Best Blenders of 2018 - Reviews, Comparisons And Buying Guide

Best Blenders of 2019 – (And Why They Are Worth Buying!)

Best Blenders of 2019 – Reviews, Comparisons And Buying Guide


Whether it’s making delicious smoothies or protein shakes, blenders are used by more and more people. These devices, consisting of a container and metal blades, can grind food through the power of an engine.

Initially appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, blenders have evolved a lot. Recent models are simple to use, powerful, versatile, and easy to clean. All these qualities make the blender an essential accessory in the kitchen.

However, faced with a large number of different devices, it can be very difficult to make a choice . Especially since all blenders are relatively similar in appearance!

In reality, however, there are different types of blenders each proposing their specificities. Similarly, prices can vary widely from one range to another. Nevertheless, if the best models are indeed very expensive, there are more affordable products offering very correct performance.

In order to help you select the model that fits your needs, we offer a complete buying guide to choose the best blender. Discover the different types of devices, the best brands, the list of criteria to consider when choosing a device, and a comparison of the best blenders of 2019.

Best Blenders Comparison Table

ProductItem WeightPowerWarranty
Vitamix 5200 Blender
(Editor’s Choice)
10.56 lbs1300-watt7 years
SharkNinja BL7709.2 lbs1500-watt1 year
NutriBullet NBR-1201 Blender7.65 lbs900-watt1 year
Ninja BL660 Professional Blender7.6 lbs1100-watt1 year
OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-12.8 lbs300-watt1 year
Ninja BL456 Nutri Edge7.65 lbs900-watt1 year
Vitamix 7500 Low-Profile Blender13 lbs1300-watt7 years

A blender is an appliance. It helps you mix food to perfect your culinary preparations such as gazpachos, soups, smoothies, milkshakes, and verrine recipes.

Best Blenders Comparison Reviews

Whether you like cooking or not, it does not matter: household robots will revolutionize the way you see this occupation or passion. 

Indeed, including for lovers of cooking, some tasks are proving to be particularly painful, such as mixing, heating, and others.

It is for this reason that these products have been developed, and if you find the best heating blender, you will enjoy preparing soups, soups, soups, and other more sophisticated preparations. If you are a lover of this kind of dishes, then you will not be able to do without this soup robot.

1. Blender Duronic BL 10

The arrival of good weather rhymes with the composition of juice or velvety with seasonal fruits. For the mix to be well done, the use of good mixers is more than necessary. The Duronic BL 10 blender is one of these solicited devices.

Key Features

Blender Duronic BL 10

The Duronic BL10 has been designed with a speed control system. 

The user can have the possibility to choose different powers and above all, The will have available three pre-programmed operating modes: pulse function, ice cream, and smoothies. 

It is important to note that this blender has a powerful 1000W motor. Duronic BL10 is able to mix all types of ingredients and to puree them.

In addition, to effectively mix and cut all types of fruits, vegetables or even ice, the device has stainless steel blades. In addition, it is important to note that the Duronic Bl 10 blender has a 1.5-liter thick glass decanter. 

The lid has a detachable drop to add ingredients during preparation. The mixer also has removable stainless steel blades. However, it should be noted that this blender is not a heating blender.

Note on the Blender Duronic BL 10

This model can also mix soups. When adding ingredients, pay attention to the number of vapors and pressure that a soup mix causes, so it is advisable to put small amounts at a time. Similarly, for the preparation of a very hot soup. 

It is advisable to put the carafe under hot water before pouring the contents and let the carafe cool before washing to prevent the glass from experiencing a thermal shock. 

Thanks to its neat design and stainless steel surface, the Duronic BL10 is a good investment in the long term and represents a good device for a modern kitchen.

2. Klarstein Herakles Steel blender

What differentiates a simple mixer from a blender is the performance. The blender offers a wider function panel with multiple speeds and mixing programs as well as a heating function on some models.

Key Features

Klarstein Herakles Steel blender blender
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The Herakles Steel mixer from Klarstein offers high-end performance. This machine grinds and mixes fruits and vegetables for smoothies or drinks made from milk and fruit. 

