Best Creed Cologne

Best Creed Cologne in 2019-To Smell Good, Confident, And Successful

Best Creed Cologne To Smell Good, Confident, And Successful


What are your 10 favorite Best Creed Cologne perfumes of all time and why?

So far I’ve only tried Aventus and I’ve loved it. Now start the review.

When most people think about their morning routine and how they prepare for the day, think about personal hygiene, clothes, shoes, hair and makeup. What they often overlook is the importance of how they smell. It’s more than just being clean, fresh and free from unpleasant odors: it’s about expressing your personality, matching your mood and incorporating an ideal.

The best fragrances do not dominate, they complement your appearance. They are the icing on the ice cream that unites everything. This is why it is important to invest in high quality aromas that you can use in a variety of situations, such as at work, on a date or on special occasions.

By choosing the right colony for you, you can not go wrong with a particular name. The House of Creed is an internationally recognized niche fragrance brand that produces scents for men and women. The world is obsessed with these fascinating and best-selling fragrances. I researched and tested their most popular perfumes to offer you the best of the best.

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Best Creed Cologne Comparison Table

Green Irish TweedWoody, citrus, freshModerate to longModerate to heavy
Millesime ImperialWarm, citrus, freshModerateSoft to moderate
Silver MountainFresh, green, coolModerate to longModerate
Aventus CreedFruity, richLong-lastingModerate to heavy
Original SantalWoody, spicyLong-lastingModerate
Original VetiverFresh, green, warmModerate to longModerate
HimalayaWoody, fresh, coolModerate to longModerate
Royal WaterRich, greenModerate to longSoft to moderate
Virgin Island WaterFresh, fruity, tropicalModerate to longSoft to moderate
Erolfa PourFresh, green, oceanicModerateSoft to moderate

About The Creed Cologne Brand

Creed is a luxury perfume brand that produces different and original aromas for the international market. While the business is based in London, they have a Parisian laboratory; boutiques in New York, Dubai and Kuwait; and stalls and kiosks around the world.

Part of what makes them stand out is their process: supposedly, all perfumes are elaborated internally by the teams of parents and children. The current perfumers are Olivier and Erwin Creed, the sixth and seventh generation of the Creed family.

Creed’s fragrance manufacturing is unique compared to other modern perfumers; they continue to use a 4,000-year infusion technique to extract the aromas and create ingenious and attractive combinations. The entire process, from weighing, mixing to filtering, is done entirely by hand to guarantee the highest quality aromas.

The House of Creed exists since 1760. Its founder, James Henry Creed, established a tailoring business in London. Later he began to design fragrances for members of the nobility. Since then, the business (and its secret perfume recipes) have been handed down from father to son for generations.

Some of the most notable users of Creed are Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and many other celebrities, politicians, monarchs and other influential figures.

Our Reviews Of The Top 10 Creed Cologne

Creed Green Irish Tweed

This first entry in the list is one of the characteristic aromas of House of Creed. This colony reached the market for the first time in 1985, but decades later, it is still sold as hot bread because of its classic and outstanding aroma. It is a great success among the crowd of celebrities, but it also attracts everyone.

Creed Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed smells a lot like it looks, as if you had been transported to the Irish countryside in the spring.

It is fresh, fun and fruity at the same time that it is balanced with a bit of romance.

Creed calls it its “classic and distinguished” woody / fresh fragrance.

The top notes of Green Irish Tweed include lemon and mint verbena which gives it its famous citrus aroma. The middle note contains violet leaves, while the base note is ambergris, iris and sandalwood. It has a moderate chair and the smell will really come when it is sprayed recently, but soon after it becomes a softer and more fruity fragrance. A delicate balance between citrus, floral and woody is achieved that makes Green Irish Tweed different and simply unforgettable.

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What I love about Green Irish Tweed

It is a very masculine fragrance, but in a gentle way. It is not too bold or intimidating, it is actually quite refined, elegant and stimulating. Green Irish Tweed feels simple and strong at the same time: it is this complexity that makes it a versatile option for most men.

