Best Baby Carrier Review 2019-Comfort carrier for more flexibility

Best Baby Carrier Review 2019-Comfort carrier for more flexibility

In this article we want to bring you the benefits of wearing a baby carrier . You will be informed about the needs of your child that is by nature a carrier. 

You will find out about the types of baby carriers and their specifics.

In addition, you can inform yourself about the different styles and the most famous manufacturers.

You can look at possible wearing mistakes and get an impression of the advantages and disadvantages of a baby carrier. 

On top of that we have brought you product recommendations of popular models. Find out what is important for an ergonomically correct carrying aid and which quality seal you can rely on when buying.

Why a baby carrier

Using a baby carrier provides parents with many practical features, You have your child close to you and can still perform various tasks. 

A baby carrier is laid out quickly. And you get along well on obstacle-rich routes. But especially for your child, applying a baby carrier offers psychologically and physiologically excellent qualities. 

The proximity to his caregivers strengthens the basic trust and your child relaxes visibly. The swinging reminds of the time in the mother’s belly. Communication with your child is simplified. And it can directly participate in everyday life. When tired, it simply falls asleep.

The wearing it on its motor and sensory skills are trained. Babies are born as infants. They are natural reflexes and postpartum posture are a clear indication that babies are designed to be carried. 

The gripping reflex, however, is already too weakened for them to cling to themselves. Not to mention that we have no fur to hold on. To still satisfy this basic need and thus to strengthen the basic trust of your child, use various baby carriers.

A sling is a good way to keep your child close to the heart. For some, however, wrapping is too cumbersome and impractical. 

In this case, there is a very wide range of baby carriers that make everyday life easier for parents and provide security for the children

There are different versions, from which you can choose individually. If you are unsure, you can consult a stretcher or test different models.

Some parents worry about the strain on the back and shoulders if they were to carry their child longer. 

An ergonomic baby carrier is designed so that when used properly relieves the musculoskeletal system of the wearer. Padded shoulder straps ensure increased comfort. 

The hip belt catches the weight of the child. The correct method of putting the child’s weight evenly distributed on the upper body. In case of severe back problems or after a cesarean section.

It is better to consult with your doctor, if and when wearing for you is an option. Premature babies may only be born if they are stable in breathing and circulation.

Advantages And disadvantages of a Baby Carrier

The main criterion that speaks for a carrying aid like a baby carrier. Is the free hands in everyday life. You can use it to keep your child close to you while still performing tasks. 

This is especially handy if you already have bigger kids in the household who also demand your attention. 

But cooking, vacuuming, shopping or even sports is wonderfully possible with the baby in the stretcher. A baby carrier is also very fast and easy.

The stretcher for babies is often used as a supplement to the stroller. Many straps can be folded very small and plugin. If your child is out of round and needs your closeness. You can take it out of the stroller and put it in the baby carrier. 

This will help you to meet your baby’s needs and still have both hands free to push the stroller forward. In some baby carriers, you can also breastfeed your child.

Which is very advantageous on the way. When shopping, a baby carrier helps you if your baby is still too small to sit in the shopping cart. The baby carrier becomes an indispensable companion when going for walks or traveling.

Wearing babies generally strengthens the bond between them and their caregivers. So-called bonding is facilitated. This creates the proximity to your baby the so-called cuddly hormone, which facilitates a good bond. 

The basic need to be worn you can serve well with a baby carrier. Especially writing babies benefit from the regular wearing in a baby carrier. The closeness calms her down. 

It also helps children with colic, as the symptoms are alleviated. The belly is warmed and massaged a bit by close contact with mom or dad. The supported round back facilitates the discharge of gases.

Swinging in carrying promotes your child’s sensory development and exercises its sense of balance. Newborns feel safe and protected in the stretcher as in the womb. An ergonomically correct wearing style also supports the physical development of your child.

With a baby carrier on the stomach or back, on the other hand, you might find it harder to take everything else you need for your child. A backpack or diaper bag over the stretcher is a bit awkward. 

And if you want to take off your child, you also need a suitable place. This can be awkward if you do not have a stroller with you. Because not everywhere there are changing places or a sofa.

To use the stretcher correctly, you may need some initial training to properly insert your child and reach the important M-position of the legs. 

Most of the time, however, you have learned the process quickly. A stretcher is a good place to go if you have difficulties. 

It also helps you to look through the great offer and choose the right carrying case for your child and yourself.

Babies can not regulate their body temperature yet. Therefore you have to take care that it does not get too warm or cold. 

In winter, your child needs the appropriate clothing or you take it under a carrier cover. In the summer it could be very warm in the carrying bag. Make sure that your child does not overheat.


  • Free hands for everyday tasks
  • Just take with you
  • Fills the need for closeness, strengthens the bond
  • Babies calm down easily in the stretcher
  • Decreased frequency
  • Ergonomic posture in a suitable stretcher
  • Promotes the development
  • Quick and easy to create


  • No storage space for the road
  • You need a place if you want to drop your baby
  • Proper carrying requires practice
  • Wide range of baby carriers, not all are suitable
  • In summer it could be too warm with baby carrier

Best Baby Carriers Comparison Chart in 2019

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier

Key features

The Adapt Baby Carrier by Ergobaby can be used from the newborn to the toddler. The usage weight is given as 3.2 to 20 kg. This model does not require a newborn insert because the stretcher can be adapted to your child many times. 