In fact, the blender’s 1200 Watt power can even turn ice cubes into crushed ice, perfect for making refreshing cocktails and other frozen smoothies. 

To make it easier to adjust the power of the device, there is a rotary knob that adjusts the power on 5 levels is available on the blender. 

It should also be noted that Klarstein’s Herakles Steel blender has three buttons that allow you to select from several programs including ice grinding, smoothie preparation, and automatic cleaning.

To collect the ingredients, the device comes with a large glass jug with a volume of 1.8 liters. It allows the preparation of large or small portions.

In addition, it is important to note that the pitcher is very stable and absolutely neutral to taste.

 The scale graduated in intervals of 100 mL engraved on it makes it possible to measure well the quantities of ingredients.

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Note on the blaster Herakles Steel Klarsteinest

In addition, it is important to note that the Klarstein Herakles Steel blender lid is foldable and removable for adding ingredients during preparation.

The device also features a twist-off cutter as well as a pulsating function that can be activated by pressing the adjuster knob.

To avoid any risk during use, the foot of the device has been made of non-slip rubber. The safety associated with performance is, therefore, the center of attention of the brand.

3. Duronic BL1200 SS Stainless

Unlike a simple blender, the blender has a modern design and a color suitable for today’s kitchens. The mixers follow contemporary trends. 

They value the decoration of a kitchen and can sometimes surprise by becoming the focal point of this piece. It is in this concept that the Duronic BL1200 SS Stainless was manufactured.

Key Features

Duronic BL1200 SS Stainless

This blender entirely made of stainless steel presents a neat and trendy design. With a power of 1200 watts, this blender offers several features: the preparation of crushed ice, preparation of smoothie and finally self-cleaning after use. 

It is important to note that the engine generates the power needed to crush any type of fruit and vegetables. Moreover, it should be noted that this blender has a two-speed system that can overcome all preparations effectively. The variable speed gives control over all preparation.

Like all blenders, the Duronic BL1200 SS Stainless comes with a drop on the lid. This allows adding ingredients to the glass carafe during preparation. 

You should know that the capacity of the carafe is 1.8 liters. It is, therefore, able to accommodate a maximum volume for complex preparations. This model can also handle mixing soups.

Note on the Duronic BL1200 SS Inox

It must still be careful that the preparation is not too hot. To avoid accidents, it is advisable to put the carafe under hot water before pouring the contents.

It is important to note that the stainless steel base of the unit and its dimensions make it easy to slide into any type of kitchen. 

Indeed, the dimensions of the base are 17 cm x 17 cm. The height of the carafe is 23 cm. The total height of the mixer with the carafe is 42 cm.

4. Moulinex LM233A10

A conventional mixer has an average power between 100 and 300 watts, while a blender oscillates between 250 to 1200 watts. 

Thus, this type of device allows as many possibilities of realization that the mixer does not allow because of its low power.

Key Features

Moulinex LM233A10

The Moulinex LM233A10 has a power of 600 Watts. This allows you to prepare fruit cocktails, smoothies, soups, and milkshakes. 

It is important to note that the device has the function of looting ice thanks to its high-resistant glass bowl. It should be noted that the device has a double click system for the installation of the bowl.

For the first click, the bowl comes off the base effortlessly. At the second click, the blade block comes off the bowl for safe cleaning. In addition, this system allows for maximum preparation with ease and safety.

Note on the Moulinex LM233A10

What makes the Moulinex LM233A10 blender special is that it was manufactured with Tripl’Ax technology. 

Made entirely of stainless steel, these blades combine 3 complementary actions for a perfect mix. The device has a knife with 6 blades to quickly and easily cut fruits and vegetables. This system makes it possible to have a smooth texture. 

The 2 upwards blades create a cyclonic effect and guarantee a very smooth result. In addition, this bowl is able to hold 1.5 liters of preparation. In addition, it is important to note that the device has 5 speeds with a pulse. 

To facilitate cleaning, the bowl and the blade are easily removable. The length of the blender cord is 1.27 m. It is equipped with a device that facilitates storage. The 2 horizontal blades are accessorized with a cutting system and a lace. This is done to finely mix and grind all types of ingredients, including ice cubes.

