Best Dental Irrigators 2019-We Compare the Top 10 Choices

If you are looking for Best Dental Irrigators 2019. Probably the first thing you have asked yourself before arriving here is What is a dental irrigator? 

Well, it is something simpler than it seems. An electrical device that produces a jet of water under pressure that is applied directly on the teeth and gums.

Its function is to eliminate traces of food in difficult to access points, clean the bacterial plaque and clean the gums and complement the brushing and flossing.

They are indicated for all people. Even with orthodontics or dentures, and prevents caries, periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, halitosis and bleeding and inflammation. In addition, its massage effect reaffirms the gums.

So if you are a person who takes care of your dental health. You will be interested to know which dental irrigators are more suitable to achieve complete oral hygiene. And this guide that we have prepared for you will help you.

Top 10 Best Dental Irrigators

When looking for the best oral irrigator, you need to know the features and benefits. In short, you will have to become a little irrigators specialist. This comparison list will help you determine the features that matter to you and your family.

Do you need a portable flosser to go to work or school? Are there any tips that you need based on your dentist’s recommendations? These are just a few questions you should answer during your search. These are questions that this comparison guide will help you answer.

Choosing the best oral irrigator depends on the type of oral hygiene problem you have. Braces, dental implants or plaque buildup are of concern to many. These flossers will provide some benefits for these dental problems.

Best Dental Irrigator Comparison Chart

ProductsWater Capacity
Pressure Settings
Waterpik Aquarius
90 sec10 
Check price
SmarToiletries Flosser
45 sec

Check price
H2ofloss Oral Irrigator
150 sec

Check price12 
ToiletTree Oral Irrigator
45 sec

Check price
PECHAM Oral Irrigator
90 sec
Check price
Zerhunt Professional Oral Irrigator
50 sec

Check price
Panasonic Oral Irrigator
40 sec

Check price1Yes

Top 10 Oral Irrigator Reviews

There are hundreds of flossing devices on the market. Each month, new brands showcase their products via various social media and e-commerce platforms.

In order to stay up to date (and because it’s fun), we review all the new brands and their respective models.

Recently, however, we have seen an upsurge of poorly made water flossers. These are usually easy to spot because they carry obvious false reviews, no company website, and no way to contact the brand.

In order to avoid these counterfeits, we advise you to consult our brands and models recommended below.

Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-660

Key features

Aquarius offers all the features you would expect from a leader in the dental floss area. It has 10 pressure settings, so you can choose exactly the right amount of water pressure. This is great for people who have never used a dental floss unit. You can start light and easy.


The unit comes with 7 pieces of dental floss. There are 3 classic tips, 1 plate finder, 1 Pik pocket, 1 orthodontic brush, and 1 toothbrush. This gives each member of the family their own tip for flossing.

It has 90 seconds of water capacity. There is also a 60-second timer on the device. You can use either to make sure you use enough dental floss. There is a timer, so you will not run out of space. It will alert you as you move from one side to the other of your mouth.

My impression

This Waterpik Dental Floss contains everything your family needs for their oral hygiene needs. The base is compact, but its capacity is 90 seconds. There are many tips for everyone to have theirs. It’s perfect for suspenders and has a specially designed toecap.

There is an easy on/off button on the wand. The dial gives you 10 levels of water pressure. The intensity you choose will depend on your familiarity with the use of flossing in the water. Beginners should not be intimidated when trying to floss for the first time.

What could be better?

This can be a bit loud, which is unexpected for people who are not used to flossing with dental floss.

SmarToiletries Cordless Water Flosser

Key features

This wireless flosser is waterproof. This is one of the first features you want to have in a dental floss. It’s done to take a shower with you. Saves you time in the morning when you get ready for work.

There is a range of water pressures for all dental care. If you need a light pressure or the most powerful spray possible, an option is available to you. There is normal pressure, gentle pressure, and massage pressure.


Normal pressure is for people who have experience with flossing. The soft mode is suitable for children, people with dental appliances and those who use it for the first time. The massage option is intended to be used on the gums.

There is an automatic stop of 2 minutes. This will alert you that you have spent enough time flossing. Two minutes are recommended for all to get healthier gums, eliminate plaque and reduce the risk of disease.

My impression

Your dentist may not have been impressed by the dental floss you are currently using. If he recommends flossing with water, it’s a great option. It is waterproof, which means it can be used in the shower to combine flossing with the shower. This will save time in the lives of many busy people.

