this guide, that’s probably GoDaddy. It was founded in the United States in 1997 and have grown so much that they have become the largest registrars (and hosting providers) in the world. But would you like to register a domain name with them?

Your prices:

  • Domain .com: $11.99 per year – (€ 0.99 the first year)
  • Email accounts: From $ 60 per year for 5 GB of space
  • Privacy protection (WHOIS): $ 9.99 per year.

GoDaddy Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$11.99*$7.99*$11.99*$2.99*$11.99*
2nd Year (Renewal)$14.99$19.99$17.99$19.99$34.99

GoDaddy Detailed Review 2019:

What we like : They offer a very interesting discount the first year. They have many extensions available (eg, .com, .es .net, .org, .info, etc.). There are few other reasons to contract a domain with GoDaddy since they are expensive.

What they could improve : Of course the prices of the domain names are not adjusted, especially the .com. They could also offer much cheaper email accounts and WHOIS protection.

> Visit GoDaddy for more information


It is not a company as big as GoDaddy or 1and1, but still serve more than 29 million users and have a presence in more than 170 countries. This company based in Cyprus was founded in 2004 and little by little it has been consolidated in the international market. They stand out for offering cheap hosting, but let’s see how they are as a domain registrar.

Your prices:

  • Domain .com: $7.99 per year – when renewing € 9.99
  • Email accounts: From $ 47.88 for 1 account through your hosting
  • Privacy protection (WHOIS): $ 4.49 per year.

What we like : The prices of domain names are reasonable and WHOIS protection is not expensive. But the truth is that there are other providers that offer better prices.

What they could improve: They do not offer email accounts, the only way is hiring a hosting plan and this goes almost to $48 for an account. There are better offers on the market (eg, Namecheap  or ).

> Visit Hostinger


It is one of the largest Internet service providers in the world, and probably the most popular in Europe and Spain. It is a German corporation that was founded in 1988 and offers all kinds of products and services (eg hosting  or web creator ). But how are they like domain registrar?

Your prices:

  • Domain .com: $0.99 per year – (€ 0.99 the first year)
  • Email accounts: From $12 per year for 2 GB of web space
  • Privacy protection (WHOIS): Included in the price Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$0.99*$0.99*$8.99*$0.99*$6.99*
2nd Year (Renewal)$14.99$19.99$19.99$19.99$39.99 Detailed Review 2019:

What we like: They offer a very interesting discount the first year that makes the domain name cheaper than a coffee. Also their domains (.com) include privacy protection in the price, so you will not receive spam. They have many extensions (eg, .com,, .es, .info, etc) that you can register.

What they could improve : On paper everything sounds good and 1 & 1 is an excellent choice to host your domain name. But one rather annoying thing is the continuous suggestions for you to buy additional products. In addition, administrative issues are difficult with them and are reputed not to have the best support.

> Visit 1 & 1


Did you like the tips?

Now that you already know how to register a domain you should have seen that it is not so complicated.

In the end, the most time-consuming part is choosing the name of your site, as this will interfere with your positioning and marketing strategies.

If you need any information, be sure to consult this guide again!

After the registered domain, it’s time to publish quality information on your site. 

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