5. Philips HR2052 / 90

Philips HR2052 / 90

For those who hesitate between buying a mixer and a blender, it is important to note that the blender is an improved mixer.

The apparatus is composed of a heavy and stable base and it accommodates an engine, a blade, and a bowl. The blender also makes it possible to compose various mixtures with the use of an ice cream.

Key Features

It is in this concept that the Philips HR2052 / 90 blender has been designed. This robust and reliable blender offers excellent performance: smooth smoothies, delicious sauces, perfectly ground fruits and vegetables and also crushed ice. 

To mix the ingredients perfectly, the device is equipped with a motor with a power of 350 watts. For ease of handling and movement, the device has an ergonomic grip. It should also be noted that the design and color of the product adapt easily to all types of cuisine.

The plastic bowl is shock resistant and is able to hold 1.25 liter of product. The steel cutting system has 4 blades. 

In addition, it should be noted that all parts of the device are compatible with the dishwasher. Like all blenders, the Philips HR2052 / 90 offers the functions of ice looting, smoothie preparation, and various mixtures and especially the self-cleaning function. However, this model is not favorable for the preparation of a soup. The plastic bowl will not resist the heat.

Note on the Philips HR2052 / 90

This blender is ideal for small kitchens. Indeed, the device is compact, stable and easy to use. Just fill it in, then close and press the start button. 

In addition, the size of the blender is small compared to those available on the market. When acquiring this product, the customer will have a 2-year warranty offered by the brand. Acquiring a Philips HR2052 / 90 blender is, therefore, a profitable investment over time.

6. Ultratec Professional Blender

The blender is the indispensable tool in any modern kitchen. Whether to make juice, prepare ingredients for a dish, there is always a need for a blender. Many of these devices are available on the market, but the Ultratec professional mixer is ranked among the top performers.

Key Features

Ultratec Professional Blender

This blender is equipped with a thermal protection motor with an industrial power rating of 22,000 rpm to 1,500 W. It is accessorized knife block with six stainless steel blades and encapsulated with a sealed ball bearing. 

Thus, dry or wet foods can be mixed quickly and efficiently while maintaining their original nutritional values and tastes.

 In order for the stainless steel blades to really mince all the ingredients, the pestle is there to insert the food more easily. 

The electric cable is 150 cm long. To facilitate its storage, the cable can be wound according to the desired length in the bottom of the case.

Moreover, it is important to note that this mixer offers 3 possibilities of speed. The low speed of 11,600 rpm. It is essential for soft foods like vegetables or fruits. 

The average speed of 17,000 rpm is suitable for hard foods such as vegetables. And lastly, there is high speed. 

It can reach 22,000 rpm for very hard foods, such as coffee beans, nuts or ice cubes. In addition, with the PULSE key, the interval time can be manually customized.

Note on the Ultratec professional mixer

It should also be noted that the Ultratec mixer is an all-in-one device. You can make a fruit puree, green smoothies, cocktails, cappuccinos, and crushed ice. The device is also ideal for quickly making sauces, fruit mousse or creams.

7. Intex Smoothie Maker Pro

At the moment, the trend in the range of mixers is multifunction devices. These models are economical and above all, they do not take much space in the kitchen It is in this concept that the brand Incutex launched the device Incutex Smoothie Maker pro.

Key Features

Incutex Smoothie Maker Pro

This blender is ideal for preparing fruity and healthy drinks such as milkshakes but also preparations such as cocktails, sauces, and soups. 

However, it is also important to know that with this machine it is possible to crush, grind and crush seeds as well as grind ice. The power of the mixer is 1800 watts for an impressive turn of 26000 rev/min. 

The engine is powerful with four stainless steel blades. The auto power off function is triggered when the device overheats. The use and cleaning of the device are very easy.

 In addition, the feet are made of non-slip rubber with a rubber grip. This finish was necessary to keep a good stability of the device. The length of the cable is 130 cm with storage underneath the device. The ice crusher, meanwhile, has a stainless steel blade.