The wireless option makes it a great tool for those who travel a lot. You do not want to be in another part of the world ignoring your oral hygiene. This is especially important when trying new foods. Imagine eating something with small seeds or spicy sauces. You will need to floss before bed.

What could be better?

It can be bulky to hold for people with reduced mobility.

H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser

Key features

This counter unit is 100% waterproof. Some countertop appliances are not waterproof, so you need to be careful with them. With this flosser, it’s not a problem. It’s quiet, so you do not have to worry about waking anyone up while using the flosser in the morning.


It comes with a convenient scroll bar to choose the best setting for your dental floss needs. The slider also functions as a pause button to stop the flow of water. There are 5 pressure settings.

The tank contains 800 ml of water or a mixture of water and mouthwash. It’s a huge amount of water.

This will last 150 seconds depending on the power of the spray. Next to the tank is a storage space for all included tips. There is a plastic slot for 7 bits, but you can remove it to house about 20 in the storage space.

The unit comes with 12 ends. There are 4 nozzles, 2 orthodontic nozzles, 2 nozzles for cleaning the tongue and 2 nasal capsules. The spikes have different colors at their bases so that each member of the family can have their own tip.

My impression

When it comes to dental implants, crowns or dental appliances, this is an excellent dental floss unit on the countertop. Each member of the family receives a tip and a spray that suits their dental problems. The person with braces can easily clean behind hooks and wires for a perfectly clean mouth.

Special periodontal tips will direct the spray to the precise location where it is needed. With the scroll bar, you can also get the right amount of pressure. It might be a little scary to use the full-power flosser with splints in the beginning. Beginners can slide the bar as they become more comfortable with the pressure.

What could be better?

Not compatible with voltages outside North America.

ToiletTree Products Cordless Oral Irrigator

Key features

It is a wireless oral irrigator compact enough to be taken anywhere. When you need a travel flosser, it’s this one that contains all the essentials you’ll need on the road. It has rechargeable batteries and a long life, too.

The flosser is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower. The time you can save on your morning routine can be used for other important tasks. Over time, it will usually become a shower and floss at the same time.


The wireless flosser comes with a huge 150ml tank. This will leave you more than the time needed to cover your mouth with this dental floss. It does not matter what speed or pressure you use.

There are 3 speeds available with this portable flosser. There is a high speed that will break the plate and the accumulation of food behind the brackets and wires. After eating, you will want to clean your corsets. This can be done anywhere with a quiet motor.

There is also a soft mode and a pulse mode. The gentle mode is for those who have more sensitive teeth. The pulse mode will massage the gums.

My impression

Thanks to the portability and battery life of this compact flosser, you can practice good oral hygiene everywhere. On the road, at school or at work, you will find all the places where you can brush your teeth after eating.

When you do not floss after meals, you let these foods rest on your gums or enamel between your teeth. This is the moment when acids and bacteria can attack. You always want to have clean teeth. Especially if you wear suspenders.

If a little food remains between the hooks or wires, it could cause cavities and diseases. It’s also embarrassing to have food stuck between your braces when you have classes or meetings at work. This device is so quiet that you can easily take it out of your bag and floss after lunch.

What could be better?

The unit can not be used while charging.

PECHAM Professional Water Dental Flosser

Key features

One of the biggest features of this flosser is its huge tank. It can hold 600 ml of water or a mixture of water and mouthwash. This will give you up to 90 seconds of water depending on the power of the spray. With a powerful spray, you use more water.


The counter unit includes 3 conventional jet tips, 1 orthodontic mouthpiece, 1 periodontal tip, 1 mouthpiece, and 1 tongue cleaner. With so many tips, there is one for each member of the family.

Each tip has a different function depending on its shape. The periodontal tip will help relieve symptoms of diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

The tip of the plate will produce a strong jet in the area under the gums and between the teeth. The orthodontic mouthpiece is perfect for people with dental appliances or braces.

There is a pressure dial with 10 power levels. The lowest works for people who have never tried a flosser before. It is also a good starting point for children. The highest level is for persistent dental plaque or food stuck between teeth.

My impression

With variable pressure, the unit is suitable for all members of the family. From children to adults with dentures with sensitive teeth, it’s a choice for everyone. The varied tips and the different pressures exerted also offer you various solutions to dental problems.

Dentists recommend flossing after each meal. It is a vital part of oral hygiene, but we often do not know it until the visits to the dentist are bad. This type of dental floss can actually solve problems in a way that can not. All members of the family can have better oral health with this oral irrigant.

There are many features that make it a good choice. The huge tank that provides 90 seconds of flossing is a major feature.

