Best Cordless Water Flosser

Best Cordless Water Flosser Reviews 2019-Key to Pearly White Smiles

Best Cordless Water Flosser Reviews 2019-Travel, Leisure and Effective Oral Hygiene


Are you looking for Best Cordless Water Flosser 2019. Now Let’s start the deeply review and comparison.

If you are tired of being scolded by your dentist for not flossing during each revision, then it is time to change that. A cordless water cord is the perfect solution for those who want to floss faster and easier than the traditional method.

The use of a water thread can eliminate up to 99.9% of the plaque between teeth that have the potential to become decayed. You can also reduce the general plaque in the mouth by 51%, so it is definitely an investment worth doing.

Now that you understand the need for these useful gadgets, how do you choose one? I have used many of these products over the years and I have a definitive list of products to share with you.

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Water Flosser (Editor’s Choice)

Specification Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Water Flosser 
Flossing tips4
Flossing Capacity45 seconds
Pressure controlYes (45-75 PSI)
Quick chargeYes
Tip rotationYes, 360 Degree
Pulses1250 per minute
Effective forPlaque Removal & Healthier Gums
ADA ApprovedYes
Warranty2 Years
LED indicatorYes (battery)
Dimensions:11.6 x 2.8 x 4 inches
Universal VoltageYes
PriceCheck price

Corded vs Cordless-Which is Better?

Corded Version:

In this version, you will get a large reservoir to contain all the water that will act as dental floss. It will give you a longer flossing time. Dentists recommend that you floss for at least 90 seconds. That results in the need for a large water tank on your wired dental floss.

Flossing can also sit on the counter as a reminder for flossing. With a cable version, the person who flosses can have more control over intensity and speed. Those with orthotics can use less intensity and still get a clean mouth.

Cordless Flosser:

The cord has a smaller reservoir, but it is easy to take it to the shower. In the shower, you can floss without flushing the entire sink. It is a simple matter to fill the deposit if necessary, too. Simply open the reservoir and add water to start the flossing process again.

Wireless cord can be easily taken on vacation, too. If you travel frequently, there is no reason why you can not floss every day with your water line. Most wireless flossers have a charger and a travel case included for the purpose of travel.

Both types of flosser are designed to clean the gums, remove plaque and cure sensitivities inside the mouth. However, wireless flossers are more essential when it comes to travel and portability.

When traveling, ideally, look for a portable but powerful, rechargeable and long-lasting flosser. This is where the wireless flossers give you the freedom to choose.

Final Battle-Corded vs Cordless

There are wired and cordless water line options, and the latter has a rechargeable or single-use battery.

Personally, I prefer to use a wireless flosser because it is more convenient and you do not have to worry about where to plug it. near water for safety reasons.

With the wireless flosser, you must be sure to charge them or have new batteries ready for use. In general, they do not take long to load for single use and once they are fully charged, they last a long time.

Acquiring the habit of using them before going to bed and placing them in a charger when finished will mean that you will not run out of battery.

Best Cordless Water Flosser Comparison Table

Waterpik WP-560 (Editor’s choice)3`445 sec2 yrCheck price
Waterpik freedom WF-032330 sec1 yrCheck price
Pure daily care with dental kit3440 sec1 yrCheck price
Electric dental oral irrigator3460 sec1 yrCheck price
Greenvida oral irrigator3435 secn/aCheck price
Waterpik WP-360W1230 sec1 yrCheck price
VAVA dental flosser3345 sec2 yrCheck price
Poseidon Portable flosser3235 sec1 yrCheck price
Philips Sonicare airfloss1260 sec2 yrCheck price
Panasonic EW-DJ10-A3140 sec2 yrCheck price

Top 10 Cordless Water Flosser Reviews

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Key features 

The best portable water line will have a generous water tank for uninterrupted cleaning. This has 45 seconds of washing capacity with water. It is easy to open and refill while in the shower or in front of the sink as well. It is easy to hold in your hand without being too heavy, so it is a good balance between water and portable use.

There are 4 tips for flossing included with this floss. There are 2 classic jet tips, one for orthodontics and another for plate search. The flosser comes with a case to store the tips when they are not in use. Along with storage, there is a microfiber travel bag and a water stopper for traveling.