Note on Intex Smoothie Maker Pro

It is important to note that the smoothie machine has three adjustable speeds: low, medium, high. The 3 basic programs vary from 35 seconds / 60 seconds / 90 seconds. In addition, the Pulse function keeps the maximum speed over time.

In addition, the Intex Smoothie Maker Pro has 8 buttons in all: 1 On / Off button that is isolated; 3 buttons for the speed (slow, medium, fast) of the Blender part; 3 buttons programmed in seconds (30/60/90) that manage the blender at different speeds and 1 button with the “Pulse” function. It is also important to know that during the purchase, the device is delivered with a smoothie machine (mixing bowl of 2 liters, lid, and pestle) and instructions for use.

8. Klarstein TK30 Herakles

In the range of blender-blenders, the Klarstein TK30 Herakles arises as one of the most modern and one of the most successful in the field. Indeed this mixer is an indispensable ally for daily culinary creations. With this device, it is possible to make very good smoothies, fresh fruit juice, soup, sauces or creams. The machine, therefore, allows to go out various cocktails and can even loot ice.

Key Features

Klarstein TK30 Herakles

The Klarstein TK30 Herakles can hold 1.5L of preparation. The stainless steel blades are used to reduce to crumbs even the most difficult elements to mix, such as nuts, chocolate or ice cubes.

 The mixer is made of steel, glass, and plastic. To have a good stability in use, the four feet of the device are non-slip. The lid is accessorized with a rubber seal to avoid any risk of overflow during preparation. It should also be noted that the user can choose between different operating speeds (slow, medium and high), not to mention the “PULSE” function.

 Unlike other models, this blender offers programs crush and smoothie as needed. Once the work is done, a few gestures are enough to clean the mixer. The Klarstein TK30 Herakles also has a scraper to mix and empty the contents into the containers.

Note on the Klarstein TK30 Herakles

Besides, be aware that the engine power of the device can go in the 1000 watts. The motors activate 8 steel blades to handle the toughest foods without forcing. 

At the time of purchase, the package consists of a device, a container with the lid and a scraper for dough. With a square and retro design and black color, The Klarstein TK30 Herakles fits all types of cuisine.

9. Blender Andrew James

For fans of smoothies, soups, sauces, sorbets or fruit coulis, blender is the ideal device. This very easy to use device allows you to mix all the foods that make you want. Blender Andrew James follows this line perfectly.

Key Features

Blender blender Andrew James

The device offers 4 functions in 1. It also has 2-speed settings and a pulse function. With sturdy stainless steel blades, the powerful 220W motor cuts and sprays fruits and vegetables in seconds for creamy, smooth soups.

 Please note that the jug of this blender is 1.5 liters but it has a real capacity of 1 liter. In addition, it should be noted that the mixer blender Andrew James is accessorized with a centrifuge. To activate it, just put the accessory on the blender pitcher, add fruits or vegetables. The machine will extract the juice and filter the pulp.

The grinder function of the blender Andrew James can be used to mold coffee or herbs. To do this, just place one of the cups that come with the device. 

Then attach it to the grinder blades and collect the product. It is also important to note that each cup has a screwed lid. The small 300 ml cup is ideal for keeping spices and ground coffee beans. The large 500 ml cup is perfect for keeping sauces and condiments.

Note on the Blender Blender Andrew James

Travel mugs are ideal for making smoothies at work or taking protein shakes to the gym. Despite all these accessories, the mixer is easily adapted to any type of kitchen. The device is only 12.5 x 10.5 x 40.0 cm in size and weighs 1.89 kg. It is important to note that this blender does not clean in the dishwasher.

10. Bosch MMB42G0B

Blender, also called blender, is a removable bowl with a capacity of 1.5 liters attached to a base. This is how the Bosch MMB42G0B was created. But what makes the device special is that it was built with respect for natural resources. 

It is important to know that the Bosch brand produces household appliances with a constant concern for sustainability. This goes from production and ends only after the recycling of packaging material.

Key Features
Bosch MMB42G0B

The blender Bosch MMB42G0B is one of the most eco-efficient green label technology Inside. Despite this, the device offers exceptional performance. 