You can take this colony from day to night, from work to night, from spring to winter. It shines particularly on special occasions and formal events due to its relaxed but refined essence. If you want to transmit an effortless sophistication, Green Irish Tweed is one that you should consider.

What could be better

The seminal essence of Creed is loved by many, but some find that it lacks intensity. It also has a very mature feel that may seem antiquated for some people (but timeless for others). Some reviewers also commented that it has a strong and slightly unpleasant smell of grass when you open the bottle for the first time.

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Millesime Imperial Spray

Millesime Imperial is another of Creed’s citrus fragrances, but with a completely different personality. Inspired by the shores of Sicilian beaches, this perfume is warm, light and absolutely luxurious. The real bottle, accented in gold, reveals how relaxing and juicy this fragrance actually is.

Creed Millesime Imperial

This fragrance is a combination of wood, musk, citrus and marine elements that come together to create an idyllic image: relax on a beautiful and exotic beach on a hot summer afternoon.

The main notes consist of a citrus blend of bergamot orange, lemon and green tangerine; The middle note is simply iris.

The base notes of sandalwood, amber and musk complete this refreshing and fascinating aroma. Some people say that they also smell touches of watermelon and sea salt, which further improves the oceanic environment.

Due to the warm and invigorating scent, Millesime Imperial works best when used during the day or summer.

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What I love about Millesime Imperial

This fragrance is particularly unique because it is fun, light and fresh. This is the kind of fragrance you use on an informal day. I think it adds a touch of warmth and fantasy to any outfit. Set it up to work and you will feel your energy vibrate throughout the day. It is versatile enough to take you to a relaxed bar, a casual restaurant or a wedding in the garden. Nor is it too vibrant, but subtle and silent. Millesime Imperial is perfect for both men and women who want something more windy and fruity to spend the day.

What could be better

This scent is really the best for those days not so serious, so it is not the smartest option for more sophisticated occasions. It could also be a bit too powerful for some, with the sweetness becoming more noticeable as the higher note disappears.

Silver Mountain Water Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the tribulations of the sixth generation perfumer Olivier Creed in the Swiss Alps, Silver Mountain Water perfectly evokes the feeling of being in the high cold altitudes. Spraying this makes you feel ready for your next adventure.

Creed Silver Mountain

Versatile and stimulating, the fragrance profile of Silver Mountain Water leans towards fresh, green notes that give it a new life.

It’s great, metallic, sporty and a little playful.

This best-seller helps keep you cool in the spring and summer or accentuates the cold autumn/winter atmosphere.

The main notes include bergamot, tangerine and neroli (or bitter orange flowers). Following are the middle notes of green tea and blackcurrant buds. Silver Mountain Water ends with a base note of musky sandalwood that feels milky and modern at the same time.

Like the cold mountain breeze, there is a bit of a bite with Silver Mountain Water. The high notes feel sharp before the fragrance becomes a calming and more natural green.

Silver Mountain Water can be used by both men and women.

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What I love about Silver Mountain Water

Another popular Creed bestseller, Silver Mountain Water does not disappoint. This is a great option for the adventurer in you. It is quite casual but very light and clean. Some people think that it almost has a soapy quality, like a refreshing and energizing shower. Maybe I would describe it better as “shocking”, but it is an interesting aroma to see even its final notes because it changes a lot but at the same time so perfectly.

What could be better

For the price, Silver Mountain Water does not last as long as it could. Most people find that the odor disappears in about 6-7 hours after spraying.

Another concern is much more subjective. Some people felt as if they were on the top of an icy mountain while they were carrying it (much like Olivier Creed’s intention) and described it as stimulating, fresh and exciting. Others felt that it reminded them more of a dark and rainy day. The experience you could get from this colony could be radically different from what I have described.