With this stretcher, you can safely carry your baby with you and do incidental tasks without any problems. It allows an ergonomic carrying position and has been tested and recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) and the Federal Association of German Back Schools. 

Ergobaby Adapt was also awarded the seal of approval of Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV. But it is also highly recommended for wearers themselves. 

The padded shoulder straps distribute the weight well. An adjustable waist belt with lordosis support does the rest.

Ergobaby can be perfectly adjusted to all sizes of the child and the wearer. The bridge can be easily adjusted with Velcro to the correct width between the back of the knees. 

On the front of the bag there is still a webbing. With which the bridge can be adapted even better to the size of your child. The head pad can be fastened to the lower position inside for newborns. 

Make sure it is also buttoned to give your baby the best possible support. The upper edge of the back part should then be at ear level. If your baby can hold his head, you take the head pad out. 

Our impression

When your child grows up and wants to sleep, you can fold up the headrest as a collar to fix the head. The head and neck support has a hood that is equipped with a UV sun block 50+ and also provides good privacy.

If the baby carrier is adapted to the size of your baby, put it on. First fix the hip belt and guide the buckle through the safety loop. The hip belt ranges from 66 to 132 cm and is suitable for many clothing sizes

Tighten the strap firmly so it does not slip. For very young babies, the hip-belt must be higher. Loosen the loops under the shoulder straps. These have a length of 73 to 124 cm. Now put your baby in, in the correct squat-spread attitude. 

Hold his head tight. Put the shoulder straps over your shoulder with your other hand and close the buckle between the shoulder straps. Now pull the shoulder straps tight, they should be the same length. The strap between the shoulder straps should now connect exactly to your shoulder blades.

Some customers initially have a problem closing this strap. He can be moved up and down. To close it better, move the chest strap further up or down to reach it. The shoulder straps should be properly tightened, not too tight and not too loose. 

You also have the opportunity to cross the shoulder straps. To remove your child, simply loosen the shoulder straps, open the chest strap and strip the straps. Now you can take your baby off.

With the Ergobaby Adapt you have three carrying positions available. You can carry your baby on the stomach in front wearing direction with you. 

This variant is recommended from birth. From six months, if your child can already sit, the hip carrying is possible. From this age, you can also carry your baby in the back the carrying way. Breastfeeding in the baby carrier is also possible with this model by Ergobaby. 

What could be better?

Many customers are enthusiastic about the baby carrier Ergobaby. Few customers, however, found that newborn babies in the Adapt baby carrier did not sit well and that the stretcher with baby was difficult to adjust. It’s best to test how you and your child can handle the system.

The baby carrier itself is made of 100% robust organic cotton. It is easy to clean in the washing machine at 30 degrees. For storage of keys or the like, the baby carrier has a small compartment. 

If you want, Ergobaby also offers separate accessories such as shoulder belt protector, weather protection system or a waist belt bag.


  • Comfortable for you and your child
  • Usage: 3.2 to 20 kg
  • Can be adjusted very well
  • Three possible carrying positions
  • Ergonomic stretcher in all aspects


  • A quick donning must be practiced
  • Belt part between shoulder blades is difficult to reach
  • Not suitable for all newborns
  • Always set new when changing between persons carrying

Marsupi baby and child carrier

Key features

The Marsupi baby and child carrier is purchased according to the size of the person wearing the suit. The size range includes S / M, L, XL, and XXL. In a size chart, you will find the appropriate dimensions. 

When choosing the manufacturer advises of the smaller size to go out, if your measurements are just slightly above. The comfort carrier is closed by means of Velcro closures. 

The hip belt is positioned according to the size of the baby. For smaller children, it is designed higher for you than for larger ones. 

The leather label of the waist belt should point outwards. Then put the hook and loop fasteners exactly on top of each other to keep them safe. Now he is tightly closed.

Belt and straps are closed by VelcroNow hold your child to the chest and brush the bag over it. First grab a shoulder strap and pull it forward and then the other one.

If you have tightened both shoulder straps and put the baby nicely in, then you can close the Velcro parts on the back part of the carrying bag. Again, the Velcro parts must be just above each other. The handling is as described very easy and the donning quickly learned.

Our impression

The Marsupi baby carrier is especially suitable for small babies, but it can not be used too long, up to 15 kg, The bridge should be adjusted before putting on your child. 

This is achieved with the supplied tweeter, an external bridge reducer, which is also closed with Velcro. Miss from the back of your knee to your child’s knee and check that the width of the bridge fits. 

The legs should not hang down when wearing and should not be stretched too much. Once you have put on the Marsupi Baby Carrier, then squat your baby’s legs and put it well in the carry bag. 

The position is reasonably ergonomic. For the correct squat-spreading attitude, however, the legs would have to be tightened to the belly button. A sturdy headrest holds the head of your baby. She is padded relatively thick.

What could be better?

This baby carrier by Marsupi is made of 100% cotton, the lining of polyester cotton. Another model, Marsupi Breeze, offers a blend of linen and cotton, which is especially good for the summer. 

The shoulder straps are not padded. The system is simple and the stretcher is very comfortable as the weight is well distributed. Since the shoulder straps are fastened above the carrying bag, a backpack is unthinkable. 

The stomach stretcher works wonderfully. The Velcro is relatively loud when putting the stretcher, which could wake children and is criticized by some customers. The baby carrier of Marsupi is very light and compact, which is a great advantage. In the included bag, you can easily transport them.

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