Best Dental Irrigators 2019-Top 10 Oral Irrigators Reviews

Best Dental Irrigators 2019-Top 10 Oral Irrigators Reviews

If you are looking for Best Dental Irrigators 2019. Probably the first thing you have asked yourself before arriving here is What is a dental irrigator? 

Well, it is something simpler than it seems. An electrical device that produces a jet of water under pressure that is applied directly on the teeth and gums.

Its function is to eliminate traces of food in difficult to access points, clean the bacterial plaque and clean the gums and complement the brushing and flossing.

They are indicated for all people. Even with orthodontics or dentures, and prevents caries, periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, halitosis and bleeding and inflammation. In addition, its massage effect reaffirms the gums.

So if you are a person who takes care of your dental health. You will be interested to know which dental irrigators are more suitable to achieve complete oral hygiene. And this guide that we have prepared for you will help you.

Top 10 Best Dental Irrigators 2019

In this comparative table, we show you which are the best dental irrigators on the market in 2019 and their main features so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Dental Irrigators Comparison table

Note: if you use the mobile, move the table with your finger to see all the columns.

No.ModelCapacity*HeadsLaptopDimensions and weightPrice
Waterpik WP 660
650 ml7Do not26x11x9 cm / 665 grSee price
Waterpik WP 100
650 ml7Do not25x14x13 cm / 670 grSee price
600 ml7Do not22x16x10 cm / 600 grSee price
Waterpik Traveler WP 300
450 ml4Yes17x13x11 cm / 447 grSee price
Waterpik WP 70
1000 ml4Do not19x18x11 cm / 604 grSee price
Hangsun HOC680
700 ml7Do not21x14x12 cm / 517 grSee price
Aquapik 100
600 ml7Do not20x14x14 cm / 798 grSee price
150 mltwoYes27×7,3×5,6 cm / 270 grSee price
Oral-B Oxyjet
600 ml4Do not23x18x17 cm / 1200 grSee price
Oral-B Waterjet
600 ml4Do not24x20x18 cm / 1200 grSee price

* 600 ml = 2 min. Use approx. = 1 basic cleaning

Dental Irrigators Reviews 2019

To decide which is the best dental irrigator of this year 2019. We have considered both the features they offer.

The user ratings and the price of the models analyzed. Although your final choice will also depend on other factors such as if it is going to be used by one or more people or if you value more its size to be able to take it on a trip

Waterpik WP 660

Recommended for families, couples and singles. Who want the best dental irrigator and need a deep cleaning thanks to its 7 heads adapted to different uses.

And when it seemed that there could not be a better irrigator. The Waterpik WP 660 appears, crowning the list.

In addition to inheriting all the fantastic features of the WP 100 model, such as its 650 ml tank. Its 7 heads and the power of its jet of water under pressure (10 levels), it does so with a slightly smaller size. 

Although this also has a drawback, it only has room to store two heads inside it.

What makes it the best oral irrigator of 2019 is its new pulse modulation technology. That allows it to do a more efficient job with cleaning teeth and also has a mode called Hydro Pulse massage (intermittent jets) that serves to stimulate and reaffirm the gums. 

According to studies that the brand has made the Waterpik WP 660 is more effective against plaque, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. It is also suitable for people who use orthodontics or have dental implants.

Other differences with respect to the WP 100 that is designed with quality materials. That has an LED indicator and that has a timer that warns you and makes it easy to know how long you clean each area of ​​your mouth.

It is also quieter than other models but also makes noise, especially at maximum power.

In conclusion, a high-end model that has all the features necessary for your dental hygiene is perfect. Its main drawbacks are its price, above € 100 on Amazon and can not be fixed to the wall.


  • Pulse modulation technology
  • Massage mode Hydro Pulse
  • Enough power
  • Quality materials
  • 7 heads


  • Price
  • Motor a bit noisy

Waterpik WP 100

Suitable for families, couples and singles looking for good power and quality and need a deep cleaning thanks to its 7 heads adapted to different uses.