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Aventus Creed Millesime Spray

Although it was launched recently in 2010, Aventus quickly reached the top and became Creed’s most coveted scent. The unique blend of scents was carefully crafted in Creed’s laboratory in Paris by the father-son tandem Olivier and Erwin.

Creed Aventus

If I had to guess why it is so successful, I would say that it is because it perfectly embodies the legendary and unpredictable character on which it was inspired.

Creed wanted to create a perfume that celebrated the vigor, strength and power of an emperor.

The ideal man (or woman) of Aventus is one who is motivated, ambitious, dynamic, daring and is prepared to face any challenge that life presents.

The top notes are bergamot, black currant leaves, apple and pineapple. The middle notes are blueberries, birch, patchouli and jasmine. Finally, the final notes include musk, oak moss, ambergris and sensual vanilla.

Aventus is many things: decadent. Romantic. Surprising Creed achieved a balance between the massive appeal and the sophisticated complexity of specialized perfumes. The smell has become so popular that others have tried to imitate but have not been able to replicate the depth and power of the original.

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What I love about Aventus

Aventus is truly the perfect male mix. It’s intoxicating and sophisticated, so you can feel safe if you’re on a romantic night or a formal event. The sweet and fruity notes are perfectly balanced by the low and earthy tones. No collection of fragments is complete without a bottle of Aventus. In addition, it only improves with age; Many people have discovered that their Aventus smells and performs even better a few months after buying it.

If you are on the fence about which Creed colony is the best for you, you really can not go wrong with the beloved Aventus.

What could be better

The biggest disadvantage is that it is so popular, there are probably thousands or millions of other types that use this same aroma, so much for being original! It also tends to have an overwhelming smell when sprayed for the first time.

Some reviewers say that they love the aroma, the inconsistent performance, the great variations in the lots and the availability of “best” options in the same price range that still do not justify the high cost.

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Original Santal Spray for Unisex

This unisex fragrance was inspired by Indian splendor. While he may feel very strong and masculine, he adapts well to a powerful woman who has a dominant and sensual presence. The original Creed Santal is robust, warm, woody and spicy, perfect for the fall and holiday season.

Creed Original Santal

The high notes are easily recognizable as orange, ginger and lemon. The middle notes (lavender, mint, rosemary, blueberries) are more aromatic, but still have a bit of kicking. Original Santal ends in some very strong wood base notes such as sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, benzoin, ambergris and Tonkin musk.

It definitely falls under a “hot” fragrance, or something that feels warm and hot. What you get is a mixture of “relax by the fire at Christmas” and “wander through the exotic East.” With Original Santal, you can feel wild, fun and free no matter where you are.

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What I love about original Santal

Call me impartial, but I can not get enough aromatic and spicy fragrance. I think the notes of cinnamon and sandalwood make this a perfect night perfume for both men and women.

The quality of the ingredients really shines here. While there are similar and cheaper options, Creed Original Santal gains in depth, sophistication and subtlety.

What could be better

It seems that this smell will not have much use throughout the year. It works best at a specific time of day, temperature and season. The cold winter mornings or the cold autumn nights are the ideal point for the Santal Original to do its magic without feeling too hot.

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Original Vetiver for Men

The original Creed Vetiver is distinguished by reinventing the traditional vetiver fragrance. Instead of using only part of the vetiver plant, it incorporates all three parts for a stronger, richer and more earthy aroma. Vivacious and sophisticated, this is a fresh fragrance that you will not want to miss.

Creed Original Vetiver

Creed successfully put a modern twist on an old classic, so it feels strangely familiar but at the same time unique.

Original Vetiver feels genuinely timeless because of this.

It is fresh, clean, light, with a touch of spices. It is an excellent choice for the day, spring evenings or relaxed informal outings.

The main notes of Creed that are included are the leaves of bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin and vetiver for that added freshness. That eventually gives way to notes of white pepper, cilantro and blueberries, followed by the baseline of sandalwood, plus vetiver, ambergris and Tonkin musk. It also has a kick of gingery that gives a warm and sensual touch.