The blender produces creamy and unctuous smoothies and smoothies as well as sauces and creams. The same is true of soup production and looting of ice.

 It is important to note that despite all its functions, the Bosch MMB42G0B is very quiet. It is also very powerful with a power of 700 watts. 

The engine runs very well and it has an automatic shutdown system when the unit overheats.

The glass bowl has a capacity of 2.3 liters. Which is still great for a mixer-blender. The plastic base of the glass bowl cannot be removed. However, the knives are removable and can be washed. The motor base is all plastic and is very light.

Note on the Bosch MMB42G0B

Like all multifunctional mixers, the Bosch MMB42G0B is accessorized with a pulse button but also with 3 types of speeds: low, medium and high. 

To activate them, just use the switch. Present in a black color, the mixer fits perfectly to any type of kitchen (modern or retro). 

In addition, it does not take up too much space with its dimensions of 19.6 x 23.7 x 43.7 cm and its weight of 5 kg.

Advantages of Blender Blender

Advantages of Blender Blender

First of all, there is a big difference between the blender and the blender.

The dipping blender is a device with a handle at the end of which is a blade that emulsifies liquid ingredients (soup, cream, sauce, etc.).

The blender meanwhile can chop food separately (meat, vegetables, fruit) or mix and reduce the smooth and homogeneous liquid ingredients of a recipe (different exotic fruits + ice cream + yogurt). Here’s why buying a blender.

Prepare at any time recipes that make you happy

Prepare at any time recipes that make you happy

It’s only with a blender that you can make delicious milkshakes or smoothies full of vitamins for you and your kids.

It also allows you to please your guests with well-crafted cocktails.

You can explore all tastes by mixing different fruits and/or vegetables for your natural juices.

Note also that mixed preparations are the basis of a good verrine that is pleasing to the eyes and taste buds.

Chop and/or easily mix your food

Chop and/or easily mix your food

The blender is more powerful and easier to use than the blender.

It is your ally to succeed your tuna puree, hashed pie or your pistou sauce.

By choosing to chop your meat yourself, you will have the opportunity to take the piece of your choice (net, reefs, roosts, scooters, entrecote, etc.).

Note that this multifunctional appliance also helps you prepare sweet recipes.

A friend for your health and well-being

Chopping food helps reduce cooking time and keep the maximum amount of vitamins. The chopped meal also reveals all its aroma and the depth of its taste.

Beyond these purely epicurean considerations, the mixing of foods is also more than necessary in some cases: meals for babies, for the elderly or for people having undergone amygdala surgery or a gastric bypass.

It is also the ally of those who want to lose weight. It allows to very different recipes with healthy and natural products.

Important criteria

To optimize your purchase, it is best to choose a robust and powerful mixer Blender that will allow you to concoct your dishes to avoid breakdowns and ensure that your preparations are the desired consistency. Here are the criteria for choosing a better Bender.


A powerful blender (more than 600 W) makes it possible to quickly obtain the desired preparation (puree of vegetables, minced meats, assortments of fruits with their flesh and their juice, etc.).

The models with more than 1000 W prove to be the most powerful ones which make it possible to obtain finer and more homogeneous mixtures. They also make it possible to quickly emulsify liquids.


There is nothing annoying that the sound of a blender especially if the baby has just slept in his cradle, the children do their homework or when we watch the news on TV. Major brands have understood this problem and produce less noisy blenders.


There are two types of a very interesting blender. Firstly, the heated blender that allows you to cook the vegetables in your bowl before blending Secundo, the super blender, a device that can mix raw vegetables, produce plant milk (soy milk or almond milk) and prepare oleaginous purees (not puree).


Choose the hand blender. One who has several pre-recorded programs (fruits, vegetables, pasta, meat, soups, milkshakes, etc.). His speed must be adjustable at all costs.

Brand quality, robustness, SAV recognized

The choice of a brand is essential if you want to purchase a robust and durable appliance. Moulinex, Black & Decker, Kenwood, Philips are among the biggest brands of the blender and all kinds of cooking appliances. Also, opt for stores that offer a recognized after-sales service and an online store that offers benefits on delivery.