Waterpik WP 100

The Waterpik WP 100 model is the best-selling dental irrigator on Amazon, has more than 500 opinions with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. With this confidence that users have given it.

And the guarantee of the Waterpik brand that has shown that develop good products. It is normal that you have reached number 2 of our top of the best dental irrigators.

It has a deposit of 650 ml that can last during a good cleaning and on top of it is the lid with a very practical compartment to store 4 heads. Although it is included with 7: two standard daily use, one type brush, one special for orthodontics, one for cleaning the tongue, one for the interdental spaces and one for the periodontal pockets.

The Waterpik Ultra WP 100 has a lot of power and you can adjust the intensity with a 10-level wheel, depending on the sensitivity of your gums.

It is quieter than most models but still makes some noise and is not designed to be placed on the wall.


  • Best selling dental irrigator
  • Enough power
  • 7 heads


  • Price
  • Motor a bit noisy

THZY dental irrigator

Recommended for families or couples who need a deep cleaning thanks to its 7 heads that fulfill different hygiene functions.

 THZY dental irrigator

In principle could give us a little distrust this THZY model of a brand not known, probably Chinese. But gradually has been placed among the best-selling dental irrigators of Amazon and the opinions of users are very good. 

This along with the features offered and its tight price makes it a very interesting model to consider your purchase.

It has a standard water tank of 600ml, 2 cleaning modes (Normal for teeth and Massage for the gums).

The pressure of the water jet is adjustable (20-150 psi) and has a compartment to store the 7 heads of the available: 3 equal for different members of the family and 4 specialized (brackets, prostheses, language). 

A feature that sets it apart from the competition is its UV sterilizer, by means of ultraviolet radiation the heads used in the compartment where they are stored are disinfected.

Suction cups in the base help you to fix better on any surface of the bathroom so that it does not move while being used. Also, the noise that makes your motor is moderate, the same as an electric toothbrush would.


  • Price
  • Enough power
  • UV sterilizer
  • 7 heads


  • The hose is quite short and not very flexible.

Waterpik Traveler WP 300

Indicated for those people who want a good dental irrigator for home but that also can be taken on a trip without it supposes too much weight and space.

Waterpik Traveler WP 300

The Waterpik Traveler WP 300 is the travel version of this popular brand of irrigators. Although it would be more correct to say that it is somewhere between normal and portable like the Broadcare brand.

Since it is not so compact due to its deposit it is 450 ml. However, it is designed to be transported in a travel bag that is included in the pack.

The piece of the tank is removed and placed upside down on the base reducing the size it occupies.

It comes with 4 nozzles included: one standard, one for the tongue, one special for dental appliances and another to clean the periodontal pockets. 

All of them also fit in the travel case to carry them comfortably. It would be perfect with another standard to be used by two people.

In relation to the power, it does not have as much force as the Waterpik WP 70 or WP 100 but it is still sufficient to eliminate all the remains of food from between the teeth. It has 3 levels to adjust it.

Its main drawbacks are that it is noisy, it vibrates a little too, the off button is not in the control but in the base and complicates its handling and the 450 ml of water in the tank may not be enough for a user if we do it in depth, it would be necessary to pause to fill it.


  • Adequate power
  • Folds and stores in a travel bag (included)


  • Price
  • Deposit less than average
  • Vibrates more than normal due to its light-weight
  • Noisy engine

Waterpik WP 70

Recommended for families and couples who are going to share it and people who need more time to clean their teeth, for example by wearing braces, having a large 1000 ml deposit and plenty of power.

Waterpik WP 70

The Waterpik WP 70 is the older brother of the Waterpik range of irrigators and brings with it fantastic features as expected from this brand.

Highlights the great capacity of your water tank of 1000 ml , more than enough for one or two basic cleanings. And perfect for a deep one as it is usually done.

If you have orthodontics or have a dental implant. In addition its power is very good, and properly cleans all the gaps of the mouth thanks to its 4 heads, two standard, one for the periodontal pockets and another for the tongue.

A feature that makes it different is that it has pressure control in the irrigator itself, a lever that slides between the 5 levels it has, when most oral irrigators have it at the base of the device.