This 2004 blend is a subtle and sweet explosion of citrus and zest that turns into a vintage musk. Spray in the morning to awaken your senses and prepare for your day. Original Vetiver is ideal for men or women who want to feel serious and sophisticated at work, at home or anywhere else.

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What I love about the original vetiver

The main supports to Creed for taking something of a common smell and turning it into something of their own. The original Vetiver recalls the striking vintage colonies without feeling derivative. It’s much more adult than some of the other fragrances on this list; It feels like the mark of a true gentleman. It emits a clean, fresh scent to the shower that feels natural, instead of an overwhelming and obviously artificial smell.

What could be better

Fans of the traditional aroma of vetiver may be surprised at how delicate and subtle vetiver is in this fragrance. The vetiver is combined with the rest of the citrus and spicy notes. Some people think it really feels and smells too clean, without the earthy warmth of the traditional essence of vetiver.

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Himalaya Millesime Spray

I would consider the Himalayas as the mysterious and exotic cousin of Silver Mountain Water. It is not a surprise, considering that Olivier Creed created this scent to be nostalgic for his rise through the Tibetan mountains. Where the Silver Mountain water is energetic, Himalaya is tenuous. You can also consider it as green Irish Tweed but covered with snow.

Creed Himalaya

Creed seems to imagine that the Himalayan man is intrepid, confident and robust.

A man, so to speak, one who enjoys the outdoors. Himalaya goes well with the coldest months of autumn, winter and early spring.

The main notes include bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and tangerine.

The middle notes are composed of blueberries, nutmeg, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and pepper. This elegant fragrance closes with Creed’s ambergris, musk and tonka bean.

Himalaya achieves a balance between being adventurous and being harmonious. One critic described it as the feeling of melting the snow. If you want to feel like you’re walking through a wooded mountain every day, look no further than Himalaya by Creed.

What I love about Himalaya

It’s pretty subtle, but I like how Himalaya is a variation of the other famous Creed scents. It is obvious that they are trying to create complex and nuanced fragrances that evoke completely different emotions to suit a wide range of personalities.

Himalaya is much less intrusive and more complete than similar smells. It may not be as striking as other scents, but it suits people with a quiet and reserved nature.

What could be better

Projection and longevity are simply decent, especially considering the price. Some people do not think that the simplicity of the fragrance is worth hundreds of dollars, especially when it reminds them of the barbershop shaving foam instead of the luxury cologne.

Royal Water Eau De Parfum

Royal Water is a classic and stimulating scent for the modern gentleman or lady. It was inspired by the new generation of young people of royalty that is reflected in its balance of vibrant, energetic tones and discreet glamor. It’s feels incredibly pure, honest, natural and light, without ever being boring. It almost feels like you’re not wearing perfume!

Creed Royal Water

The top notes consist of verbena, lemon, tangerine, clementine, bergamot and mint. The middle notes consist of basil, pepper, cumin and blueberries.

The base notes of the signature Creed of ambergris and musk Tonkin also make their appearance, of course.

Royal Water performs well throughout the year, but fits better in the breeze of spring and summer.

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What I love about Royal Water

Elegant enough to be your signature scent, Royal Water is an olfactory masterpiece. The mixture is not too strong, too citrus, or too musky. It is the perfect combination to use anywhere, at any time. It is quite easy to use and complements almost all personalities.

Even if it feels light and airy to use, the fragrance surprisingly lasts a long time. You can get solid wear for 7 to 8 hours before the base notes begin to fade. This is a testament to the high quality of the ingredients and the Creed infusion process.

What could be better

It seems that there are two versions that are sold in the market with potentially different reformulations. The other version that floats around has more floral high notes, reminiscent of geranium or hyacinth. This could be a problem of incorrect labeling or just a bad imitation, but it is worth looking out.