What could be better?

The on/off button can be difficult to move until you have had some practice of the process.

Zerhunt Professional Cordless Oral Irrigator

Key features

This wireless waterline has a waterproof design that makes it perfect for a portable oral irrigator. It has a generous water reservoir in the flosser’s neck. All the buttons you need are easy to reach, even in the handle.

They are is a full opening for the tank that makes cleaning easier. There will never be any accumulation of limescale or residue when you can clean the opening carefully.


There are 3 pressure modes; mild, normal and pulse. The app can be used by children or adults with sensitive teeth.

It’s an excellent beginner mode. Normal mode is ideal for most users. The pulsed mode is for those who need extra care.

It will massage the gums and increase blood flow. It is used to treat oral hygiene problems.

The flosser has a rotating nozzle that will allow you to reach all areas of your mouth that require special attention. The back of the molars is a very difficult area to reach without a 360-degree swivel.

My impression

The wireless rechargeable flosser has a generous tank, which you normally see in counter units. You can easily bring this dental floss into the shower with you. By combining your tasks in the morning, you will have more time to do something else and work on time.

Flossing comes with three pieces of colored floss for different members of your family. Everyone can enjoy the portability of the flosser during a shower.

It is also a portable unit that you can take to school or work. When a person has splints, they must be very careful not to leave food in the metal. Many foods can be corrosive if they are left on the metal or sit behind the metal on the tooth itself. This includes things that are acidic or that will create plaque buildup.

The flosser is portable enough to sit fairly easily in a person’s bag. It’s quiet and it will not embarrass the teenager who might need to bring that to school.

What could be better?

The tank may be a bit difficult to open the first times for filling.

Panasonic Portable Dental Oral Irrigator

Key features

This wireless water flosser has a design that makes it functional for travel, unlike many others. It is a foldable design that is absolutely made for traveling. It slips into your luggage or bags without taking up too much space.

The tank slides down and hangs for filling. It takes 165 ml of water, which is equivalent to 40 seconds of flossing.

There are two speeds for daily dental flossing. The speed of sensitive teeth is lower. It is a mode that children can also use. The high speed is intended for normal use in adults.

Flossing wirelessly uses batteries to power the device. This portable unit is not designed for use in the shower. It’s a great unit to take to school or work. Your teenager with a dental appliance can wear it in a backpack without his or her oral hygiene care being obvious.

My impression

This portable dental floss has features that make them perfect for people traveling. They want a simple way to brush between meals. This battery-operated dental floss gives them a simple and daily clean.

Both speeds are really all you need to make sure you have a portable cleaning machine. People with sensitive teeth can still enjoy the cleaning offered by a flosser.

Everything about this oral irrigant is simple and straightforward. The tank can easily be filled using a tap at school or at work. It is very quiet and it is therefore awkward for anyone to wash their teeth after meals. It is an excellent portable unit for teenagers in particular.

What could be better?

The device is not waterproof for use in the shower, but it works perfectly for traveling.

What is an Oral Irrigator?

An oral irrigator is a device used to remove plaque and food from teeth. It is used for hard to reach areas of the mouth. Water is held in a tank and forced through a stick using high pressure. These devices are often called flossers.

The wand of the mouth irrigator fires a stream of water directed towards the gum and between the teeth. It is used to improve oral health in people without problems. Most importantly, it is used by those with gingivitis problems. It is also easier to clean dental appliances and other dental work such as crowns and implants.

The oral irrigator projects water at high pressure to eliminate food, plaque and bacteria. This will help prevent tooth decay and reduce bleeding gums and swelling.

The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day to remove dental plaque between visits to the dentist. In fact, the US Department of Health and Human Services has stated that flossing is an “important oral hygiene practice”.

Is There a Difference Between an Oral Irrigator and a Water Flosser?

The oral irrigator and water flosser are not very different. The only real difference is the use for everyone. A flosser is used daily for cleaning those who do not have teeth or gum problems. These people want to keep their mouths clean and avoid dental problems.

The mouth irrigator is more like a medical device. This could make it more attractive for those with special needs in oral health care. People with gingivitis, frequent caries, plaque buildup or braces will look for solutions. The oral irrigator is the answer.

Get Best Waterpik Water Flosser

Things to Research Before Choosing a Dental Irrigators

Water Pressure Adjustments

Oral irrigator users will want to have several adjustments for the pressure. People with gingivitis or sensitive teeth will not want to explode at high speed with cold water. It will be more painful than helpful. Most manufacturers of water flossers understand the need to increase speed and pressure.