While this flosser does not have a USB charger, it does have one that can be used anywhere in the world. The charger is magnetically connected to ensure that the waterproof design is not compromised. It only takes 4 hours to fully charge the device. That charge will last a long time. Simply plug it back in when you need a quick charge.

There are 3 configurations for variable pressure control. All those controls are available in the handle. It is simply a matter of pressing the button. The handle also has a LED indicator that tracks battery life, so you’ll know when to recharge it.

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My impressions 

This model has an incredibly high quality, as soon as you take it out of the box, you will feel that it is well designed. Although the reservoir is quite large, you will not feel that it is getting in your way when you use it. I love the fact that it is rechargeable and that it does not take long to reach a full charge.

There is a small handbag that comes with the flosser and it really makes a difference to keep it clean while you travel. This is a step above some of the others on my list and is one of the best wireless water line options.

The chrome finish and fine tips make it a pleasure to use, whether you are used to using these tools or want to go directly to the highest level. I like the fact that you have a lot to do and can choose how to use it, with all the tips you need for a variety of cleanings. It is a bit more delicate than some of the clumsier models, which is important when it comes to cleaning the mouth. This will also prevent your hand from getting tired as much as you use it.

What could be better

This flosser is a bit more striking, if you are looking for a more basic model, it may not be the right one for you.

  • Fast charging, magnetic system.
  • Battery LED indicator.
  • Pressure control for various speeds.
  • Rotation of the tip of 360 degrees.
  • Includes 4 tips with storage.
  • Includes travel bag and plug.

  • The 3 configurations are not as powerful as a cable modem can be.

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Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

Key features 

The Freedom water thread has a medium-sized tank for cleaning. It is a 30-second flosser that can be easily filled more than once. The compact size of the reservoir and the handle itself means you can easily travel with this dental floss. It also will not take up much space in your suitcases when you fly.

It’s a waterproof design, so you can take it to the shower. This facilitates the use of dental floss in different ways. Avoid splashing in the bathroom since it is in the shower anyway. This makes it easier to fill the reservoir if you have not finished using your floss.

There are two pressure modes for this flosser; soft and normal The soft mode is for those who are new to washing with water. This mode is also ideal for people with sensitive teeth or gums.

The cord does not come with a charging cable. There is no need to load this at all. It comes with 3 AA batteries. When you need more power, simply replace the batteries. They will probably have to be replaced every few months. It will depend on the quality of the batteries chosen.

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My impressions 

Waterpik is a well-known manufacturer of these items, so this is a product that has been created with years of experience. They give you additional advice and the fact that the pressure can be varied makes it ideal even for those who have sensitive gums. If you have rejected my high pressure options in the past, then experiment with this.

The design is a little bulky, it is not heavy, but the large water tank means that the product is a little larger than what you are used to. I discovered that this seemed like a big problem at first, but when I got used to using it, I forgot it. I like the larger water tank, especially for longer sessions of high pressure cleaning.

The orthodontic tip is ideal for those who have braces or implants. This gives you an additional layer of flexibility, depending on what you want to use for your teeth. I like the fact that you receive these additional tips to make sure that all users are covered and do not have to buy specialized flossers. The capacity of the reservoir lasts around 30 seconds, so it is more than enough to use the product completely.

What could be better

Personally, I prefer a rechargeable battery instead of a single use, but this is more of a personal preference than a necessity.

  • Compact and portable design.
  • Of batteries.
  • Waterproof for use in the shower.
  • Two pressure modes for versatility in flossing.
  • Three tips included.
  • Travel bag and plug.

  • The 30-second deposit may seem a bit small for some people.

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Pure daily care water flosser

Key features

This flosser is quite powerful, with a total of three configurations to select. The reservoir has a capacity of 150 ml, which is large enough to continue functioning in the long term. The exact amount of time you will get from this time will depend on the pressure setting you use.

Inside the package, you will get four tips and a dental care kit as well. This allows you to look towards oral health, with a mirror to check any part of the mouth that may have been lost.

