Comparative of the 10 best Water Flosser

BEST ORAL IRRIGATOR REVIEW 2019-We Compare Oral Irrigator Features

10 BEST ORAL IRRIGATOR REVIEW 2019-We Compare Oral Irrigator Features & Reviews

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential for both our health and our physical appearance, to achieve this, the tool you are about to meet is one of our best partners, below we will show you a list with the Best Dental or Oral Irrigator 2019.

Additionally, we will give you our opinions on this, buying advice, the best brands, models and everything you need to know so that buying an oral irrigator is not too difficult a task.

Best Oral Irrigator Comparison Table

Water Capacity
Pressure Settings
Waterpik Aquarius
90 sec10
Waterpik WP-66090+sec
10 CheckPrice7Yes
iTeknic oral irrigator 90 sec
10 CheckPrice7No
ATMOKO Oral Irrigator125s~240 sec
Philips Sonicare Oral Irrigator60 sec
Zerhunt Professional Oral Irrigator
90 sec
10 CheckPrice7Yes
Panasonic Oral Irrigator
40 sec
2 CheckPrice1Yes


It is recommended to brush your teeth every day before and after each meal, for good oral hygiene.

But better maintenance requires a specialized device, a water jet. 

It is an essential device that orthodontists strongly recommend to preserve a healthy dentition. 

Because in addition, its use reduces the risk of developing dental pathologies, such as cavities that form very quickly. 

However, there are several water squirters on the market and sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice. 

This guide has listed for you the best irrigators with all their criteria and uses, to make your choice clearer and easier.

Personally, I was not even aware of the existence of a water jet, until I went to a dentist who recommended it to me. I always thought that brushing the times after each meal was enough to have clean, healthy teeth. But an ugly bunt quickly brought me to my senses. It was after treating this decay that the doctor explained the importance of using a water jet after brushing. I assure you it really works because a regular toothbrush does not remove all food residues, the water jet is responsible for cleaning even places that my toothbrush can not reach.

The best Oral B water Flosser

ORAL-B-Waterjet Water Jet-and-Irrigator-Professional-Care

This device brings you a breath of fresh air and helps you eliminate food residue that gets stuck between your teeth.

It is able to clean and massage your gums gently, thanks to its OxyStream technology.

It is supplied with a Water Flosser loading base, a 600 ml tank, with storage for 4 cannulas. 

Whether used with a mouthwash or without mouthwash, this water Flosser is a great addition to daily brushing. It has two functions.

The first is the multi-jet function that allows general cleaning and massage of the teeth. And the second is the single-jet function that allows a straight jet of water for targeted cleaning, with maximum usage time of 15 minutes and a cooling time of 2 hours.

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  • Good tank capacity
  • Adjustable power
  • Cleans well the inter-dental spaces


  • Poor quality materials
  • Noisy device

The best Panasonic irrigator

The best Panasonic irrigator

A portable and ergonomic model, which combines practicality and optimal technology, because of thanks to its wireless system.

 You can move using it in all the rooms of your home, which will be very convenient. 

And thanks to its optimal technology, you have a vigorous jet of water and a mixture of air added to water.

It has several modes, such as an intermittent Jet mode that deep cleans between the teeth and can increase up to 4 times the autonomy of the tank, then powerful water jet mode, which removes all food residues.

The gentle mode that gently massages the gums to stimulate the circulation of blood, and the normal mode, which cleans the periodontal pockets and eliminates bacteria that are sometimes the cause of dental plaque.

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  • Good autonomy
  • Wireless easy to carry everywhere
  • Several modes of use
  • Good value for money


  • Incorrectly placed start / stop button
  • Tank a bit too small

The best Waterpik Water Flosser

Waterpik Water Jet-WP 100-Ultra
Waterpik Water Jet-WP 100-Ultra

It is a device that participates in the removal of plaque in interdental spaces while helping to improve your oral hygiene at the same time, to prevent gum disease and periodontal disease. 

With a pulsation of 1400 per minute and a power of 2 to 6 bars pressure.

It eliminates 99% plaque, improves gum health and cleans the dental appliance thanks to its special orthodontic tip for dental appliances. 

It has a total of 7 specific tips for deep cleaning according to the needs of each user and has a removable hood with storage for each cannula. 

It has a 600 ml removable tray, for extended use of 90 seconds, with a control dimmer to massage and stimulates the gums.

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  • Good autonomy
  • Improves oral hygiene
  • 7 specific tips but without storage spaces
  • Not too noisy


  • Too many unnecessary accessories
  • Fairly high price

The best irrigator on Amazon

Silking-Water Jet-Dental-Buccal-Electric-with-7-tips
Silking-Water Jet-Dental-Buccal-Electric-with-7-tips

A device that combines water pressure and pulsation to gently clean the rest of food and all the bacteria between the teeth.

