Best Cheap Electric Shaver Under 50 & 100 Dollars 2019

Best Cheap Electric Shaver Under 50 & 100 Dollars 2019-Cheap is best

Best Cheap Electric Shaver Under 50 & 100 Dollars 2019 -TIPS FOR A LIMITED BUDGET

Are you looking for theBest Cheap Electric Shaver tool to shave effectively and without a fuss? The electric shaver is the perfect accessory for you. Fast, simple, but effective.

It can cut or even properly shave his beard or mustache. Very advantageous compared to a regular blade razor, this shaving tool is for all those who do not have much time to maintain their facial hair.

In addition, discomfort such as cuts, redness or irritation is minimized or even nonexistent with respect to the use of an electric Shaver.

Very functional and ergonomic, the electric shaver also ensures total comfort when shaving

However, since there are many criteria to take into account, whether in terms of functionality or also in terms of brands and models, it is often quite difficult to choose the right shaver for everyone. 

To facilitate this and to guide you, we will present here some electric razors that stand out. Discover our selection of electric shavers at a low price but which have received excellent ratings and very good reviews from users.

Top 10 Cheap Electric Shaver under $100 Comparison Chart

Electric Shaver
Top Feature
Philips Aquatouch S5420Four unique shaving elements
YesRotary CheckPrice
Philips S3510 / 06Flexible shaving headsNoRotary CheckPrice
Philips PT860 / 16Optimal precision and control
Wahl Finale ShaverBump-free, close shaving experience
NoFoil CheckPrice
Philips AT830Float pivot-flex shaving system
Braun CoolTecCooling technology cools your skin as you shave
YesFoil CheckPrice
Panasonic Arc 3Uses hypoallergenic Nanotech blades
Foil CheckPrice
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s
Best Rechargeable electric shaverDry onlyFoil CheckPrice

Top 10 Cheap Electric Shaver models under $100 Reviews

Top 10 Cheap Electric Shaver  models under $100

That said, there are some excellent electric shavers out there that will offer great performance and will not leave you bankrupt. Without further ado, here are some of the best electric shavers for less than $100

Philips Aquatouch S5420- Multiprecision Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Philips Aquatouch S5420-

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The Aquatouch S5420 has achieved the position of best electric shaver for being waterproof, shaving efficiently, have interesting technological features and have a recharge time of only 1h.

The design of the S5420 is also a differential, it is very beautiful and fits perfectly in the hand, leaving the task of shaving more comfortable. 

The head of the device is flexible and makes the blades fit the shape of the face, this speeds up the shaving process, leaves less aggressive and more close.

Because it is completely waterproof, it allows you to choose whether to shave dry or using some product. 

For this reason you can also choose to use it in the bath and wash the blades of the appliance with water.

The down side is that you can only use the wireless S5420 while it is charging it is out of order. 

Remembering that it has a “fast charge” function, where you can leave it loading for only 5 minutes to do the beard once.

If you prefer, you can leave the equipment in charge for 1 hour to fully fill your load. So you will have enough energy to keep it on for about 45 min (15 uses).

The Aquatouch S5420 also comes with a number of indicators that make life easier for you, battery charge indicator, low battery indicator, trip lock indicator, cleaning indicator and head change indicator.

Finally, it’s comes as an accessory a modeler that is attached to the body of the shaver.This is five levels and works very well to trim the chops. The mustache and even for those who just want to trim the beard without removing it completely.

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  • Waterproof
  • Fast, close and comfortable shaving
  • 1hour recharge and 45 min operation
  • Five-level modeler included
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Travel Lock Indicator
  • Cleaning indicator
  • Switchover indicator and heads
  • Fast charge (5 min for 1 use)
  • Only works with load (not plugged in)


Philips S3510 - 06

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At the end of this list we get the option available to everyone.

In general, exceeds the expectations of many. Which is why it manages to make a good impression among users

It is a dry rotary razor with three blades, unlike all the previous ones in this list. This model came to replace another of the Philips Series 3000. 

The most noticeable changes are the heads: a more rounded appearance so that the movement through the skin is smoother and causes less irritation. Philips has called it ComfortCut Blade System.

More details of the heads? We all know someone with prominent facial features. For these people, shaving is a bit more tedious, especially if the head does not fit your skin. This Philips, because it is rotating, presumes to maintain contact with the skin all the time.

If you give importance to appearance, this model is very likely to please you. His particular black color is very good and if you ask me, I say I love it. 

My favorite on the list is this section, definitely. Well, in reality everything that is the construction of this device makes it the best shaver. 