My impressions

When I opened this flosser, I was immediately surprised by all the different things you get with it. You will get four different tips, a travel case and a dental care kit. This is a lot of additional tools, but it is up to you whether you feel you need them or not.

The tips are also color-coded, so if you plan to share this tool with other people in the home, you can know who is using what advice. If you are trying to encourage your children to use a trickle of water, then this can be an excellent choice, as they can choose which one they want to use. It has certainly been a pleasure with the children in our house!

The size of the flosser also makes it good for children, whether they use it alone or if an adult is helping. If you are using the higher pressure setting, you may have to fill the tank a couple of times during cleaning.

This is really an impressive package of dental care tools, which is great for those who really want the complete package.

What could be better

There are many additional things included with this product, but you may not need everything for your dental care.

Electric dental water flosser

Key features

This product comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts a long time between charges. It has a long-range mouthpiece, which has been designed to reach all areas of the mouth, without gaps. There are four nozzles included in the package, the flosser is also programmed with different pressure levels.

The capacity of the reservoir is 180 ml, which will last between 1 and 2 minutes in different pressure settings. It also comes with a small travel bag that can be used to carry the product wherever you go.

Check Price on Amazon

My impression

It is possible that this is not the most striking product or that it has the most accessories, but it certainly does the job. I only had to fill the thread once for a complete cleaning that varied from medium to high pressure. I tried the product for a couple of weeks and only had to charge it once during that time, so both capacities are quite large.

A USB charger is included with the product and the LED light on the front indicates when the product is fully charged. It was easy for me to get used to using this and putting it in the charger when I needed it.

The flosser is really powerful in the highest setting, which perhaps was too much for my teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to go with a lower setting, since this is really strong!

What could be better

I really enjoyed using this product and I thought it was the best wireless waterline for the cost, since it is not as expensive as some of the other options available I think this offers a good value for money and a decent option for a product Entry-level.

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Greenvida electric cordless oral irrigator

Key features

This is a high pressure system that can reach almost every section of your mouth. The waterproof seal around the unit facilitates recharging when you are not using it. It comes with a bag for the product and also a USB charger and adapter. The loading of this product takes approximately eight hours and a single charge can last up to two weeks.

The product comes with four different tips to use and also a travel bag. The water tank can hold up to 150 ml of water, depending on the configuration you use, this may take a few minutes. The device has 3 preprogrammed settings, ranging from low to high pressure.

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My impression

I really enjoyed using this product, since the design feels very good when you’re using it. Some of these products may feel bulky, especially when they are full of water, but this is not one of them. The first time I used it, I ended up pouring water everywhere, since I did not realize how high the high blood pressure really was!

My dentist really noticed a difference in my hygiene when using this product, since it was obviously eliminating the bacteria! The jets of rotating tip mean that you do not miss any part of your mouth, my wisdom teeth were very happy to have a good cleaning thanks to this water cleaner.

Again it comes with four tips, to share or just to keep you. I felt a difference in using this product from the first day, as my teeth began to feel as clean as they are with the dentist. The small bag that came with it meant he could also save it for the next family vacation, so there were no excuses not to floss at that time!

What could be better

I really liked this product, however, it may not be suitable for those who need a lower pressure setting or a softer pulsation.

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Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-360W

Key features

The 360W reservoir provides more than 30 seconds of water by pressing against your teeth and gums. It’s easy to fill and easy to clean, too. With a 30-second deposit, you may have to refill the tank to get more time.
Waterpik-Waterflosser WP-360w

Filling a wireless dental floss tank is easy when it is water resistant like this. All you have to do is open the tank and let the spray fill it. You are flossing again in a few moments. The waterproof thread can be used in the shower to reduce cleaning time. Even so, you will be taking care of your oral hygiene needs.

There are two configurations and two flosser tips included with this flosser. The pressure ranges between 45 and 75 psi. There is a smooth mode and a normal mode. You and your spouse could share this thread, as it comes with two tips. You two can choose the mode that works best for you personally.

This compact and portable design means it is ideal for traveling and will look equally good on your counter if you never take it out of the bathroom. The design uses the smallest footprint possible. If you have a small bathroom, this will be a good flosser for you.