And even up to the gum line where ordinary dental floss cannot reach. It cleans deeply with 10 water pressure settings.

which delivers a pressure of 30 to 120 PSI for cleaning your teeth and soft and maximally gums, with a water tank of 1000 ml for a period of use of 3.5 to 8 minutes. 

It has a UV disinfection lamp that kills bacteria and viruses, ensuring the cleanliness and health of floss tips.

It has a waterproof design that makes it waterproof, that is.

It uses deep water infiltration control technology to protect you from electrical shock, plus a non

slip design on the base, to prevent you from hitting the part because of the stretching of the tube.


  • UV light to eliminate bacteria
  • Tank large enough
  • 7 end caps with storage compartments
  • Adjustable pressure


  • Lack of hose flexibility

The best water Flosser Leclerc

Dental irrigator-with-reservoir of water
Dental irrigator-with-reservoir of water

With this irrigator, you have everything for impeccable oral hygiene, multi-talented 3 heads, a head for massage.

Ahead for the Flosser of water and another for the brush. So you can perform every morning and evening, a pleasant gum massage, effective brushing of teeth and deep cleaning of your interspaces. 

It helps to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis by removing plaque on the surface of teeth and in inaccessible spaces with a simple toothbrush, to have healthy teeth and gums at the end.

Its integrated tank can hold 650 ml of water, for a 60 seconds use sufficient to clean all the gaps. 

The water flow is powerful, but still very pleasant thanks to its turbo mode that allows us to choose between the normal mode and the soft mode.

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  • Replacement of cleaning heads
  • Good tank capacity
  • Convenient to clean dentures


  • Noisy engine

The best tooth irrigator

The best tooth irrigator
Hangsun-Jet-Electric-Dental Oral-HOC200-Water Jet-Professional

It is an ideal complement to daily toothbrushing, after each brushing with your regular brush, use your water jet for optimal hygiene of your teeth and gums.

It has modes that allow adjusting the water pressure according to your needs. You have the water pressure of 1 for a low pressure and the pressure of the water of 10 for a high pressure, with a tank of water containing 600 ml, and you can use it with water or with mouthwash. 

It is a device that can not be used alone because the handle is connected to a large tank, which is positioned on a receptacle of a large size, with the keys of settings on the imposing base.

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  • 10 pressure levels
  • Heavy-duty device
  • Possibilities to use 3 times a day
  • High capacity


  • Imposing design
  • Difficult displacement

The best water Flosser Conforama


Can be used for family use with 7 cannulas so it is equipped, this device has several technological innovations for the good and health of your teeth every day.

Indeed, it is equipped with an on / off control of the water jet positioned on the handle. A digital interface with LED indicator, practical storage for its 7 cannulas.

Tank capacity of more than 90 seconds of use, a timer, optimal pressure control with 10 levels of adjustment, and pulse modulation technology for maximum removal of plaque, and stimulation of the gingiva.


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  • Swivel and ergonomic head
  • Complete and easy change of the hose
  • Ensures the hygiene of the whole family


  • Risk of oral lesions in strong use
  • No wall support
  • Low engine

The best dental irrigator

Irrigator-Philips Sonicare HX8255,
Irrigator-Philips Sonicare HX8255,

Featuring AirFloss technology that combines air and micro-droplets, combined with Auto-Burst technology.

This device is powerful enough to remove plaque not only between teeth but also on your dental appliance.

If you have one, it then facilitates cleaning by sending a jet every second to leave no residue.

 Its water reservoir with a capacity equivalent to only two teaspoons can be filled with mouthwash for even more enhanced oral hygiene.

It has an ergonomic, non-slip and comfortable handle for safe use. 

Supplied with 3 cannulas and a cannula holder for easy and efficient storage.

It is rechargeable and has a battery life of at least 14 uses.

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  • Cleans teeth and braces
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Good autonomy


  • Very high price
  • Very small water tank

The best battery operated irrigator

Irrigator-Compact to batteries

You will appreciate it by its rather compact design, small and handy, ideal for travel or small trips. 

It is faster and more effective than dental floss, it is a versatile tank with a large capacity built-in, which has two modes of use to choose from. 

Indeed, you can choose the gentle massage mode, or the deep cleansing mode, according to your needs.

 It has an additional replacement tip identifiable by a different color so that a second person can use it.

It only works with batteries, but that is not provided at the time of purchase.


  • Compact, takes up little space
  • Simple use

Twodental floss


  • Low power

The best amygdala water Flosser


It is a complete device or kit effective to eliminate bad breath, sore throat, and some common infections. 

This kit includes a LED curette that illuminates the tonsils to remove the apparent caseum, a medical-grade, 12-ml, curved tip syringe that rinses the inflamed tonsils and removes even the smallest bumps.