It works connected to the current and does not come with an included support to place it on the wall so it has to be placed on the sink.

Its main drawbacks are that it makes noise, vibrates and has no lid in the tank.


  • Enough power
  • 1000 ml deposit
  • Pressure control on the handle of the irrigator


  • It does not have a lid in the water tank
  • Vibrates more than normal
  • Noisy engine

Hangsun HOC680

Recommended for families or couples who want to share the irrigator and need a deep cleaning thanks to its 7 heads adapted to different uses.

Hangsun HOC680

If the HOC400 model is the portable version of the Chinese brand. The Hangsun HOC680 is the domestic version.

Whose main difference is that it has a larger tank and works connected to the electric current, without a battery. 

It is quite new and has gone to the market to compete seriously with the high range of Waterpik since it has very similar characteristics and a cheaper price.

Its deposit of 700 ml is slightly higher than average and ensures a good cleaning without having to fill it, except if you use dental corrector because they always require more time.

It has 12 power levels to adjust the strength of the water jet and an innovative massage mode that is used for the gums. This continuous pressure stimulates them and helps to reaffirm them because with age they are losing consistency and are responsible for maintaining a firm denture .

It also comes with 7 nozzles that make it a very versatile instrument: three standards for the family, one for the tongue.

One special for orthodontics, one to reach the periodontal pockets and another for the plate.

If you are looking for irrigation power at a good price, the Hangsun HOC680 is what you need. Your warranty is for 1 year and you have a 30-day return period.


  • Price
  • Enough power
  • 700 ml deposit
  • 7 heads


  • Head compartment not integrated in the device
  • Vibrates more than normal due to its light-weight
  • Noisy engine

Aquapik 100

Suitable for families or couples who are going to share the irrigator and need a deep cleaning thanks to its 7 heads adapted to different uses.

Aquapik 100

The oral irrigator Aquapik 100 is a model of the well-known brand Oral-Teck specialist in oral hygiene products among other categories. 

It has been recently released to the market and they have copied the design of the Waterpik brand models because if something works to change it. 

They have also maintained a fairly competitive price. Although the materials seem of worse quality, more flimsy, a feature that does not seem very important because it is for domestic use.

The irrigator is placed on the side of the machine with the power control wheel (10 levels) in the base and a water tank of 600 ml on it. 

In the upper part, there is a very practical compartment for storing the different nozzles. Although there is only room for 4 and the Aquapik 100 comes with 7 included.

Three standards for the family, one special for orthodontics or brackets. One for the periodontal pockets. One to clean the tongue and another to make a nasal wash useful in case of colds or allergies.

It works connected to the electrical current and both the cable and the hose through.

Which the water circulates are long enough to be able to place it in the bathroom. And use it comfortably without having to be stuck to the appliance.

As for the water pressure, not as strong as the Waterpik but it is better than the Oral B models analyzed in this comparison.

In short, a fairly complete product that although not designed with the best materials.

And is somewhat noisy does a good job of oral cleaning is the most important. And is cheaper than others in the competition.


  • Price
  • Adequate power
  • 7 heads


  • Low quality materials
  • Noisy engine

Broadcare oral irrigator

Recommended to take it on a trip because of its small size and because it runs on battery with a duration of several days.

Broadcare oral irrigator

Broadcare is a very modest brand that sells health products and personal care and has very good customer ratings so we have considered it trustworthy to include this model of oral irrigator in our list of the 10 best.

This model is portable because it only weighs 270 g, has a reduced size of 27.3 × 7.3 × 5.6 (high x long x wide) and runs on battery.

It is not connected to the base by any cable No water pipe, just put it there to recharge it. The deposit is integrated into the handle.

Its power is good and has 3 operating modes: Normal, Soft (soft) and Pulse (intermittent jet). The latter is used mainly to massage the gums since it is the most delicate and is suitable for problems that cause a bit of bleeding such as gingivitis.

The disadvantage of being portable is that your deposit is only 150ml, so you have to fill it 3 times to get a normal cleaning.