My impression

I have used a good number of Waterpik flipsers over the years and this has to be one of my favorites. I feel that it offers a good mid-point between its cheaper and more expensive models. As you take it out of the packaging, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much this offers you.

Although the capacity is only 30 seconds per padding, you will find that it is easy enough to fill this between the upper and lower teeth. I really enjoyed using this product, my only problem would be the lack of LED lighting on the front to alert you when it is fully charged.

It’s incredibly durable and it really does not seem to be cheap at all. The case is quite thick, but you will not find that this gets in your way while you are using it. The tip allows you to enter each part of the mouth, with the high pressure that allows you to access those difficult-to-reach sections.

It may not be the top of the line model, but this is more than the work you need to do.

What could be better

The addition of an LED light on the front would be ideal to inform you when the product is fully charged.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of the plate.
  • Tips included for smooth or normal use.
  • Two modes for a variety of cleaning.
  • More than 30 seconds of water capacity.
  • 360 degree rotation to clean the posterior teeth.
  • Portable and compact for travel.
  • The package includes a quick start guide.
  • It can only be used in North America due to voltage concerns.

VAVA Cordless Water Flosser

Key features 

This modern dental floss is one of the best on my list. It has three jet tips included and three different configurations to use as well. This makes this product suitable for all users, whether you need a massage adjustment or high pressure cleaning.

The deposit in this thread is easy to clean. That is an important part of any wireless flosser. Lime and bacteria can accumulate in a water tank unless they are cleaned regularly. With this large opening, filling and cleaning are equally easy to perform. It will contain 200 ml of water, which is equivalent to about 50 seconds of flossing.

There are 3 cleaning modes with this flosser. Before starting the water flow, choose the intensity you want. There is soft, standard and massage. Gentle will provide less water flow for those who have sensitive teeth. Standard is the one that you will use daily when you do not need the sensitive option. The massage mode is good for the gums.

The tip of the floss is placed in your mouth before the water flows. There is a simple but effective design element with this thread. It has counterflow prevention technology. This will keep your unit clean and free of bacteria from your mouth. It is also waterproof.

This flosser can be charged with a USB charger. This eliminates the need for you to worry about international voltage. It will be charged with the same type of cable as your smartphone or tablet. The charge will last 24 days, which means you may not even have to charge it while traveling.

Check Price on Amazon

My impression

This is one of the most elegant versions I have tried in the course of my reviews of wireless flosser. The bright blue design and pretty buttons mean that you really have a treat when you try this one. It is really one of the most beautiful flossers I have used, although your personal tastes may vary from mine.

When I went through the modes, I discovered that massage was my favorite to use, although it may not be for everyone. The soft and standard modes seemed a bit too weak for my taste, since I felt that they were not cleaning most of the plate as I wanted. However, this will be reduced to what you need, you can enjoy a different cleaning level than the one I use.

The 360-degree tip was a blessing, as it always costs me to reach certain areas of the mouth. However, that is no longer a problem, since this little aquatic thread made all my dreams come true. Some additional tips are even included in case you have to share this product with someone else in your home.

What could be better

Personally, I would love to see even more ways for this model to offer more options for users.

  • IPX7 waterproof design.
  • Three cleaning modes; Soft, normal and pulse.
  • Large opening tank of 200 ml.
  • Rotating tip of 360 degrees.
  • Long-term load.
  • The on / off switch can be pressed accidentally due to placement.

Portable oral Irrigator by Poseidon

Key features

If you are looking for an irrigator with a large tank capacity, this is perfect for you. The ergonomic design means that you can fill it with water, without feeling the tension on your wrist when you are using it. There are a lot of customizable features to experience as well.

The engine is incredibly quiet and runs on a rechargeable battery. It will turn off after the cleaning is finished, so it will conserve energy so you do not have to carry it so often. It comes with a practical charger that you can use with any USB socket.

My impression

The most remarkable thing about this aquatic thread is that it is incredibly silent. At first I did not even think it was on! If you discover that noisier flossers have prevented you from using them, you will like this model.

The flosser contains up to 150 ml of water, depending on the configuration you use that will last up to two minutes. The pulse option on this device is my personal favorite, since I like the way pulses eliminate larger pieces of plate. The normal configuration is excellent to finish, since this will give a good general cleanliness that is brilliant to finish the cleaning.