The deep case, a copper tongue scraper with antiseptic properties to remove the whitish layer present on the tongue which prevents.

The reappearance of grains of the case and very good oral hygiene in general, with instructions for use detailed for good use of your kit.


  • Powerful LED
  • Several types of equipment provided


  • Curette a little fragile
  • Accessory too short to reach the back of the throat

Best Oral Irrigator Buyer’s Guide

Currently, after a meal, clean the mouth area and teeth is a guarantee for better hygiene of the mouth. Indeed, everyone is aware of its importance.

Dental plaques can appear and, in the worst case, the caries add to this. Oral health is thereby achieved; which requires, first of all, a healthy way of life, but also an adequate instrument to prevent their appearance.

In addition, more serious diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, can also result via the bloodstream when these germs carry diseases.

What is an Oral Irrigator?

A Oral Irrigator is a device that propels water or an oral solution to clean the oral area. These devices were previously used in bathing establishments to remineralize teeth and gums, but since then they have evolved a lot and are now intended for a wide audience.

These devices are equipped with a nozzle to spray water at high pressure and must be connected to a tap. However, the models for domestic use are generally equipped with a removable tank. 

The whole thing looks a lot like an ordinary electric toothbrush, but the device works totally differently. 
Today millions of units of these devices are sold every month all over the world. The reason for their success? 

Their ability to effectively dispose of food residues in between and their ability to reduce the risk of gum disease. Their practical side is also for a few things since they are all light, which provides comfort to use.

Utilities of the irrigator

Utilities of the irrigator

The irrigators are actually products that replace the dental son. They serve to dislodge food residues that settle between the teeth. They offer even more by eliminating dental plaque and discard any cavities.

However, you should know that these devices do not replace the daily brushing of your teeth. It just completes this task by giving you the means to get rid of food scraps and other substances that can affect your oral health more effectively.

Moreover, this type of device pays particular attention to the gums. The pressure of the water kneads the tissues and stimulates the blood circulation, which prevents many diseases to mention only the periodontitis which can cause a collapse of the teeth.

Who is the Hydropower for?

Who is the Hydropower for?

Thanks to its lightness and maneuverability, a Oral Irrigator is for everyone, even children will use it willingly because of its playful side of its use.

For the youngest, it will still need the help of an adult to use the device effectively. It will be necessary on this occasion to teach them how to brush their teeth and how to use a water jet for good dental hygiene.

In addition to children, the water jet is particularly recommended in some cases:

– People with very close teeth: the bristles of the brushes infiltrating with difficulty, brushing does not provide optimal oral hygiene. The dental spray is therefore particularly useful for dislodging recalcitrant food debris.

– The fourties plus: The teeth become fragile indeed from the sixties where the need for the use of a water jet for excellent oral hygiene.

– People who have had dental surgery: this type of procedure can quickly lead to infections and very strict hygiene is essential.

– Holders of dental prostheses or orthodontic appliances: food debris has a predilection for this kind of devices in that they offer many nooks hard to access when brushing. High pressure water allows easy removal.

Things to Research Before Choosing an Oral Irrigator

Things to Research Before Choosing an Oral Irrigator

Although you already know why you bought a dental flosser, it’s still a must to consider how to choose your Oral Irrigator  :

– Technology: the choice is between the single-Oral Irrigator (the most common model) and that combining Oral Irrigator and air microbubbles. The latter smoothly kneads the gums and reduces the number of microorganisms that cause bad breath.

– Heartbeats: Power levels vary by brand. Some play on sweetness; others opt for power. Note that the number of pulses per minute can range from 1000 to 1600.

– The pressure: there can be up to 10 pressure levels between 0.7 and 6.5 bar.

– The tank: the capacity varies according to whether it is a family appliance (650 ml to 1 l) or a portable model (120 to 170 ml).

– The power supply: for the models without motor the question does not arise since they are fixed directly on the tap. For the others, the operation is carried out on mains, on battery or with batteries.

– Design: manufacturers are putting more and more emphasis on this criterion. There are different shapes according to different tastes.

– The price: it depends on the brand and its capabilities.

The best brands of Oral Irrigator

Oral hygiene is important to provide a good lifestyle. It has been found that combining the Oral Irrigator with daily toothbrushing can enhance oral hygiene. Oral Irrigator is with time democratized because of their performance. After peeling through each model, here is a brief summary of the best brands of Oral Irrigators you can find on the market.

Number 1: Oral-B


If you are looking for Oral B Orbital Irrigators, you will find that many of her products are what she calls dental handsets. It is a complete kit including an electric toothbrush and an Oral Irrigator The brand Oral B wants to transform bad habits related to oral hygiene. These dental handsets perfectly match this movement. By linking the two to the same base, we increase the chance to push users to complete care to achieve a better lifestyle.

