Best Darts For Beginners

Best Darts For Beginners 2019-(A Budget Suited For Everyone)

Best Darts For Beginners 2019(A Budget Suited For Everyone)


We will talk about the best darts for beginners today!

Playing dart is an extraordinary co-curricular activity to boost up your confidence whether you’re playing it only to enjoy or professionally. It serves a peace of mind.

Well, dart playing is a game of nerve in which small arrows or darts are thrown at a circle shape board fixed at the wall. The board contains various types of numberings and points. The method of dart playing differs from region to region though. Some play this to make money at gambling. However, that’s not the point we’re talking about.

The common mistake every beginner do is choosing the inappropriate dart to start with. Choosing the best dart for a beginner is a bit tough when you’re a newbie and has no knowledge about darts. You usually don’t know what you should look after when you’re headed to buy a set of darts. That’s the problem. With choosing the wrong dart your failure will discourage you to go ahead. But, we’re here to help you with such problems. The main thing you need to bear in mind that throwing the dart with much attention and technique does not help you to make the score. You need well measured, polished, and appropriate dart to make the score also.

In this article, we’re gonna discuss best darts for beginners, how to choose the suitable dart for you to start playing, and some best darts of this time to buy with their pros, cons, and features.

Top 7 Best Darts For Beginners 2019 Comparison Chart

Our Best Choice: Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts


This dart is considered one of the best darts for beginners. People like this much for its professional quality and performance. The fitness and outlook it provides are really cool and awesome.

You want the best dart as you’re a beginner right? Well, this is that thing on which you can rely on undoubtedly. Let’s jump to its features section to learn what this product has actually got to offer.


  • Ease of use and carry

The darts are in an exclusive case cover that’s easy to carry and deposit your things back. These darts are both comfortable for new players and professional players. Besides, the case box contains a built-in foam cover that protects your darts from getting scratched. The over sharp tips are suitable for any types of dartboards.

  • Accurate balance

With this Ignat Games steel tip darts your balance it more accurate. The body shaft and flight are really cool and well measured that helps a lot to keep the balance and hit the target perfectly.

  • Outstanding look

The body shines it provides is really gorgeous. The manufacturer brand provides different color packages. You can choose one among them.

  • Included extra accessories

With this product, there are some extra accessories added which are quite important. These are the dart sharpener, extra flights, extra shafts etc. The dart sharpener will help you much to keep your dart ready for the next tournament.

♥The pros

  • Tempting guarantee and warranty feature
  • Highly accuracy of the balance
  • Sharp steel tip
  • Smooth grip
  • Dart sharpener
  • New level experience of playing
  • Larger pack contains money saving

⊗The cons

  • The product is a bit expensive and not available in all the country

If you’re a beginner and you’re searching for the masterpiece to start your dart playing. We highly recommend the Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts.

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Best Darts for Beginners: Top 6 Darts Reviews

Here in this section, we are just going to list all the 6 Best Darts For Beginners that we are going to talk about in details later on!

Note: Clicking on any of these will take you to Amazon so that you can check the latest price on Amazon!

  1. CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set with Customizable Configuration
  2. CUESOUL 30/28/26 Grams Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten
  3. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts
  4. PLEASE Steel Tip Darts Set – 23 Grams Metal Professional Darts
  5. Dart World 68547 Piranha 80% Tungsten Razor Grip Soft Tip Dart
  6. Red Dragon Razor Edge 1 – 85% Tungsten Steel Darts

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set with Customizable


Well, this cool designed, aesthetic professional darts set is a product of the famous dart maker CC-Exquisite. The way this set of darts goes is actually awesome. People like this one for its high versatility and durability. Also for some marvelous features and included extra tools.

Let’s go to the features section to learn what the product actually has to offer.


  • Aesthetic and well-polished impression

This set of darts from the manufacturer provides a cool design with impressive grip and standby. You’ll definitely feel the satisfaction while holding or throwing it to the target.

  • Multiple sets up

The most important feature is the multiple set up. With this feature, you have the ability to customize your dart according to your choice. Unlike any other darts set this one contains different types of shafts and flights with various design and measurement.

  • Sharp steel tip

The sharp steel tip helps you to fly like a pro. With the sharpness, your target and playing confidence is more high and comfortable. Pack from the manufacturer contains an extra dart sharpener also.

  • Flawless accuracy and performance

The accuracy level is much better and the performance is meritorious. This set of darts is versatile and goes with almost every dartboard and other accessories.

♥The pros

  • Customizable configuration
  • Slim and tight flight
  • High versatility
  • The premium case
  • Darts tools
  • Darts sharpener

⊗The cons

  • Takes a bit of awareness while customizing

This set of darts is amazing. So if you want to play like a pro and you’re willing to buy a darts set with such versatility, this is the one you should grab asap.