In addition it only comes with a spare head included (2 in total). That only has 2 levels of power for the cleaning of the teeth (powerful and soft) can also be a problem for those people who are not comfortable neither of them and need something in between.

In short, a good travel option quite cheap but not the best to have it fixed at home. Your guarantee is 2 years and you have a 30-day return period.


  • Price
  • Weight and dimensions – Portable
  • Without cable


  • Very small water tank
  • Only one spare head
  • Only 2 power levels

Oral B Oxyjet

Suitable for families or couples who are going to share the irrigator thanks to its 4 heads and sensitive gums.


The Oral B Oxyjet irrigator is the update of the Oral B Oxyjet MD20 model with the same design and features.

So it could be said that it is the same product although they are sold in Amazon at different prices with the same accessories.

It uses microbubble technology for dental cleaning, which consists of introducing air bubbles into the flow of pressurized water. So that it removes traces of food more efficiently. 

This is the main difference with respect to the Oral B Waterjet model. 

However, in practice, the difference is scarce because the pressure of its pulsatile jet is not very strong even when placed in the position of maximum power (1 to 5). 

Therefore we also recommend it for people with more sensitivity in the gums and tendency to bleeding.

Another difference is that it has two modes of operation, monochorro to clean in the interdental space and rotating gums.

Although this last mode is so soft that you hardly notice the massage effect, functioning rather as a simple rinse.

The Oral B Oxyjet model shares the other features, has a good design, a 600 ml tank, 4 heads that are stored in the same device. It also includes the support to place it on the wall of the bathroom and works connected to a socket.

There are 2 versions of this brand that include an electric brush, the Oral B Oxyjet 3000 ( see features ) and the Oral B Oxyjet 1000 ( see features ). 

In which the type of brush changes but the irrigator is exactly the same as we have analyzed. Logically its price is higher but buying both together is cheaper than doing it separately.


  • Microbubble technology
  • Good finish
  • Integrated compartment for storage of accessories
  • Wall bracket


  • Low power
  • Irrigator cable to short base
  • Noisy engine

Oral B Waterjet

Suitable for families or couples who are going to share the irrigator thanks to its 4 heads and sensitive gums.

Oral B Waterjet

This dental irrigator is the basic model of Braun’s Oral-B brand. In principle, it has all the necessary characteristics to clean in depth and ensure good dental health at a fairly affordable price.

Although the main complaint of users of the Oral B Waterjet is that it has low power and therefore the water jet is not capable to clean all the remains of food between the teeth. 
A good option only if your gums are very sensitive and a stronger pressure would be annoying. Its head or nozzle is monochorro and you can adjust the water pressure in 5 levels.

Its deposit is 600ml which gives you a duration of about 2 minutes using it at maximum pressure. A fair bit if you are quite thorough with your oral hygiene or use the dental corrector and you need more time to clean it. 

It works connected to the electric current, it has no battery and comes with 4 equal heads as a spare or for use by several people.

Best Oral Irrigator Quality-price

After reviewing all the information we have analyzed for you it is possible that you ask yourself, but what is the best oral irrigator considering the value for money?

Without a doubt, all Waterpik models are very good but their price is high, between € 75 and € 115.

However, as often happens in many electronic products, the Hangsun Chinese brand has reached the market by copying what already works and making it more economical. 

The Hansun HOC680 irrigator has a design almost identical to the high-end model of Waterpik the WP 660.

Is a little larger which allows you to have a water tank of 700 ml (100 ml larger) and its power and characteristics are also very Similar.

Its price on Amazon is quite cheaper and the opinions of users who have tried it are quite good, it has a score of 4.5 out of 5.

Best Dental Irrigator with an electric toothbrush 2019

If you do not have an electric toothbrush, you may still want to buy it together with an irrigator because you can save money and also take up less space in your bathroom by having only one device, what they call the complete oral care station.

To decide which dental irrigator with an electric toothbrush. You should buy we present the top 3 of which we consider best after analyzing all the alternatives:

Waterpik WP 861

The Waterpik WP 861 is the renewal of the WP 900 model, more compact and economical. As you would expect from a brand that manufactures quality dental irrigators.