To go even further, Oral B has pushed innovation even higher. To created connected toothbrushes to guide her users daily towards the best oral hygiene. The toothbrush is connected via bluetooth to your smartphone and therefore to the application for their Oral B.

You will certainly hear that Oral B is the favorite brand of our dentists. What we can say with certainty is that user feedback confirms that Oral B products are easy to use, and offers real performance. Many have been able to see a significant difference before and after the purchase of an Oral B dental combo.

The expert of travel Oral Irrigator: Panasonic

The expert of travel Oral Irrigator Panasonic

If you are looking for family-size hydrostats, you will not find them at Panasonic. The brand focuses solely on dental travel Oral IrrigatorBe careful not to misunderstand them, even if they are nicknamed travel dental jet, they are quite functional to be used both at home and during your travels.

Panasonic has optimized the ergonomics of its irrigators to make them as small as possible without giving up their performance. They are as effective against food residues as the large format water fliers you can find. In order to use your dental jet on the move without any risk, the brand has managed to design products with long-lasting autonomy. You will have the choice between battery-powered or wireless models with a battery life of around 3 weeks. We can congratulate them on this point because the autonomy is often the great weakness of the portable irrigators.

The Panasonic Floaters offers high-performance products at very affordable prices (up to a hundred euros for the most upscale).

Professional Oral Irrigator available to everyone: Waterpik

Professional Oral Irrigator available to everyone Waterpik

Waterpik is the creative brand of the Oral Irrigator. This American brand has been decreed as the favorite brand of oral hygiene specialists in the US market. You are granted the design of its water fl owers is not what you find more aesthetic. On the other hand, the brand is all about performance.

Waterpik has created  Oral Irrigator able to adapt to all the oral requirements of its users. Each dental jet of the brand offers a complete pack of cannulas. You will find basic tips and other tips for specific treatments. 

I speak especially for people wearing braces, for those who have dental problems related to periodontal pockets or a large plaque. Waterpik water-jet machines are very effective at treating these oral health care requirements with care. It is the only brand on the market that offers dental jets with specific cannulas.

There is also a very large choice of Oral Irrigator at Waterpik, from family model to nomadic model. You should not have trouble finding your happiness! Find the best products of the brand here .

The unique brand of Oral Irrigator : Philips

The unique brand of Oral Irrigator Philips

Philips has created its dental jet range , the AirFloss range. You’ve probably heard about it, or you’ve already seen these little jewels in one of their advertising. Philips irrigators are more suitable for individual use or for couples. The brand has not yet created its family format. These are all without exception wireless dental jets, so they are used both at home and outdoors.

Philips has made a difference thanks to the elegance of its design. Without throwing stones at other manufacturers, this is the first time on the market that we have seen water-driers as beautiful aesthetically. They are quite able to bring  a touch harmonious, see decorative in the bathroom. The AirFloss dental jet offers its users a futuristic and minimalist design. 

They are not only beautiful they are also ergonomic. Based on our experience and feedback from users, AirFloss Dental Jets are appreciated for  their simple and intuitive use. Our comparison of Philips dental jets can be found here .

The benefits of Oral Irrigator

The benefits of  Oral Irrigator

If the water-blowers are so successful, it’s not for nothing and it’s mainly because their benefits are numerous:

– They go where the bristles of the toothbrush do not have access

– They make it possible to get rid of all the remains of food that lodge between the teeth

– They prevent the formation of dental plaque

-They massage the gingiva and promote a good vascularization of the tissues, which reduces the risk of certain periodontal diseases.

– They are easy to use and suitable for both left-handed and right-handed

– They are a must for those who wear dental devices because they allow to maintain them effectively

– They offer a better result than dental threads

– They prevent infections and prevent cavities

– They can be used by everyone, even the youngest

The disadvantages of Oral Irrigator

As for all devices, theOral Irrigator has some disadvantages depending on the model you buy:

-The price: many of these devices may seem expensive (up to 200 euros). But, know that you are a winner in the long run since it avoids the occurrence of some dental diseases much more expensive.

– Clutter: Some models do not attach to the wall and are problematic in bathrooms of modest size.

– The fragility of the hose: this is a problem that we often hear for certain models. The hose that is the main hose of the unit breaks and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get one. In this case, you will have to buy a new Oral Irrigator. 

Thank you for reading this article
At the end of your reading, I hope to have helped you choose in the future the best water Flosser that will suit you and your family. However the choice of your water Flosser does not rest on the sole criterion of the brand, or the price range, as some think, but on several other elements to take into account in order to find the device that will be able to combine functionality with efficiency and robustness, for a better health of your mouth. It is necessary to specify also that this device can in no case come to replace your toothbrush which always has its role to play in your dental hygiene. If after reading this article you have other questions, do not hesitate to let me know.
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