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CUESOUL 30/28/26 Grams Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten


This CUESOUL brand darts set is one of the best darts for beginners. Having some great feature and 95% tungsten building material made the set of darts much better.

Let’s take a look at the inner review along with the features, pros, and cons.


  • Tungsten barrels

This set of darts contains 95% tungsten barrel and grooved rings which are hand painted. The knurled barrels grips the front part. With these tungsten barrels, your target is much fixed and accurate.

  • Aluminum shafts

With the aluminum shafts keeping the balance is much easier. The 46mm/1.8” medium-sized shafts are there to increase your playing level.

  • Various types of premium flights

The package has three types of flights. Though the flights are a bit tricky, they’re good. You just need to set them up carefully.

  • Sharpener and dart tool

The sharpener and useful darts tools are there with a fascinating deluxe dart case.

♥The Pros

  • Aluminum shafts
  • High durability
  • Three type flights
  • Useful tools
  • Great grip
  • Good value for money

⊗The Cons

  • The flights are a bit small. It occurs a problem for a beginner.

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Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

The viper diamond soft tip darts is one of the best darts for beginners and made by the famous well-known dart maker GLD Products.

Having an extraordinary deluxe case and some great features this set of darts is quite enough able to blow your mind.


  • Mixed material 90%/10%

The barrels are made with 90% tungsten and 10% nickel that helps to keep the grip more powerfully and provides the perfect balance. The package also offers three types of grips: heavy, medium, and ringed.

  • Shaft locking hole system

With this, your shafts and darts are joined tighter and you don’t need to check the joint is okay or not during the game.

  • Speedy slim flights

The flights are designed with holographic artwork method and have three different styles, blue, black, and silver including flight protectors.

♥The pros

  • Deluxe dart travel case
  • Flight protectors
  • Three types of grips
  • Shaft locking feature
  • High durability

⊗The cons

  • The price is a bit high

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PAMASE Steel Tip Darts Set – 23 Grams Metal Professional Darts

PAMASE Steel Tip Darts Set – 23 Grams Metal Professional Darts

To start playing dart, all you need is a classic set of friendly and helpful darts. Well, this is that thing what you can have to start playing. Look at what deeper review says.


  • Perfect for both pro and beginner

The upper-class aluminum solid shafts are helpful enough to hit your target with just a glimpse. With this set of darts, you can play comfortably whether you’re a beginner or a professional player. The 23 grams weight is enough to hit the target with an accurate balance and it won’t fall off your hitting point.

  • Awesome grip

The manufacturer PLEASE designed these darts with extraordinary barrels and tight lock feature. Which helps a lot to pursue a great grip and balance.

  • Includes extra tools

With the package from the provider, you’re gonna get 12 aluminum shafts, 18 flights in 6 different types of styles, sharp steel needle, and a tip sharpener to sharp your darts point when needed.

  • Alluring guarantee feature

The manufacturer provides a money back for 30 days. If you don’t like the product you can return it within 30 days and you’ll get your money reimbursed. Isn’t that tempting enough?

♥The pros

  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Extra flights and shafts
  • Exclusive sharpener

⊗The cons

  • The shafts size is quite long

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Dart World 68547 Piranha 80% Tungsten Razor Grip Soft Tip Dart

Dart World 68547 Piranha 80% Tungsten Razor Grip Soft Tip Dart

Being one of the best darts for beginners, this set of darts made by the master dart maker brand dart world contains some cool features that you obviously going to like.


  • Original 80% tungsten barrel

This soft tip darts set provides 80% tungsten barrel which is exclusive for the beginners. Besides this one is a lightweight dart and quite comfortable enough to start playing.

  • Non-slip grip

The dart gives extra grip with its tungsten made barrel. There is no chance to slip it from your fingers while throwing it toward the board.

  • Spin revolving shaft

The spin revolving shaft helps to lock the flight and barrel carefully. It makes sure that your flight is set up tight so that you can feel the accurate balance.

  • Metal made carrying case

A carrying case with soft material inside to protect your dart is included in this package. With which your darts will remain safer.

♥The pros

  • High accuracy
  • Soft tip
  • Lightweight
  • 80% tungsten barrel

⊗The cons

  • No extra accessories are included

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Red Dragon Razor Edge 1 – 85% Tungsten Steel Darts

Red Dragon Razor Edge 1 – 85% Tungsten Steel Darts

So, if you came across all those darts described up, and you didn’t choose any of them, here is another set of darts which absolutely going to blow your mind.

To know more about this product, let’s take a look at its features, pros, and cons.


  • Medium weight

This set of darts is neither a heavyweight nor a basic lightweight. This one is a medium 20 grams dart with an ease of use and created for absolute beginners.

  • 85% tungsten barrels

The barrels made with 85% tungsten gives permanent grip and keeps perfect combination between the tip and the shaft. Besides this package has aluminum shafts and two sets of red dragon flights. With the aluminum shaft and hole lock, your dart is more fit.