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Creed Virgin Island Water

Personally, I was excited to review Creed’s Virgin Island Water because it is the most unique and adventurous of all. It really captures the spirit of an uplifting tropical paradise. A dew and you will find yourself hanging in the beautiful Caribbean, enjoying the sun and having some cocktails.

Creed Virgin Island Water

The top notes are white bergamot, lime and tangerine.

The middle notes are hibiscus, ylang-ylang and Indian jasmine.

There is no ambergris in this one. Instead, Creed includes Tonkin musk and tropical wood for base notes.

The strong fragrance of coconut and lime can be masculine or feminine, depending on who uses it. It is definitely a pleasure for the crowd. This is a great refreshing summer scent for warmer climates with high humidity.

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What I love about the water of the Virgin Islands

The smell is beautiful, creamy and drunk. It is well balanced, it is not too sweet and it has a nice musky drying. I have an extraordinary career while using this. The vibrant energy of summer is contagious! Virgin Island Water is ideal for young and young at heart.

What could be better

Some people experience limited projection and longevity with this, with performance as low as 1 to 2 hours.

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Erolfa Pour Homme

To the Creed family, he sure likes his trips. Another entry to the world fragrance line is Erolfa, a fragrance that makes you feel nostalgic for the Mediterranean. This was elaborated with nautical notes that could attract the family.

Erolfa Pour Homme By Creed

The top notes are bergamot, lemon, orange, violet, cumin, basil, rosemary and melon. The middle notes are cyclamen, jasmine, ginger and coriander.

The final notes of Erolfa are cedar wood, sandalwood, ambergris, moss and musk.

Erolfa is perfect for the modern, affectionate, generous, fun and adventurous father.

It is relatively similar to the Imperial Millesime but much more masculine and sublime. Everyone agrees that the use of ambergris here is an absolute genius. It really transmits the serene nostalgia to see how the waves of the ocean collide with the rocks and turn into fog.

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What I love about Erolfa

Erolfa captures the ocean environment better than any other scent in the market. In fact, they are leagues beyond their nearest competitor, thanks to the impressive balance, the carefully crafted formulation and the high quality ingredients.

What could be better

Without this particular flaw, Erolfa could have been the perfect masterpiece for Creed. I would say that the Erolfa has a weak or moderate performance in both the projection department and the longevity department.

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Why You Should Choose Creed Cologne Over Other Brands Of Cologne

With literally thousands of other fragrances on the market (some of them at a significantly cheaper price), why should I buy Creed? Here are the main reasons to splurge a bit on this luxury colony.


The use of Creed perfume marks him as a man or a woman of sophisticated tastes. The brand is leagues above cheap perfumes and designer in terms of status. Only people with class and modern use Creed, and you can be one of them. Also, knowing that you are using an excellent and high-quality colony will inspire you to feel more secure and confident.


The House of Creed is a renowned fragrance designer who has produced incredible perfumes for hundreds of years. The purchase of the Creed colony allows you to enter into a centennial tradition of excellence and elegance. According to Emmanuel Saujet, co-founder and CEO of International Cosmetics & Perfumes, “The experience you get from using the scent [Creed] is that you’re part of the story.”


While others may try to imitate, no one else can capture the fragrances in the same way as the House of Creeds. They are the only fashion house in the modern era that still uses the infusion technique to highlight complex, high-quality aromas. They also have some incredibly talented noses on the staff, including the sixth Creed scion, Olivier.


The name of Credo is synonymous with history and excellence. All of its fragrances are designed by experts to meet the highest industry standards. They only use the best rare natural ingredients when they make their original creations. When you buy Creed, you can expect an aroma that is both timeless and modern.


These perfumes are designed to last a long time, even without constant re-spritzing. Because Creed uses a high concentration of hand-selected essential oils (up to 25% in their Eau de perfum formulas), base notes can persist up to 24 hours after spraying. Even your most “watery” budget colonies can last more than 6 hours due to the quality of the oils.