Blender blender brands

The blender is a multifunction device that allows you to obtain several types of food preparation: chop meat, mince vegetables, prepare mashed potatoes, reduce cooked fruit compote, prepare grouts and sauces, emulsify ingredients to oil or butter base, prepare juice, cocktail, smoothie or milkshake. Here are the best brands of blender that helps you vary the recipes and multiply the pleasure of cooking.


Duronic is a UK manufacturer of well-known household appliances and consumer equipment. He equips the house with various devices for the well-being in everyday life such as the radioréveil, the scale, the electric heating, etc. Duronic excels in the manufacture of kitchen electronics such as the deep fryer, the mixer-mixer-kneader, the kitchen scale and dozens of other products. Duronic blender-blenders are references in the field, they are: powerful (1000 W), satisfactory capacity (1.5 liters to 2 liters), function Crush Ice (for the addition of ice cubes to drinks), anti-slip feet, the presence of glass decanter, removable blade for deep cleaning, cookbook.


Moulinex is a family business that has been serving French and international cuisines since 1937. This name evokes the joy of cooking, the ease of meal preparation and conviviality around the table. The acquisition of the company by the SEB group has strengthened the quality and robustness of the brand. It is best known in its early days by the vegetable press. Moulinex offers many ranges of blender including a heated blender with an adjustable cooking temperature. These devices are distinguished by their secure lock system and easy cleaning due to removable blades.


Philips is a Dutch company, one of the world leaders in home equipment. The brand has sold the audiovisual materials to another international company and is now focusing on small household appliances for cooking, home maintenance, and individual well-being. Blender-mixers offer high-performance mixing. ProBlend 6 technology with star blades enhances the robustness of the device and allows to expand the type of functions that can be submitted to it (pounding, chopping, cutting, mashing, extracting the juice, etc.). The speed of Philips blenders is adjustable.


Ultratec-Cuisine is a branch of the company Ultratec specializing in kitchen equipment. You can find pizza ovens, infrared grills, deep fryers, rice cookers, scrapers and dozens of other reference products. Ultratec-Cuisine blender-mixers are among the best on the market. The system of 6 hillsides spread over 3 floors offers a powerful grinding and a versatile use of the device. The brand also provides a special blender gourd to keep your juices in the fridge or to take away during your outdoor activities.


Klarstein is a German high-end kitchen appliance brand specializing in large and small electrical appliances. It is a brand highly appreciated by demanding consumers. It offers high-quality products on the market such as chilled wine cellars, minibars, ice machines, hobs, ovens, beverage dispensers. Klarstein kitchen appliances stand out for their futuristic design and technological performance. Chic, compact and functional, Klarstein blenders are separate devices. For example, you can cook ingredients in the same container on the same device before mixing. Saving time and ease of use are the watchwords of the brand.


Andrew-James is an English brand of small luxury appliances. The brand enhances your kitchen thanks to the aesthetics of its products. Andrew-James blender mixers are ideal machines thanks to their 4 in 1 function: Smoothie Maker for smoothies, natural fruit juices, milkshakes and drink cocktails; Grinder for grinding coffee beans as well as other foods such as coconut (cake decoration); Blender to prepare purees soups, sauces and sauces; Centrifuge for fresh fruit juice without pulp.


Bosch is a German brand known worldwide for household appliances. The brand offers robust and efficient kitchen appliances, like the Made in Germany. Bosch blender-mixers are compact and very quiet. You can prepare a fresh and refreshing juice in the morning without waking your entourage. Aesthetics and performance are not left behind with its majestic black color, its adjustment wheel and the powerful engine that equips the devices.

Best Blender Smoothie Buying Guide

Want to prepare smoothies for a healthy diet, a blender will be your best ally. But still it is necessary to find a device of quality to succeed in the preparation!

The benefits of smoothie!