Your electric brush is not far behind either. The irrigator has a capacity of 650 ml, 10 speeds, and 5 heads. Its power is good like all Waterpik irrigators and only the compartment is missing to store the heads in the device itself. Hence its smaller size than the old WP 900. 

This Waterpik toothbrush It has 3 modes (Clean, Whiten, Massage) and reaches 31,000 beats per minute with ultrasound technology. Its movement is vertical as recommended by dentists.

Not circulate like other models of the competition. It includes two heads and has a timer so you know how long you brush each area.

It comes included with a travel case for the brush (about 20 brushes autonomy). 

Although at the beginning there were problems now, the spare parts for the brush (code STRB) can be purchased from Amazon. Dimensions and weight: 27 x 14 x 12 cm / 795 gr

Oral B Oxyjet 3000

The Oral B Oxyjet 3000 model combines the Oral B Oxyjet irrigator with the Oral B 3000 electric toothbrush. To buy them together is a saving of approximately 20 € compared to doing it separately. 

The Oral B Pro 3000 brush It is completely integrated into the base with the irrigator and comes with three standard and three special brushing heads.  It has 3 operating modes: Daily use, Gum protection and Sensitive. 

Its Braun technology allows it to reach 40,000 beats and 8,800 oscillations per minute, so its effectiveness against plaque is undeniable. It moves both vertically and in circles.

Its 2-minute timer ensures that you brush at least during that time and its battery lasts approximately 4 days using only one person 3 times a day. Dimensions and weight: 25 x 20 x 13 / 1100 gr

Hangsun OCS780

This Chinese brand model is different from the previous two because it combines the Broadcare travel oral irrigator and the HT1000 electric toothbrush. 

Both have a small size, work with battery and share the same charging base. It is a travel kit and bought together you save € 25. 

The HT1000 brush It also has ultrasonic technology to achieve up to 40,000 beats per minute, has 4 modes of brushing (Clean, Soft, Whitening, Massage), timer 2 minutes to finish and 30 seconds to change zones and comes with 2 heads. 

This is cabezal moves of vertical way, as they recommend the dentist. Su’s main disadvantages are that when being utensils of the trip the tank of water of the irrigator is very small (150 ml).

And both share the same base reason why they cannot load both. On the other hand, its price is second to none. Dimensions and weight: 30 x 8 x 10 cm / 250 gr

In all of them the irrigator works connected to the network and the brush with battery without the need of any cable.

So which is the best dental irrigator with electric brush?

Even though the Oral B electric toothbrush is very good, its dental irrigator is not so good because it lacks power. 

That is why we consider without a doubt that the Waterpik WP 861 is the best model on the market. However, if your price above € 100 is out of your budget you can consider buying the OCS780 trip pack from Hangsun or buying both devices separately.

Best Portable Dental Irrigators 2019

You have to be clear that the main advantages of a dental irrigator travel are its size and weight and the main disadvantage is the small size of your deposit that forces you to refill several times to complete a cleaning.

According to the models that we have analyzed in the Top 10, you can see that the best portable dental irrigator is the Waterpik Traveler WP 300 , although it will also depend on your preferences because its size is greater than the portable version of Broadcare, aspect that compensates having more power and water capacity.

Another option that you can consider is the Panasonic EW1411 ( see features ) which is the renewal of the EW121, it also has a very compact design with a deposit of 130 ml and has very good valuation and opinions of the users, although its price is higher.

Why is the Waterpik irrigator better than the Oral B irrigator?

As we have indicated in the previous analyzes of both Waterpik and Oral B models. The power of the former is much better and the comments of hundreds of users corroborate it. Opinions more reliable than the watts of the product or the number of beats that can reach because they are not the only factors that influence the final force that can reach the water jet.

Why is this feature so important? Because if the pressure jet is not strong enough it will not drag the food waste effectively .

We only recommend the Oral B irrigators in case you have very sensitive gums. They bleed very easily and therefore you do not need as much power as Waterpik irrigators can offer, although they would also be worth it because it is adjustable in levels of 1 to 10.