There is a quick release button on the device that allows you to easily change the tip. I’ve had my fair share of getting advice or, rather, trying, so this button is a welcome addition for me.

You get a charger and a case with your floss, so you can take it with you. The additional tips are also an extra bright that regular users will require. This is a high quality article with many additional extras that I really appreciate a lot.

What could be better

It is possible that the normal configuration is not high enough for users who are used to cleaning with a high-pressure system.

Philips Sonicare airfloss ultra

Key features

Philips is known as the name in oral hygiene and is testing it once again with this product. The Airfloss Ultra is your answer to the water flosser market, which you have tried to enter with style.

It comes with two tips, mouthwash and a charger.

The programmable adjustments in the water thread allow the use of several bursts and pressures. This will allow the device to meet its exact specifications, no matter what they may be.

There is even a color option for those who want their water thread to match their favorite color, be it silver, pink or black.

Check Price on Amazon

My impression

I will be honest, when I found out that this product was from Philips, I expected a lot. I am incredibly happy to report that this article lived up to its good name. With an almost unparalleled variety of options and programs, it’s really a pleasure to use them.

Manufacturers offer a refund if you are not satisfied after 90 days of use, but you will not need it. It is one of the most complete water flossers in the market and if you do not like this one, you probably will not find one that you like.

They recommend that they use this for 60 seconds every day, which will allow it to last up to 2 weeks between each load. The only use of this product after brushing can drastically decrease the risk of cavities and reduce dangerous plaque.

My most used program is the adjustment of the pulse, since it is able to loosen even the most rebellious foods. This is an excellent option for those who want to loosen larger debris before exploding the plate with the highest pressure. It adapts to the entire cleaning program, from start to finish, with great flexibility.

What could be better

You would enjoy some higher pressure settings, as well as pulse settings, for general cleaning

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser

Key features 

The portable flosser is foldable, so it will take up less space in your bag or on your counter. It’s easy to make this work, since it fits in a bag quite easily. The lower part of the thread is removed to facilitate filling. It will give you about 40 seconds of flossing time.

Flossing is waterproof to be used in the shower. It is easy to clean when you can simply wash this thread under running water. It can be filled quickly with the shower sprayer while you are flossing. The waterproof design is definitely a benefit for this flosser.

There are two pressure settings in this portable oral irrigator. In general, it gives 1400 pulses per minute in the normal setting. It is lower for the soft adjustment. The soft can be used by those who have sensitive teeth and gums. It can also be used by children.

It is a unit that does not need a charger or charging time. You need 2 AA batteries that can be changed at any time. With quality batteries, the flosser can be used daily for a few months before needing new ones. It will depend on the manufacturer of the battery.

Check Price on Amazon

My impression

This flosser is definitely one of the most sophisticated products I’ve tried for years, with a really elegant design. This is exactly what I expected from Panasonic, so it is not exactly a big surprise that they have lost their designers in this product.

Actually, testing the product was very easy, although it is definitely necessary to involve more than two speeds. The design is a bit different, since the water chamber is the main part and the peak almost seems a late occurrence. While this gives you a great capacity, it is not always the easiest thing to maneuver in your mouth.

It really is a well-made product and it does not feel cheap in the least. Although it is not the most expensive in the market, it is still very easy to use. With simple controls, you can increase the pulse rate easily, just with a flip of the switch. I’d love to see some additional controls there, too, just to give me that extra degree of flexibility, instead of limiting myself to pulse settings.

What could be better

More configurations and a simpler design may be better for this product since users will really appreciate these options.

  • Foldable design for travel and storage.
  • Two cleaning modes; Normal and soft.
  • 100% waterproof to use in the shower.
  • The deposit can be placed in the dishwasher.
  • Flosser batteries.
  • It only comes with a flosser head.

What do you have to look out for before you buy?

Higher reservoir capacity

You want to use a product that allows you to obtain complete cleaning since you do not want to stop every few minutes to fill the water. Increased water capacity means less time needed to stop and recharge, which in turn means less cleaning time.