In addition to being tasty, the smoothie has many benefits:

  • Cleans and restores the balance of the body: By consuming a smoothie, you help your body to take a break from digestion. This allows it to cleanse and detoxify more quietly.
  • Reduces Stimulant Intake: By replacing your daily coffee with a smoothie, your health will be improved and you will get enough energy for your day.
  • Full of nutrients and vitamins: The smoothie preserves all the nutrients and vitamins contained in the different ingredients.
  • Prevent certain diseases: The consumption of fruits and vegetables helps to preserve the body against certain diseases.
  • Purifies the blood: The vitamins, enzymes, and chlorophyll contained in the smoothie play a vital role in blood purification.
  • Promotes weight loss: The smoothie provides a satiating effect. Fiber in fruits and vegetables helps digestion and helps maintain weight. It also helps lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and blood pressure as well as control the sugar level.
  • Various pleasures: You can vary the ingredients for the pleasure of consuming!
  • More fruits and vegetables: Eating fruits and vegetables is good for our health. Preparing smoothie can be consumed otherwise!

How to choose a blender to make smoothies?

Here are the criteria to take into account when choosing a smoothie blender:


The capacity of the tub is the first criterion to consider if you want to buy a smoothie blender. The choice of capacity depends on the use of the device.

If you plan to make a morning smoothie or use the equipment occasionally. A cup of 200 ml may be enough. On the other hand, if you use the appliance regularly and plan to serve several people, opt for a larger tank. A 1.5-liter blender is ideal for 3-4 people.


Engine power is also an important element to consider. Indeed, to effectively grind your ingredients, your blender must have a much higher power than the mixers. That is to say between 400 to 1200 Watts.

The higher the power, the more your blender will be able to make smoothies without pieces. There are also professional blenders with more than 1200 Watts which allow to obtain a creamier texture and realize other recipes. But, they are more expensive.

Easy cleaning

To spend less time cleaning, it would be interesting to opt for a blender that is dishwasher safe. Also be aware that stainless smoothie blenders and glasses are easy to maintain compared to other materials.


The container of the blender can be glass or plastic. Plastic designed models are more affordable. However, they are more fragile and more difficult to maintain. The best blenders have thicker glass containers that are more impact resistant and healthier.

Operating modes

To make your smoothies, your blender must offer mainly a special smoothies mode of operation. It can also have a pulse function that allows the device to run at full speed immediately.

Thanks to this function, we obtain an efficient and homogeneous mixing result. Finally, a device with several speeds would be interesting to be able to adapt the speed of mixing according to the food to work.


A smoothie blender is usually provided with several accessories: The cups: which can be presented in several sizes to be able to serve the smoothies for all the family. Lids: make it easy to poke your smoothies as you like or keep them longer.

These can be storage lids, gourd-type lids or perforated lids for sprinkling A set of blades: to adapt the device to the different types of food to mix and guarantee a perfect mixing result. A lot of rings: which allows transforming the glass bowl

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean his blender?

It is imperative to clean the blender immediately after each use to prevent the mixture from drying and sticking to the walls and blades. which may complicate the task.

To clean his blender is to prolong his life. To do this, here are the steps to follow:

Turn off the appliance and rinse it immediately after use. With this first step, you will see that the most important is already done.

Put hot water in the container and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Do not hesitate to add a tablespoon of white vinegar to get rid of odors and clean the inside walls.

Then connect the device and rotate the mixture for about 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly.

If the blender has not been cleaned right after use. Let the mixture soak for a few minutes, or hours before turning and rinse!

You can also use the bottle brush to complete the cleaning if necessary.

If you plan to put the blender in the dishwasher, ask about compatible items beforehand.

What blender to make green smoothies?

To make the smoothies green. Opt for a professional smoothie blender that will allow you to get a creamy mix quickly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bullet blenders?
The bullet blender has many advantages: It facilitates the adoption of healthy leaving. Its a mix between blender and juice extractor capable of extracting all nutrients from fruits and vegetables. It gives the opportunity to make smoothies in minutes, which allows you to enjoy a healthy and rich diet without spending hours in the kitchen. It cleans more easily than a classic blunder. With a bullet blender. You can quickly and easily make smoothies bowl, that is to say, healthy preparations with taste. It comes with various accessories that make life easier. Compact, this type of blender does not require much space in your kitchen. Only downside, this type of blender is relatively expensive.
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