Nothing else takes into account his weight: 381g! It is very light, which translates into comfort to manipulate and balanced to maneuver.

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  • This comes with a protective cap for the head
  • It’s can be used both without the cable (totally wireless) or connected to the power socket while it is being charged
  • It is made with very good quality materials that provide ergonomics
  • Its price is moderate compared to other similar models
  • It does not cut hairs as short as the best shaver would, but it is commensurate with its price

Philips PT860 / 16 

Philips PT860 -16

The trajectory of Philips has made this technology company has positioned itself among the most influential and known throughout the world

The Dutch company and Braun are the protagonists in the Game of Thrones by the razors. 

A fight that they have maintained year after year. They overcome each other to gain the trust of the people. And Philips does not give ground. It is a pure guarantee of the best devices, whatever you can think of.

In this case, I will present the PT860 /16, competes to be the best beard shaver on the market with its own multiple characteristics and others, improved. 

For example, DualPrecision blades, designed with slots so they can cut hairs from the beard for up to two days with total efficiency. 

This system is accompanied by a mechanism in which two blades work together, the first one lifts the hair and the second cuts it, slices it. There is no hair that can resist this wonderful duo.

Your face has curves that define you, but it becomes the headache of many to spend time trying to reach hairs in complicated places. Therefore, the Flex & Float technology could not be left out in this model. 

Allows the head to adapt to the curves and irregularities of both the face and the neck and that the user enjoys a smooth, comfortable and effective shave. 

As for cleaning, its ease stands out. It can be washed quickly in the water without wasting valuable time.

  • Includes a pull-down trimmer to give a better finish to the sideburns and the mustache
  • If you want, you can use it with cable or without it
  • LED display that provides necessary information about the battery and the replacement of the heads
  • The trimmer does not stand out as the best of all


Wahl Finale Shaver

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The Wahl Finale Shaver was chosen as the fourth best electric razor for being the best sheet available in Brazil. It is also one of the few that can be used both plugged in and off.

It has a more traditional design and a construction that passes the feeling of being very sturdy. The blade cover is removable to facilitate cleaning that should be more frequent in the blade shavers.

The Wahl Finale Shaver is not waterproof so you will not be able to use shaving products or use it during bathing.

The battery of it has an autonomy of 80 minutes and with about 2h of charge you will have it ready to use. One downside is that this shaver has no charge indicator. On the other hand it can be used while plugged in.

The shaving of the Wahl Finale Shaver is very close and fast. But it is not indicated for those who have a very thick beard and that grows in many different directions. Besides not working for those who like to leave the beard thinner, without completely removing the hairs.

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  • Durable
  • It makes the beard fast and fast
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Can be used plugged in
  • 80 minutes of battery life
  • 2 hours to fully recharge
  • It is not waterproof
  • Not suitable for thick beards
  • High Price
  • Without battery indicator

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s- Best 
Rechargeable electric shaver  

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s

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Braun is a German brand specializing in electric shavers for men and women. 

The latter has recently released an ultra-functional electric shaver.

And it is the Braun ProSkin 3020s Series 3 which is equipped with the latest technology MicroComb for better hair capture and a better shave. 

Very easy to use, this shaver offers 3 modes of shaving based on a pressure system for a clean and smooth shave. The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s electric shaver has impeccable material and handling qualities.

Even if it is considered a cheap electric shaver. The head of this electric shaver is composed of three cutters that work distinctly and are designed to be flexible.

This Braun brand razor is charged for one hour only but can maintain a one-week battery life. This quality is worth one of the most practical razors that exist in terms of power. 

In addition, this is a small indicator light that allows you to know the exact level of the battery. It must also be taken into account that it is 100% waterproof, which facilitates its cleaning since it will be enough to pass under water. This seal allows to be used in the shower without the risk of damaging it.

Only minor inconvenience, you will have to replace the grid and the cutting elements after 18 months of daily use especially if you have a hard beard. 

About its accessories, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s shaver comes with a protective cover, a cleaning brush and also a smart plug that automatically adjusts to electrical sources ranging from 100 to 240 V.


Philips S5400-06 Aquatouch

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Philips has launched a 5000 series electric shaver. The Philips S5400 / 06 Aquatouch electric shaver will perfectly meet the needs of men who want a quality device. What holds our attention on the case of the electric shaver Philips S5400 / 06 Aquatouch is good and beautiful all the technologies that incorporate this razor. The Philips S5400 / 06 Aquatouch electric shaver features Smart Touch technology for a precise shave on all beard contours and is composed of several MultiPrecision blades for a quality shave without damaging or irritating the skin.