Easy pressure control

The movement between the different pressures available should be as simple as pressing a button. Personally, I like water flossers with a range of options that are fairly simple to use while flossing. Whether it’s a switch or a button, I want it to be as easy as possible to move through these modes.


The default modes and outputs also help to facilitate the use of these. The pulsation, for example, pushes small bursts of water into the mouth and eliminates some really large plates and food debris. You can press manually, but if there are options out there with this mode already programmed, this saves you time and effort.

Long battery life and universal voltage flexibility

The use of one of these in the long term is excellent and does not want anything to get in the way of maximum oral hygiene. A long battery means you will not have an excuse for not wanting to floss. A couple of weeks of execution after a charge is what I’m looking for.


You should clean them and you do not want to have to worry about how you do it. Waterproof design is quite essential if you want to keep your floss clean without giving yourself an electric shock. Look for products that are at least water resistant.


Once you get used to using them, you will not want to leave them behind when you travel. A travel case and a compatible plug make a difference when you go abroad with your flosser in tow. Take them with you when you are in motion, since you will start to feel a little disgusting when you stop using them.

Low noise design

I hate really loud flossers, if they squeak and shake, then they are not for me. I tend to prefer models with little noise since you can use them before going to sleep without waking up the whole neighborhood. If you share the bathroom with a partner, you will not want to blame him for waking him up either.

Bonus tips and dental kits

I will always receive a freebie, be it additional tips or a dental kit. If you feel you want to have them for tranquility, look for a flosser that comes with them. This can save you money compared to buying them separately.

Smart timer

If you’re like me, you’re always waiting to get away from dental floss. A built-in timer means you can not escape before your time has expired. These tend to sound or sound when the recommended time is over, so you can go to bed as soon as you do.

Focus on the Gums

The gums can be very sensitive. If your dentist has asked you to use a water filter, it could be due to the onset of gum disease. This means that you should focus on the gums to remove more plaque.

Most wireless flossers have a lower setting for massaging the gums. There are some flossers with a sensitivity setting that will massage. It can be used instead of the extreme pressure that eliminates food.

Strong Against Plaque

A wireless flosser has a ton of power against the board. Food and waste will be removed from between the teeth. That’s where tooth decay can cause serious problems.

The plaque can be found around the gum line, too. In addition to massaging the gums, there are configurations that will also work against the plaque in these areas.


As mentioned above, travel cases and USB chargers are in the best wireless water flossers. They allow you to take your oral hygiene on the road.

There is no reason why you have to neglect your teeth when you are away from home. With a travel case, you keep the flosser clean. You will also have a place for the attachments you may need. The USB charger means that you will not have to worry about the voltage either.

Clinically proven by dental associations

A backup never hurts anyone and a clinical trial really helps me trust a product. If the results have been proven, you are more likely to try it on my own.

How to Get Better Results with a Water Flosser

  • Make sure you have brushed thoroughly and thoroughly before you start with the floss part.
  • Start with water in your dental floss and then move on to a mouth rinse for a second round, which will leave you with fresher breath.
  • Start with the gum line, paying special attention to the areas of sensitivities. You can start with a lower pressure and then move up to a higher one later.
  • Pop the areas between the teeth to dislodge any food or debris that may be lurking.
  • Give a final brush with a wet toothbrush to remove any of these residues from your mouth and sink where appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cordless water flossers safe if you have braces?
Yes, in fact, you can even get some advice, especially to get to them.
Is it safe to use on your gum line?
Yup, just adjust the pressure so that it suits what feels sensitive to your gums.
Can I use mouthwash in cordless water flosser instead of water?
Yes, this can make for a cleaner feel.
Is it safe for kids?
Yes, use lower pressure for children though.
Will it be problematic if wireless water thread is used in sensitive oral health?
No, just choose a flosser that suits your own needs.
How many times can it be used daily?
The recommendation is twice a day, although you can use it more frequently if you want to refresh yourself.


The Best Cordless Water Flosser make your mouth much healthier in a short space of time, so do not delay in dealing with one of these. Read my comments to find one that is perfect for you, then you can start working on your long-term oral health. They make a big difference in your life and it’s evident in the first weeks, so try it out soon.

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