Creed produces aromas for both men and women, but they also have unisex options that combine both masculine and feminine energies. Whether you like the deep and aromatic, or that is clean and fresh, there is a Creed scent that best fits your personality.

You will have more than enough options to choose from and you will be able to obtain different perfumes for different seasons, occasions or even hours of the day. Finally, Creed is available in different price points to serve a wider audience.

Why Creed Cologne Is So Expensive

There are many reasons to love the Creed colony, but the price is the biggest thing that gets in the way for most people. With many of its retail fragrances for hundreds of dollars, Creed easily outweighs the cost of other perfumes by well-known designers. There are not many people who can afford this high price, but it is part of what makes Creed so coveted and exclusive.

For the right buyer, Creed is a worthy investment. They have been creating high quality perfumes since the 1700s, so they have ultra refined techniques and formulas. Unlike the cheap colonies of a note on the market, Creed’s aromas are unusual, distinct and complex. I can describe your fragrances as elegant, elegant and dressed, perfect for special occasions or when you want to feel like a million dollars.

The traditional infusion technique used by Creed extracts the natural essence of its aromatics. It takes a lot of time, money and material to produce even the smallest amount of essence, but it does not have the artificial or muted fragrance of the aromas replicated in the laboratory. This, along with the purest ingredients, produces a strong, genuine and totally natural fragrance that far exceeds any synthetic imitation.

Finally, people are willing to pay a premium for something sophisticated, elegant and high class. The Creed brand is associated with prestige, glamor. When you buy Creed, you are part of an exclusive club whose members include high profile celebrities, influential public figures and even royalty.

How To Choose The Right Scent For You

Unlike striking costumes or hairstyles that stand out, the right fragrance is a subtle but striking way to show your personality. Each person is unique, so the best Creed colony will be different for everyone. These are some of the things you should consider when choosing the right colony for you.


Your scent should be combined with your style, your manners, and your general ambiance. Think of the words that describe you. Are you strong, bold, strong? Are you masculine and robust? Sexy? Playful? Or are you more subtle, introverted? Your cologne must match your wardrobe and your personality to get the best fit.


The composition is just an elegant way of saying that you should like the aromas and ingredients that make up your perfume. Each bottle is a special mixture of smells that differentiate it from any other product. Manufacturers will often describe “notes,” such as floral, citrus or earthy, to help you choose the one you like, but do not always rely on the product description. In case of doubt, follow your nose.


In the same way that you would wear different clothes for work, a romantic date, a business meeting that will change career, a casual day and a sophisticated event with a black tie, you could also use different scents. Some colonies are more versatile than others, while others are designed to adapt and improve a specific environment or occasion.


You can use the perfume you want when you want, but some scents are designed to complement the season or the weather. Floral lighter and brighter, citrus notes naturally go well with spring or summer days, while dark, musky and spicy aromas are favorites for the fall/winter months.


Like everything else, trends come and go. The perfume industry is no exception. A decade will see the increase of flashy smells, while the next could see the opposite. If you already know the general “family” of aromas you are targeting, it will be easier for you to select an aroma according to its date of manufacture.

In addition, perfumes are manufactured and sold in batches, and a perfume manufactured in 2010 may have a slightly different scent of the same type manufactured in 2018. This is especially true in the process involved in the creation of Creed colonies since the natural ingredients never They are exactly the same.

Projection & Longevity

The term “project” only means how far it will travel or “project” the smell of your colony. The people around you, even a few meters away, will smell a stronger perfume. Others are more subtle and will only be noticed by someone nearby.

Longevity describes how long the perfume lasts after spraying. Depending on the type of perfume, it can last from less than an hour to more than 24 hours with just one spray.