Also note that the Philips S5400 / 06 Aquatouch electric shaver has a rounded head that helps protect the skin for shaving and 5-way flexible heads to ease the passage of the contours of your face. For its autonomy, the Philips S5400 / 06 Aquatouch electric shaver offers 45 minutes of use for a charging time of about one hour. A fast charge also allows a shave of at least five minutes.

The device is fully equipped and waterproof will reveal all its potential outside or under the water of the shower. With the Philips S5400 / 06 Aquatouch electric shaver you no longer need a shaving cream and can use your shaver without moistening your skin, this saves time.


Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

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One of the commitments of the Braun brand is to create reliable and durable products. As such, the ProSkin 3040s Series 3 electric shaver is announced for a minimum of seven years of service life. 

This shaver works with MicroComb technology and comes with a power cord to recharge it, a lubricating gel to maintain it, a small brush for a perfect cleaning and a protection for the shaving head. 

For battery life, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s razor can be used for approximately 45 minutes, which equates to 12 shaves and a charging time of just one hour. An indicator light indicates the battery life. A fast-charging system is also available for a five-minute use.

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s shaver features Wet & Dry technology, which allows you to shave in the shower or with a shaving cream. This is possible thanks to its very waterproof shell. 

This will also avoid irritation. Its shaving head is equipped with a SensoFoil grid which is intended to offer you a precise shave. 

Braun made the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s shaver with a rather futuristic design, which gives it a very elegant look. 

It is easy to handle thanks to the relief elements present on its sides, it is covered with a non-slip surface. It is 100% waterproof up to 5 meters deep.

Braun Series 1 190s-1-A RELIABLE OLD FRIEND

Braun Series 1 190s-1

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The Braun Series 1 190s-1 Shaver offers an extra-large shaving head using a FreeFloatTM floating gate system and is packaged by ultra-thin smart Foil technology. 

This floating grid will adapt to the contours of each type of face and this, for an effective shave, comfortable and without irritation. For long hair in hard-to-reach areas, simply slide the mower upward. 

This product pays for the least of your actions and saves your energy. Enriched with Smart FoilTM technology, this razor makes it easy to capture hair that tends to grow in multiple directions. 

With the presence of the retractable mower, the razor allows finishing with great precision. Which is a plus and does not require investing in additional equipment.

The Braun Series 1 190s-1 is 100% also waterproof and waterproof and cleans easily and quickly. Just rinse under running water and let it dry. 

This razor offers many advantages, starting with its impermeability. Its charging cable is also accompanied by an electrical transformer. 

The Braun Series 1 190s-1 will give you 30 minutes of battery life after a 1-hour charge. A protective cap will be included for the accessories.


Do you want to get a good shave with the cheap electric shaver you need without having to regret it? If so, then you are on the right page. 

Here you will find everything you need to know about this device in order to make the right choice and enjoy a good user experience. 

Whether it’s the explanation of what an electric shaver is. The different types.

How it works or the parameters to take into account to make the optimal choice, you will be served.


Name & BrandTypeCorded/ 
Charging & 
Running time

RotaryBoth8 hr /
35 min
3 min2 yr
RotaryCordless8 hr /
35 min
3 min2 yr
-ton F5
FoilBoth2 hr /
60 min
5 min2 yr
FoilBoth90 minn/a1 yr

RotaryBoth8 hr /
40 min
3 min2 yr

80 min 
RotaryCordless8 hr /
10 D


Which electric shaver to choose

Best Cheap Electric Shaver Under 50 & 100 Dollars 2019

In terms of the best electric shaver, know that there are two main categories:

  • Models with rotating heads: these devices are easily recognizable by their oscillating blades and their circular grids. If you do not have too much facial hair, then a two-headed electric shaver will easily fit you. If not, opt for a three-headed model that will satisfy you. Men who have a fragile skin can use a lotion before shave that will facilitate the operation, and which will also preserve the skin. The other peculiarity of the electric shaver with a rotating head is that it makes no noise during use.
  • The models with vibrating blades: these devices have a head of the rectangular form covered by a mesh under which are the blades. This man electric shaver is particularly recommended for hard beards. You may notice that the operation takes longer with this model, but at least you will not have redness and irritation. Better, you can choose a device with an articulated head that can then adapt to the shapes of the face. Unlike rotating head models, these razors can be deafening.