  • Tri-fold wallet

To protect your dart from any types of harms and scratches, the manufacturer provides a tri-fold wallet. It’s easy to carry and use.

♥The Pros

  • Extra flights
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Tungsten barrel
  • Medium weight
  • Check out card
  • Tri-fold wallet

⊗The Cons

  • Extra dart tools are not available with this package

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The Ultimate Buying Guide: Best Darts For Beginners

Well, the thing you should know first, what are the different parts of a dart and how they work. Having that knowledge, get to know what types of darts are available.

Then comes the question of choosing and comparing.

Parts of a dart

Basically, there are four parts in each dart. They are the tip or the main part of a dart (sometimes this thing is simply called the dart), the barrel or grip, the shaft, and the flight.

  • The dart/ the tip/ the point

When you throw your dart toward the board in order to hit your point, the thing that sticks the board with its needle head is called the point or dart whatever you say.

  • The barrel

Well, the barrel is something that stays with the point and helps to keep the grip between your fingers. The barrel is an important thing as you throw the dart with this one. Various types of barrels are there in the market. Heavy knurled grip or soft grip. The types of barrels differ from user to user.

  • The shaft

The shaft is mainly a connector between the barrel and the flights. It joins the flight with the dart so that the dart can fly smoothly and hit its target. It also helps a lot to keep the balance. Shafts are available made with various materials like nylon, plastic, aluminum etc.

  • The flight

Flight is a part that stays at the end of a dart. The flight plays an important role. It makes the speed of a dart slower and helps a lot to fly fluently. Flights of many sizes are available and it depends on the weight you’re choosing for your dart.

However, these are the main parts of a dart and to remain a good game, each of them is very much important.

Types of darts

There are two types of darts that people use to play with. The soft tip dart and the steel tip dart.

  • Steel tip dart

The steel tip darts are made for bristle wood board. It’s easy to stick on that board with the sharp steel tip.

  • Soft tip dart

The soft tip darts are for the electric boards. The usually don’t stick with the board. The point of a soft tip dart is made with non-metal material or mixed metallic material.

The two types of darts have different types of characteristics and measurements. The weight also has a difference.

How to choose the best darts for beginners

Well, there are a few processes to go through. You need to choose the dart type(mainly the tip, steel or soft), then the barrel and weight, the shaft, and the flight.

Choosing the dart type

What type of dart you should choose is actually depends on you. There’s a difference in the weight of steel tip and soft tip dart. The weight range of the steel tip dart is 18 grams to 30 grams. And the range of soft tip dart is 14 to 20 grams.

However, you should check which types of weights goes with you. You can choose the heavy steel tip or the light soft tip. That doesn’t matter. They both are good to play.

Choosing the barrel and weight

The configurations of all the darts are mainly the same except the barrel. It comes with different types of building material, method, grip, and weight.

Such as, the brass barrels are made with brass based material and extremely popular all over the dart world though they’re not for professionals. Another types of barrels are nickel and silver, they are most likely to brass and they’re a bit expensive too.

Tungsten barrels are the most popular because they provide the best grip and weight. The tungsten barrels are highly durable. For the beginner we prefer the barrels with a high amount of tungsten, 80% or 90% is quite enough.

The most recommended weight for a beginner is 16-20 grams. This weight is not much high or low. They’re medium to cope with easily.

Choosing the shaft

There are many types of shafts made with different material and size. Most shafts are nylon and plastic and they’re highly affordable. There are also shaft made with carbon-fiber, compact aluminum or composite. But for the beginner, we always recommend the composite or carbon fiber shaft.

For the size, always try to choose the short size. Not too short, the shaft nearly 3 centimeter is better.

Choosing the flight

Determining the flight depends on the weight of your dart and your throwing speed. For a heavyweight dart, you should pick a larger flight. A larger flight will be also fine if you want to decrease your throwing speed. But if you don’t want to slow your throwing speed and your dart is a lightweight dart then the small-sized flight is much suitable.

For a beginner, we always recommend choosing a slim and medium-sized flight.

Finally, when you have gone through these steps and cautions described above, you know what is the best dart for you to choose as a beginner. Don’t you?

Frequently Asked Questions: Best darts for beginners

Is this essential to buy a dartboard with a darts set?
No, it would be cheaper though but it won’t give you the special quality and performance. Buying a dartboard is important, but buy it separately. It’ll be great.
Is it important to sharpen your dart point every time after a game?
Sharpening your dart point is good. But you don’t need to do this again and again. Do it when you need to sharpen your dart. Like it’s not sticking with the board, then sharpen the point.

Last words

However, in this article, we’ve tried to cover the best darts for beginners and a buying guide on how to choose the best dart. If you’re willing to start playing dart, just check the buying guide and go through the processes explained there. Choose your measurements and grab the most suitable set of darts for you.

We hope you find this article helpful. Happy playing!

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