User’s guide What is it for?

The first thing to be clear is that dental irrigators are easy and safe to use . 

As we have indicated at the beginning, in no case they substitute brushing, either with an electric or manual brush, and they only substitute dental floss if it cleans the interdental spaces sufficiently well.

If they are very closed and the water does not penetrate well, the thread must also be used as a previous cleaning.

Its operation is also simple. The device takes the water from the tank and through an electric pump makes it. Flow through the hose to the head and press out a pulsating jet, either continuously or intermittently depends on the selected mode that some models have.

Why use an oral irrigator? Benefits of use

Since we are little we are educated in the use of the toothbrush. But although we have perfect teeth there are always spaces between the teeth. And the corners of the gum where you can accumulate tiny pieces of food where the traditional brush cannot clean.

Whose Decomposition together with the existence of natural bacteria in the mouth can generate dental plaque. 

Oral health is so important that it is advisable to take care of it from childhood and even the Ministry of Health conducts prevention campaigns in this regard.

When we are older and we are aware of this we start using dental floss and even interdental brushes for larger spaces. But it is usually not enough in most cases and it shows that once a year we must go to the dentist to do a professional cleaning because it has formed tartar in some areas.

We must also know that tartar is a solidification of accumulated bacterial plaque and it is not possible to eliminate it on our own, even with a mouth irrigator, it is necessary to go to a specialist. 

The supragingival plaque is the one that accumulates on the surface of the teeth and can cause cavities while the subgingival plaque accumulates in the grooves and periodontal pockets and can cause more important problems.

Therefore the dental irrigator should be used to complete oral hygiene, help to eliminate the maximum amount of plaque and dirt possible and in this way prevents cavities, halitosis and periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis that cause the deterioration of the gums. 

On the other hand, it also strengthens the gums because you can massage them with more pressure and that stimulates them.

In addition, if you use orthodontics or have a bridge, crown or dental implant you should consider very seriously the use of an irrigator because neither the brush and the silk are able to clean so thoroughly. It is especially indicated by dentists for these cases.

How to use an oral irrigator?

It should be used after the brush and floss. To start using an oral irrigator make sure the reservoir is full of water, although you can also dilute mouthwash or mouthwash to reinforce the cleaning . If it is the first time you use it you should start with a low level of pressure and go up until you reach the level you feel is right for you.

  • Insert the tip of the head into your mouth before lighting it.
  • Place it pointing to your gums and close your lips to avoid splashing, but allowing a correct flow of water.
  • Lean toward the sink to let the water fall on it and stain the rest of the bathroom as little as possible.
  • If you have a timer it will stop vibrating for a moment every 30 seconds to warn you to change zone and it will stop after 2 minutes, ending the cleaning.
  • In any case never take it out of your mouth before finishing.

If you still have not been clear how to use a mouth irrigator we leave you this much more illustrative video:

As maintenance measures it is advisable to dry the head and the base in case it has been wet and empty the remaining water from the tank.

Most models include several standard nozzles or heads so that it can be used by several members of the family and several specials to adjust to the differences of each mouth.

Dental irrigators for children

Although there are hardly any specific models of dental irrigators for children. They can also use the ones we have analyzed in this article because they all allow for adjusting the pressure. Which for a child will have to be much smaller to not feel discomfort.

The advantage over dental floss is that it can be more fun for them and therefore develop a habit, that if it lasts during the adult stage will ensure a very good oral hygiene.

In any case, the use of the irrigator should be supervised by an adult and it should never replace brushing with toothpaste.

Where to buy a dental irrigator?

If you have already decided to buy a dental irrigator and you just need to know where to buy it. You have several alternatives. As it is a product that is starting to be very used you can find it in department stores or stores specializing in household appliances and small electronic devices for the home, but you also have the option to buy it online as is logical.

In we recommend using Amazon because it has a wide variety of models available in which you can read the opinions of other customers who have bought them.

It offers a very fast shipment of up to 1 day only and without costs. If it is managed from its stores and You can return it up to 30 days after receiving it if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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