5 tips for keeping a clean toothbrush

5 tips for keeping a clean toothbrush-Expert Guide for oral health

5 tips for keeping a clean toothbrush-Expert Guide for oral health

The essential accessory of our everyday life, the toothbrush is not particularly attracting attention in our bathroom.
Aimed at preserving the good health of our teeth, it must be flaunted with impeccable hygiene.
Easier to say than to do … Here are some tips to use, for sure, a clean and healthy toothbrush.

1. Your toothbrush is not eternal

A toothbrush, it changes more often than we think ...

It may sound obvious, but a toothbrush has a limited life.

It should be renewed every three months or whenever the hair on the head shows signs of fatigue.

2. Long live the lonely toothbrush!

According to a study from the University of Manchester, a toothbrush is likely to harbor about 10 million bacteria!

So we avoid that the hair of different toothbrushes drying does not touch, so as not to promote cross-contamination.

Remember: you never share your toothbrush and do not store those of the whole family in the same pot after use if your container does not have separation compartments.

No to the family's toothbrushes in the same storage pot!

3. We rinse his toothbrush and let it dry in the open air

After each brushing, it is essential to take a few seconds to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush with hot water, under the tap, to get rid of toothpaste and food residue.
To eradicate microbes and bacteria, you can also regularly soak the head of your brush in a small container filled with anti-bacterial mouthwash.
You should also let your toothbrush dry in the open air, head up. Forget the plastic cases that trap the hair and thus promote moisture, activating the development of bacterial flora between the hairs …

4. After a big cold, change your toothbrush

A cold has followed you for a week, and you’ve certainly cleaned your teeth in that time.
Microbes have taken advantage of this to colonize the bristles of your brush.
 Once you are healed, they are still there, ready to contaminate you again. The infernal circle …
So remember to change toothbrush as soon as you have recovered health …

5.The station at the sink and … at the WC

Splashing the sink can contaminate your toothbrush

If you take care of storing your toothbrush near or on your sink, beware of contaminations on the bristles due to splashing of the tap or induced by toilet flushing, open bowl (sensitive souls, we do not make your drawing!)

Be aware that every time you flush the toilet without using the flap, the projections produced rise up to 25 cm above the bowl and remain several seconds in suspension in the air…

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