Tips For Buying And Using Creed Cologne

  • Read the comments and do your research before committing to a Creed colony. It is not an insignificant amount of money, so it is better to be safe.
  • Do not trust other people’s comments; Test the fragrance yourself. Perfumes are designed to work and adapt to your natural scent, so some colognes that smell amazingly good on your friends may not smell good on you.
  • If you can not decide which one you like, do not spend hundreds of dollars on a full-size bottle. Creed offers sample sets at an affordable price. You can choose 3 fragrances that interest you, take them home and try them.
  • Less is more. Do not apply the perfumes excessively or else it will become too overwhelming. A dab or two will suffice, and will only be reapplied when absolutely necessary.
  • Learn to apply the colony correctly. Do not spray your clothes, do not rub the perfume on your skin, do not spray in the air and walk in the fog, that’s just a waste of product.

Creed Cologne FAQ

What Is A Millesime?
The word “Millesime” means vintage in French, but Creed uses it to indicate that the perfume uses rare ingredients of high quality. It is equivalent in strength to the standard of the Eau de perfume industry.
Know The Differences: Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, And Parfum.
A perfume can come in different “configurations”, most commonly in eau de toilette and Eau de Perfume. They can use similar formulations and fragrances (and even go by the same name), but there is still a very important distinction between these labels.

The main difference between colonies, EDT, EDPs and perfume is the concentration of essential oils. The higher the concentration, the stronger the smell and the more expensive the perfume. Fragrances have the strongest concentration at 20-30%, and the odor can last more than a day. Eau de perfume is a level lower than 10-15% with a longevity of five to eight hours.

The EDT has an essential oil concentration of 3-8% and can often last for a few hours without a new application. The colonies are the most diluted formulations and can evaporate in less than an hour. Creed’s EDP formulas contain 18-25% essential oils, while their EDTs are 7-9%.

What Are Fragrance Notes?
The scent of a perfume is created by mixing “notes”. The notes are basically the individual aromas that make up the general smell. There are three levels of notes: top, middle and base. The top notes are also called opening or head notes.

When you open a bottle of perfume for the first time, you will immediately notice the main notes. While the first notes are your first impression, they often disappear after one or two hours to make room for the middle notes. The top notes are often citrus, fruity or aromatic. The middle notes (also known as heart notes) add more depth to the perfume.

These last longer, around 3 to 5 hours, and are usually nice and round. The middle notes are often floral, fruity, spicy or green. The base notes, the final layer, remain even long after the other notes have evaporated. This is usually the most durable note with the most body. Most base notes can be described as woody, sweet, rich or musky.

These three notes are essential for any linear perfume where the aromas change over time. There are also non-linear perfumes where the aroma remains the same in everything.

How Do I Apply Cologne? Can I use all Oral-B brush replacement head refills with my specific Oral-B model?
The way it gets colony is the second after the kind of colony you use.

Apply it correctly and you can maximize the fragrance, highlight the complexity of the notes and make your perfume last longer. The best way to apply cologne is to do it after a hot shower.

Hold the spray at a distance of 3 to 6 inches from your body and lightly spray your chest, neck, and wrists. You can also apply a stronger perfume to the Creed way: spray your favorite Creed cologne three times on the inside of your wrists. While it is still wet, lightly apply the pulse points, such as the back of the neck and behind the ears.

How Do I Make My Cologne Last?
The creeds themselves recommend that you moisten your skin before applying the scent. If you start with a layer of body lotion or oil (especially if the lotion/oil has the same notes), you can increase the strength and longevity of your cologne.


Creed can be an expensive item, especially if you’re used to the cheapest fragrances, but most of them are worth every dollar spent. Find the right one and you will have a reliable colony for life. This guide can not decide which Creed colony is best for you, but it can provide you with the knowledge necessary to make the right decision.

If you want a proven fragrance (and do not mind looking for a popular scent), Aventus is your best choice. If the most spicy and sensual is your speed, try the Original Santal. For a vibrant and sunny smell, you can choose between Erolfa or Virgin Island Water.

Remember that finding the perfect fragrance is a journey; Do not be afraid to make mistakes, try new things and mix them from time to time!

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