Baby Carriers are probably the most popular inclusion among the modern day baby-wearing industry.

A baby carrier serves the best interest of the parents by providing comfort, safety as well as different babysitting options. Nowadays, a large number of families are putting their trust on such carriers and that is the reason why the US market has been flooded with different baby carrier flagship companies.

The number is heavily increasing with the inclusion of over 50-60 brands each year. Unfortunately, not all of them are maintaining a good quality and lacking behind due to poor design and features.

So, it is definitely an arduous task to figure out a suitable baby carrier.

You can read a lot of reviews and educate yourself, but that will be time-consuming and frustrating. In order to make the choice easier for you, we are here with some necessary suggestions that will help you in a big deal. Read to know more-


First, we must know what ergonomics is and why it is so important in baby carriers. Ergonomics is the mechanism that ensures your baby gets the correct back support while positioned inside a baby carrier. It also focuses on minimizing less strain on the wearer’s body.

A proper sitting arrangement is tremendously beneficial for your baby’s hips, pelvis, and spine. And that’s where an ergonomic baby carrier emphasizes more keeping the comfort factor on the mind.

A forward-facing upright position is immensely stressful for your baby’s spine. The correct position is to put the bottom below the knees while spreading the hips at a 90-degree angle. It ensures equal weight distribution.

This is called the’ position or sometimes frog position and it is the common seating arrangement in most of the ergonomic baby carriers. If your baby is suffering from hip dysplasia, then this is definitely your go-to baby carrier.

For the wearers, the ergo baby carriers are equally beneficial. It allows the wearer to hold the baby close to the body for a longer period of time which helps growing a special bond between them.

Also, the design is so well balanced that the wearer will not feel any extra weight of the baby as it will be distributed equally across the wearer’s back, shoulders and hips with the help of a chest buckle and shoulder straps.

Considering supportive waistband, padded straps, weight carrying capacity, safety and durability, the ergonomic types are the most preferable among all the other baby carrier kinds.


Even though most of the ergo carriers are equipped with essential features, you must always follow these checklists to be assured. Here it goes-

  • An ergo baby carrier must have padded shoulder straps and waist belt because it is important for carrying larger children when you are on a long trip.
  • The straps should have multiple body adjustment options. Sometimes you may have to change the weight distribution arrangement.
  • A wide leg position should be available.
  • Multiple carrying positions are always acceptable. Front and backward facing are the two available options.
  • In order to ensure comfort, look for the carriers with the padded hip seat.
  • A robust frame that provides a strong neck and back support.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean is another preference.
  • We prefer weather appropriate baby carriers. Choosing a light colored fabric is a good option for summer days.
  • Last but not least is the cost-effectiveness. Getting a budget-friendly carrier with maximum features should be your prime target


We have made a list of a few ergonomic baby carriers that are currently trending and suit your every possible need. Let’s have a look-


This product is considered the best ergonomic baby carrier of 2018. It has two carrying option-You can wear it front-facing or use it as a backpack. A detachable canopy

hood is also there to protect your babies from harmful sun rays.

This Infantino carrier has a wide belt that will help to carry your baby for a longer period of time by taking some strain off your back. Its weight carrying capacity ranges from 12 to 40 pounds. Its reusable and machine washable too!


  • Cost Effective
  • 100% ergonomic
  • Padded hip-seat for extra comfort
  • Comes with a basic gray color


  • This is not for breastfeeding
  • Doesn’t support one-handed operation. Difficult to strap yourself without any others help


This newest addition to Ergobaby lineup is actually an upgrade to Ergo Original 3-position carrier. This is the most comfortable carrier on our list.

Undoubtedly, it will leave behind a lot of prominent brands when features like weight, safety, softness, and easy adjustments will come into consideration.


  • Fits every body shape
  • Available with breastfeeding options
  • Easy to put on & carry
  • Comes with a sun protection hood


  • Less versatile
  • Limited weight carrying capacity
  • Doesn’t have ‘bucket’ adjustments


We are a big fan of Tula baby carriers. They are stylish, adorable and definitely has the best design in the market.

Babies weighing 15-45 pounds will easily fit into this carrier. The hip-seat and shoulder straps are highly padded. You are definitely going to love this product.


  • Removable hood
  • Uses 3D cool air mesh for better air flow
  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Available in different pattern and colors


  • Short Velcro pocket
  • It’s not for infants
  • Leg paddings are not adjustable


If you are looking for both features and versatility, then there is no better option than Mother Nest Ergonomic Baby carrier.

Shoulder straps are nicely padded and perfectly positioned for the wearers to use it comfortably. It brings ease of use with durability and affordability.


  • A wide and thick waistband
  • Separately washable drool pads
  • Super affordable. Great on price
  • Comes with 4 zippered pocket


  • No smaller straps to connect shoulder straps
  • Not capable of carrying infants
  • Not a front-facing carrier
  • Limited versatility
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