How to choose the best electric shaver

Before finalizing the purchase of what you think is the best electric shaver, you must necessarily base yourself on certain. These include:

Wireless or wired

In the shops you will find wired and wireless razors. The former have the advantage of being more powerful. 

The only constraint is that you must have a power outlet nearby before you can use it. 

Wireless models offer more freedom, which can be particularly beneficial if you are often on the road. All you need to do is recharge your device and you’re done. 

In this case you have to make sure that the device has a good autonomy. Some devices can operate in both modes, which is also an important asset.


This is an important point because the best human electric shaver must be easy to handle. 

Therefore, before any purchase, you must take the device in hand and make sure that you can easily wear it without feeling any discomfort.


They vary from one brand and device to another. But can be decisive in the choice. For example, you may be entitled to a brush, replacement heads, oil for blade maintenance, etc.


It all depends first of all on the electric shaver model you have chosen. The blades must be well sharpened so that the hairs can be cut at the base. 

Some razors have blades that automatically lubricate, which helps you avoid irritation and small cuts. This option is especially useful, especially for men with fragile skin.


There is an electric razor for almost every budget. So you can easily find the model you need from around thirty euros. 

If you are looking for a better performing electric razor man and able to meet your expectations, you can head to high-end models that can meet your expectations.

Main Options how to choose the best electric shaver

Apart from the essential criteria that you must consider to buy the best electric shaver, the options can also help you.

Some devices have additional features that can make all the difference. This is for example:

  • The power: usually the electric shaver is sold with one or more powers. These accessories are useful for trimming the height of the beard.
  • The indicator light: for wireless models, it is an indicator that provides information on the state of charge of the battery. As for wired, it indicates for example if the device is powered.
  • The base: it is an accessory certainly of great use, but which is expensive to use. Its purpose is to allow the removal of the device if necessary.
  • Sealing: Some devices can be used in the shower, which makes cleaning easier. Owning such an electric razor is therefore advantageous

Advantages of the Electric Shaver

If the best electric shaver is so popular, it is because it has many advantages. Here are a few :

  • Speed: The best man electric shaver saves you time. In a few minutes, you can easily equalize the size of your beard.
  • Easy to use: just turn on your shaver to use it. Beginners who do not know how to go about it with a classic razor will be happy to rely on this electric mower.
  • The quality of the material: there is a wide variety of offers for the best men’s electric shaver on the market. You may even be spoiled for choice but it has at least the advantage of allowing you to compare the quality of devices offered.
  • The economy: forget the periodic budget dedicated to the purchase of blades. With the best electric shaver, you will not need to worry about it anymore. You may need to change the blade of your lawn mower once a year. So it’s a good investment.

how to maintain your electric shaver

To enjoy your electric shaver for a long time, it’s important to clean it as soon as you finish shaving with it. 

To avoid electric shock, make sure that the unit is not turned on before passing it under water. In addition, it will be necessary to verify that the model that you use is waterproof before giving you to such an operation. 

If not, you can simply use a brush to clean the heads and grilles of the electric shaver. 

Some parts of the device may degrade over time and uses. You must then plan a specially dedicated budget to change them if necessary.

how to buy an electric shaver

Once you have decided to take the plunge and buy the best electric shaver, there are several options available to you. Some people want to be able to try their razor before going to checkout. In this case the best thing to do is to go to a store to make your choice. Others may prefer to sit quietly in their sofa, and order their electric shaver online. There are many specialized sites that can also deliver the device. All you have to do is choose from the different models and that’s it.

To be sure of having a quality device, why not go directly to the site of the brand you have chosen? This option is much more effective since it allows you to buy the mower at a good price and with the quality that goes with it. So make your choice.


The electric shaver has many advantages if you are looking for a device that can be useful to you every day. 

It is compatible even with dry skin, which protects you from injury and other irritations. Each man will only be able to choose his best electric shaver according to his preferences. 

In short, it will decide on the model equipped with a grid or one with oscillating heads. In addition to this first component, other criteria are also taken into account when choosing.

These include the weight of the device which is decisive for a good use. The most important thing is to choose a razor that you can handle with one hand without feeling discomfort. 

You should also be interested in the blades and their quality. These are elements on which the perfection of shaving depends. The additional options can also serve as a guide. 

Some devices are sold with several clippers to give you a wide range of choices when cutting your beard.

Finally, it is important to maintain your best electric shaver for a long time. 

If it is waterproof, you can simply rinse it after use to rid it of hair and foam. Otherwise, all you have to do is use a small brush to remove the debris that has infiltrated your razor’s head.

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