There is usually a dial that gives various pressures to the owner of the mouth irrigator. When searching for your options, look for ones that have a deal with more than a few water pressure intensities.

Covered Reservoir

The size of the water tank will affect the duration of your flossing. Dentists personally recommend flossing after meals. At the very least, they recommend flossing at the end of the day.

The more you floss, the better. Many dentists want you to floss for at least 90 seconds, if possible. This means that the tank should be able to withstand this duration.

When you research the depths of tanks, they indicate how long you can floss. For example, it means 90 seconds of flossing with the reservoir, either 30 or 60 seconds. This is an indication of how much water it can hold.

Multiple Functions

In addition to pressure and intensity, you can choose the function of the water flosser. It comes with classic spray tips to direct water between the teeth and the gums. This is the basic function of the flosser.

Some flossers come with other tips such as plaque removal, tongue cleaning or periodontal tricks. This will allow the user to get more functions on the flosser. This makes the unit shareable with the rest of the family.

Plaque Removal

When the teeth are bent enough for braces, it means that the edges overlap or the spaces between the teeth are large. This is the ideal area for food. Bacteria and food particles cause plaque buildup.

The water flosser you choose should have a piece of plate included. This trick will direct more of the force of the water in a constant flow. A constant stream of water removes more plate when it is forced out of its tip designed for the plate.


You do not want to leave your toothbrush or water flosser when you go on vacation. This is also true if you are on the road for business trips. Good oral hygiene occurs every day.

Every time you do not brush and floss regularly is a day that brings you closer to a bad visit to the dentist. Gingivitis, gum problems, and tenderness are problems that can be avoided by brushing your teeth and flossing every day.

Universal Voltage

Most flossers have a voltage for use in North America. Others will have a universal tension, so that everyone can enjoy flossing. Look for universal voltage flossers if you want to travel with your flosser.

If you go on vacation, you do not want to give up your good oral hygiene. Even a few weeks without your flossing can lead to problems and problems with plaque and the accumulation of particles in your mouth.

Ergonomic Design

The wand itself should be curved so that it can be held easily in the hand. You will use this floss every day for at least 90 seconds. You want it to be comfortable. There is a lot of pressure ahead

It should also have some kind of grip to keep it from falling out of your hand. It could break if it escapes you too often.

The design will also influence the frequency of use. If this makes you uncomfortable, you will waste your money and will not benefit.

History of the Oral Irrigator

The first irrigator was developed by a dentist. His name was Gerald Moyer. He worked with an engineer by the name of John Mattingly in 1962. At that time, no one else had developed a way to clean between teeth outside the dental floss.

The oral irrigator they invented ended up being the base of the company that will eventually be called Waterpik. It is still a popular company in the world of oral hygiene.

Why You Need an Oral Irrigator for Braces

Braces are used to straighten teeth, but brackets and wires can create oral hygiene problems. The cleaning of the pins is difficult because the material blocks the bristles and dental floss of the toothbrush.

Removing plaque involves more than just brushing. You should use dental floss to remove food particles from the wires and supports. Many dentists recommend a sonic toothbrush for brushing after each meal. Even a sonic toothbrush can not eliminate all the food, plaque and bacteria that can hide behind the metal.

Those with braces should choose an orthodontic mouth irrigator. It is specially designed to be used with braces. He has a tapered brush at the end to get behind the brackets with the water jet.

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Cordless or Corded: Making Your Choice

The oral cord irrigator rests on the bathroom shelf. It has a reservoir that can hold 60 to 90 seconds of water. There will be a place for all the tips your entire family needs to floss. Teens with braces will have the orthodontic end. Adults can use the classic tip or the plate finder. Everyone can have their own toothbrush tip. They will all fit in or around the base of the unit.

A cordless irrigator is one that has a smaller reservoir. The tip of the floss and the reservoir constitute a complete, portable unit. It is a great way to travel and be used elsewhere than in the washroom at home. Those who choose a wireless cordet can easily use dental floss on the road. It’s easy to fill the tank and jump in the shower. It’s as easy to complete.

The choice between wired or wireless depends on the user of the flosser. People who travel and want a more portable floss option will want wireless versions. Families can enjoy the wired unit with all its advice and storage space.

Final Thoughts

The best oral irrigator is on this comparison list. You will need to decide if you want a seat on your bathroom shelf or if you need to take it with you to school or work.

They all have big tanks and many tips for family members. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth when using an oral irrigant.

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